Common SIG M400 Tread Problems and Solutions

The SIG M400 Tread is a 16-inch stainless steel barrel, a premium entry-level contemporary sporting rifle with an aluminum frame. The cost of this is reasonable with all these features.

The M400 has somewhat mixed reviews from the users despite this price point and all the specs.

The most common problems with the SIG M400 Tread rifles are jamming issues, charging handle locking, accuracy issues and design issues.

In this article, you will find the fix to these problems. Additionally, you will find what the users currently experience with this product. Read the entire article to find out!

Features & Specifications of SIG M400 Tread:

Cartridge5.56×45mm NATO or .300 AAC Blackout cartridges.
Barrel Length16 inches.
Weight7 lbs.
Length30.8 inches.
Width2.5 inches.
Height7.5 inches.
SafetySafety lever on the left side, an ambidextrous safety selector.
SightsAdjustable flip-up backup iron sights.
Common SIG M400 TREAD Problems

Common SIG M400 Tread Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG M400 Tread problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Jamming IssuesTroubleshoot.
Charging Handle LockingTroubleshoot. Stop manually cycling the ammo
Accuracy IssuesZero the iron sights. Choose proper ammo to sight. Choose better optics.
Design IssuesTroubleshoot. Call SIG.

1. Jamming Issues:

There may be several jams and no bangs after the click. The rounds may fail to be chambered. It appears as though the bolt simply skips across the following round in the Pmag and leaves a drag mark on its top.

Pmags might be challenging to insert quickly. The grip “nubs” on Gen 2 Pmags. They at least seem to catch during insertion because the mag well has no actual spark. But they release and drop without a problem.

The Fix:

When the bolt advances, it grabs the round and lifts it into the chamber. As it meets the barrel, which has the notches that direct the round into the chamber, the bullet is pushed back into the cartridge and the gun jams.

Start with the fundamentals after you clean, lubricate, rinse, and repeat. Insert a quality magazine with only 3 rounds of quality ammunition.

Then pull and latch the bolt carrier group (BCG) to the rear. Push forward and latch the charging handle (CH), release the BCG, and check that the round loaded properly.

If the fundamentals aren’t working, you may have a bolt cycling problem that could be gas, buffer, or spring related, among other things. It can also be feed ramp problems or poor head spacing if a bullet is pulled back into the casing.

2. Charging Handle Locking:

The charging handle may get locked solidly while cycling the ammo. Extracting the round becomes difficult in this case.

The Fix:

Try mortaring it free. Reloaded ammunition appears to be the main factor in this problem. Cycle the same rounds in Bushmaster, it should solve the extraction issue.

Keep an eye on the ammo as well. If you’re using NATO, pull some of those bullets.

Check the area around the neck to see if there is any black muck. Look at the primer area to check for any smudges of color, such as blue, red, green, or purple.

Most importantly, stop manually cycling the ammo.

3. Accuracy Issues:

There is a problem with getting the rifle sighted in. You may fail to see the target after some point.

The Fix:

First, zero the iron sights. Then get an optic that is accurate for your M400. something like an Eotech or Aimpoint would do you good.

After that, prevent yourself from removing your optic and sight it in. A nice ammo for sighting in is Hornady 55gr. Make sure the optic is appropriately matched to the rail.

4. Design Issues:

The sling attachment ports on each side prevent the safety from working effectively. To get leverage to flip the safety, your thumb must struggle to fit between the safety and the sling ring.

Although it’s not impossible, it is definitely restricted and moves slower than necessary.

The bolt catcher, which is already small, must be maneuvered between the pivot point and the expanded left-handed Mag release due to the ambidextrous mag release.

The Fix:

You can simply stop using the sling attachment and place a single-point rig on the rear of the receiver.

The mag release issue is a bit more complicated. Moreover, for left-handed people, this proves to be a more extensive problem.

User Feedback on SIG M400 Tread

The rifle’s internals is good. But you should get something different if you don’t want to replace the handguard in the future. The base M400 Tread versions are deficient according to the users.

For $150, you can upgrade your handguard to a complete Mlok version. It looks fantastic and better mates to the higher. However, these have the same overheating issues, but it does give you more Mlok.

Many users who do a lot of research end up purchasing an IWI Zion Z-15. They feel it to be a better choice, especially considering the price. You may also want to consider the Zion.

The ambidextrous lower is one feature that distinguishes the Sig M400 Tread from contemporary weapons. But if you shoot ARs for a long time and use the right-handed controls while shooting with the left hand, this may not matter.

Users are irritated that a unique rail item is needed to install a front sight to the base Tread rail. That translates to spending more money on a gun that already costs quite a lot (despite being moderately priced for the specs).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I add to the M400 if I have astigmatism?

You can add a Juliet magnifier or a 4x/6x scope to it as the red dot will be problematic for you.

What is the meaning of manually/ hand cycling ammo?

Putting a loaded magazine in and using the charging handle to cycle the ammunition is called manually cycling the ammo.

How far can the M400 tread shoot?

SIG Sauer M400 TREAD can shoot as far as 100 yards.

Does the pistol use a commercial spec tube?

The Shockwave brace utilizes its unique tube. It should be removed and with the SBA3 system, the brace completely replaced. However, people tend to avoid using commercial ones altogether.


Sincerely, there are many alternative solutions besides SIG that provide more. They may also have a greater track record and cost the same. You can also consider better SIG rifles.

Take the Sig M400 SDI Vtac for example. It triggers smoothly and has a very light pull. But the price is higher.

The best feature may be the lowers thanks to the captured spring retention detent. Besides the rifle is very accurate and shoots nearly any ammunition.

It has some good characteristics for a simple weapon. You can consider them as sturdy as Armalite weapons like the DEF15 and AR-10A. However, there may be better fish out there (like the Zion).

So, I will suggest against buying this rifle unless you have done the research and are fixating on it.

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