6 Taurus 942 Problems You Should Know

There are 8 rounds in the Taurus 942 revolver. The gun can fire 22 Long Rifle or 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire rounds. But you should be aware of a couple of shortcomings with the firearm.

The most typical Taurus 942 problems are screws coming off, less reliability with specific cartridges, tumbling bullets, small grip, heavy trigger, and no fire in double-action mode.

To get the Taurus 942 problems fixed, keep reading the article.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 942 Gun:

Taurus 942 Specs
Cartridge22 LR/22 WR
Capacity8 Rounds
Barrel Length2.0/3.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)17.8/23.6/25.0 Ounces or 508/669/708 Grams.
Length6.6/7.6 Inches
Width1.34 Inches
Height4.64 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Serrated Ramp Rear – Drift Adjustable Optional – Laser
Common taurus 942 Problems
Taurus 942

Common Taurus 942 Problems and Solutions

Let’s look at the Taurus 942 troubleshooting techniques in more detail.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 942Solutions
Screws Coming OffTighten the screws before shooting and apply the thread locker.
Less Reliable with Specific CartridgesUsed the mentioned cartridges.
Tumbling BulletsClean the revolver every 200-300 rounds.
Small GripInstall an oversized grip.
Heavy TriggerInstall shims and low-power springs.
Double Action No-FireReplace the firing pin, spring, and hammer and fire faster in DA mode.

1. Screws Coming Off:

On top of the trigger and beneath the cylinder, the Taurus 942 contains a screw. Next to the cylinder, there is another one. These screws are prone to slowly unscrewing.

It is a little screw that might come off when you’re firing. If you shoot while failing to notice the missing screw, it might be a very dangerous situation.

The Fix:

Before using the gun or heading to the range, you should visually and physically inspect the screws.

Immediately tighten the screws if you discover that they are a little bit unsecured. You can also add Loctite Thread Locker to further secure them in place.

Contact the company if you discover that the screws are missing. They can assist you in locating a similar size or send you new ones.

2. Less Reliable with Specific Cartridges:

The Taurus 942 is known to have a light primer strike issue for specific kinds of cartridges. Most of the cartridges are not 100% reliable with the Taurus 942 revolver.

The most unreliable but broadly used cartridges along with the Taurus 942 are Remington Viper, Winchester Varmint, Aguila, and CCI Velocitor,

The Fix:

You should keep away from using the cartridges in your Taurus 942 I have mentioned above.

The most reliable ammo is the SK LR Match 22 and CCI Stinger 22 LR.

3. Tumbling Bullets:

The discharged bullet from the Taurus 942 tends to tumble. Usually, the trouble starts after firing more than 400 to 500 rounds.

A dirty gun is the root of the issue. Of course, the revolver won’t be clean after 500 rounds are fired.

Bullet Tumbling
Bullet Tumbling

Fig 1 – Bullet Tumbling

The accuracy of the fired bullets will go off because of this issue (Fig 1).

The Fix:

The solution to this issue is to clean the gun after every 200 to 300 rounds. You will need a gun cleaner, protectant, lubricant, a gun brush, cotton clothes, and a bore snake.

Follow this video tutorial for a visual demonstration.

4. Small Grip:

Although the Taurus 942’s grip provides excellent hold, some users might find it a touch too small. Your pinky will always hang off the grip. As a result, you could find it difficult to maintain a strong grasp on the revolver.

This small grip revolver may not be ideal for you if you have large hands. It will be challenging to deal with the power of recoil as a result.

Small Grip
Small Grip

Fig 2 – Small Grip

The Fix:

You have to get a grip upgrade if you want to hold the Taurus 942 firmly. You can get the Over Molded Rubber Mono Grip which will give you a place to rest your pinky.

Also, this Oversize Finger Groove Grip is a great choice for the Taurus 942 model.

5. Heavy Trigger:

The Taurus 942 is notable for having a heavier trigger than the majority of other revolvers. It is particularly challenging for ladies or young people to pull the trigger.

Additionally, the trigger feels significantly heavier if the person holding the gun has arthritis.

The Fix:

You can partially solve this issue by installing shims. You can get shims for your Taurus 942 on the Trigger Shims website.

Before installing the shim, you must measure the shim space on the hammer’s sides. As a result, there will be less friction between the hammer and the frame.

It will also be easier to pull the trigger if the trigger return springs are swapped out with low-power springs.

After completing this process, if you have a light primer strike, you should slightly increase the power until the problem is resolved.

6. Double Action No-Fire:

The Taurus 942’s double-action action type occasionally has trouble firing rounds. Defective springs, hammers, and firing pins can all contribute to the problem.

Additionally, slowly pulling the trigger in DA mode may result in a no-fire.

The Fix:

To solve the problem, you must replace the hammer, springs, and firing pin. Taurus will swap out the damaged components if you return your revolver to them.

Additionally, pull the trigger as quickly as you can when shooting in double action.

User Feedback on Taurus 942

The Taurus 942 is a very reliable gun with fewer issues. Taurus is known for having issues with most of their guns, but this model has received numerous positive feedbacks.

Many people on the Taurus Armed forum have said that they love their guns. Most of them had never faced any issues.

On The High Road forum, people have praised the quality of the gun. Some people had minor issues with heavy triggers and availability with the Taurus 942.

Most people recommend this gun for its very low recoil. The revolver is suggested to new gun owners and recoil-shy people.

On the Firearms Talk forum, many people have praised the Taurus 942 as a 22LR model. But some have stated their dissatisfaction with the customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of material is used in the Taurus 942?

Aluminum alloy and alloy steel are used in the matte black version. The stainless-steel version has a matte stainless finish.

What is the action type of the Taurus 942?

Double-action/single-action action type.

What are some of the best features of the Taurus 942?

Low recoil, lightweight, and transfer bar safety.

How many grooves are in the Taurus 942?

6 grooves.

How much does the Taurus 942 cost?

$406 or $423 depending on the model.


The Taurus 942 is a great gun for beginners and concealed carrying. But you may occasionally face some issues with the gun.

I have thoroughly discussed 6 Taurus 942 problems in this article. Follow the detailed procedure and buy the needed equipment to fix these common problems.

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