6 Taurus 856 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus 856 has a total of 17 models. It is a 6 rounds capacity 38 revolver. The gun also has an optional special laser sight feature. You can get matte stainless steel or black version.

You might face a few problems with the Taurus 856.

The most common Taurus 856 problems include ceasing cylinder, cocked front sight, light primer strikes, jammed cylinder stop, thumb press jamming, and poor durability.

Continue reading to find out more about these Taurus 856 problems.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 856 Gun:

Taurus 856 Specs
Cartridge38 Special + P
Capacity6 Rounds
Barrel Length2.00/3.00 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)22/22.60/24 Ounces or 624/640/680 Grams.
Length6.55/7.50 Inches
Width1.41 Inches
Height4.8 Inches
SafetyTransfer Bar
SightsFront – Serrated Blade Rear – Fixed Optional – Laser
Common Taurus 856 Problems

Common Taurus 856 Problems and Solutions

In this section, I will go through the Taurus 856 troubleshooting methods in detail.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus 856Solutions
Cylinder CeasingReplace, clean, and lubricate the cylinder lock spring.
Cocked Front SightSend the gun to the company.
Light Primer StrikesChange the hammer spring, plate, and hammer strut.
Jammed Cylinder StopReplace the cylinder stop plunger and the spring.
Thumb Press JammedClean the cylinder stop plunger and the ejection star.
Poor DurabilityGo for stainless steel finish instead of matte black.

1. Cylinder Ceasing:

The Taurus 856 revolver’s cylinder occasionally appears to become jammed. When using a single action type option, this often occurs after pulling back the hammer.

The problem could potentially appear when the gun is being fired. The internal mechanics of the gun may have an accumulation of dirt.

The Fix:

The cylinder lock spring is typically to blame for the issue. To solve the problem, you must swap out the cylinder lock spring.

Additionally, you should remove any dirt that has accumulated inside the revolver as a result of using dirty or smoking cartridges. A few drops of lubricant within the cylinder will also aid to free up the cylinder.

2. Cocked Front Sight:

This is a common issue that can be found on many Taurus 856 guns. Both of the sights can be a little to the side.

But most of the time, the front might be tilted a little bit to the left or the right side. This issue might be caused when the barrel gets installed incorrectly.

The Fix:

The barrel can become rotated to either side causing the front sight to be a little tilted.

If you notice that the sights are slightly unaligned, contact the company. You should send the gun to them and they can repair it easily.

3. Light Primer Strikes:

There might occasionally be light priming striking concerns with the Taurus 856. This indicates that the detonating section of the cartridge is not struck forcefully enough to cause it to explode.

As a result, the cartridge won’t fire when you pull the trigger on the pistol; it will just produce a clicking sound.

Light Primer Strikes
Light Primer Strikes

Fig 1 – Light Primer Strike

The cartridges will look like this if you experience a light primer strike.

The Fix:

The defective hammer spring, hammer strut, and hammer spring plate are the most typical cause.

You shouldn’t attempt to resolve this problem on your own. Sending the pistol back to the manufacturer is the best option because the issue is mechanical. They can replace the mentioned parts.

4. Jammed Cylinder Stop:

The cylinder stop may get jammed, which may cause it to spin erratically. This issue mainly occurs when you use the gun in single-action mode.

The cylinder cannot lock up as a result. Inside the frame, the cylinder stop becomes jammed down.

The Fix:

To uncover the cylinder stop plunger, first remove the cylinder assembly. Now, the internal spring may be somewhat misaligned.

The cylinder stop is now located beneath the frame hole. Enter the frame tube with a tiny screwdriver. Press down on the cylinder stop where the spring and plunger are located, then raise it back up.

Additionally, you need to break in and lube the cylinder stop.

However, if the problem persists, you could attempt to replace the spring and the cylinder stop plunger.

5. Thumb Press Jammed:

Your Taurus 856’s thumb press may become trapped. You won’t be able to release the cylinder as a result. If the gun is loaded, you should proceed with caution.

When there is difficulty with the primer, the problem may occur. Additionally, the gun’s discharged powder travels beneath the ejector star.

Also, there might be oil in the cylinder stop plunger. It will consequently become slow.

The Fix:

Hold the firearm in your hand and first examine the cylinder’s side. Check the cylinder while maintaining a straight barrel.

Try spinning the cylinder while moving the cylinder release forward if you can’t see the primer or the bullet.

After emptying it, you should now clean the cylinder stop plunger and the ejector star.

6. Poor Durability:

Based on the metal utilized, there are essentially two versions. The matte black finish features a metal made of carbon steel.

Additionally, the barrel is constructed of carbon steel, while the cylinder is made of alloy steel. But this construction is weaker and more prone to harm.

The Fix:

Choose the matte stainless option. Stainless steel is the material used for the frame, cylinder, and barrel.

Although the model is more dependable than the matte black one, it tends to dust buildup. However, this design is always easy to use, maintain, and polish.

User Feedback on Taurus 856

The majority of users see the Taurus 856 as a dependable firearm. However, some people have had negative experiences with firearms. The gun’s cylinder and light primer strike problems receive the greatest complaints.

A user from the Taurus Armed forum has stated a common problem with the gun. The cylinder of the revolver has been locked up constantly.

In a post from The High Road forum, a user has described his experience with the Taurus 856. He had a heavy trigger from the very beginning which gave him a lot of trouble.

On the Sig Forum, people have both praised the Taurus 856 and stated some issues and customer service difficulties they have experienced.

It is suggested on many forums and blogs to take proper care of the gun, and clean and lubricate it properly. This way, you can eliminate most of the problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Taurus 856 and Taurus Defender 856?

The Taurus 856 has a 2-inch barrel whereas the Taurus Defender 856 has a 3-inch barrel.

How much does the Taurus 856 cost?

The cost is $363, $392, and $550 depending on the model.

What does the viridian red grip laser sight do in the Taurus 856?

Can be used along with the primary sights for nighttime use.

What is the action type of the Taurus 856?

The action-type mechanism is double-action/single-action or only double-action depending on the model.

What is the twist rate of the Taurus 856?

1:16.5-in RH twist rate.


The Taurus 856 is a very good revolver if you want a lightweight 6-round firearm. But there can be some issues that you might face.

I have talked about the six most common problems that users face. Follow my in-depth guide to get the Taurus 856 problems fixed easily.

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