Common SIG M11-A1 Problems and Solutions

The M11-A1 Compact operates unlike any other 9mm on the market. It was made to meet and exceed strict military specifications. This handgun has a stainless slide with a SIG Nitron finish and a black hard-coat finish on its alloy frame.

The most common problems with the M11-A1 are failure to extract, not returning to the battery, trigger issues, magazine rattling issues and not shooting.

I will give you the solution to these common issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of SIG M11 A1:

Cartridge9mm Luger.
Capacity10/15 rounds.
Barrel Length3.9 inches.
Weight29.6 oz.
Length7.1 inches.
Width1.5 inches.
Height5.4 inches.
SafetyNo manual safety. Carried in “loaded and de-cocked” condition.
Common SIG M11 A1 Problems
SIG M11 A1

Common SIG M11 A1 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG M11 A1 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Failure to ExtractTroubleshoot.
Not Returning to BatteryTroubleshoot.
Trigger IssuesTroubleshoot. Replace trigger.
Magazine Rattling IssuesShoot proper ammo and call SIG for replacement.
Not ShootingShoot with proper ammo.

1. Failure to Extract:

FTEs with the long extractor 9mm’s are more common. Often, the cartridge base can’t sit flat against the breech face without the front of the extractor hitting the top of the extractor groove in the brass.

The gun also shoots any type of ammo a little slow. But a consistency exists in the performance of shooting nevertheless.

The Fix:

Get a heavier extractor spring. The replacement spring may look like the outer spring with an extra coil. But the FTEs happen because the brass moves slightly backward at the firing of the gun.

When the top of the extractor groove in the brass hits the face of the extractor, it moves the extractor out of the way. Before the extractor can move back and grab the brass, the slide moves back.

This keeps the brass in the chamber. A heavier spring is just a quick fix for a flaw in the way the early slides were made or how they were designed. Ask SIG to replace it with a new slide.

2. Not Returning to Battery:

On press checks, the gun would hang out of power. In other cases, when you chamber the first round with a full magazine, it doesn’t always go into battery right away, and you have to give it a push.

These M11-A1 issues may occur due to break-in stuff. This issue is most common during the initial 200 rounds or so.

The Fix:

Some guns are a little tighter than others. So, when you do a press check, the gun might not go all the way into the battery. Semi-automatic guns are made to go into the battery when the full force of the spring is applied.

To ensure that, you need to use proper ammo. Using cheap ammo increases this issue.

Additionally, these guns like the classic P series, like to run wet. So make sure you have greased your gun properly before using.

3. Trigger Issues:

Many instances of issues with the SRT (Short Reset Trigger) have been reported. The trigger may or may not come with a Short Reset kit. The trigger causes a lot of shooting failures (due to pinching) and other problems.

It may also not generate a 10lb pull. The users usually love the pistol. But it presses on their finger like a bite.

The Fix:

The “Short Reach Trigger” is a stock feature of the Sig M11A1 sun (Trigger-7). The normal trigger from Sig can be used in its place (Trigger-6). Additionally, you can purchase straight or curved triggers from Armory Craft or GGI.

A standard trigger or a Gray Guns Intermediate Reach will solve the pinching of the finger. To get 10 lb pull, swap the hammer spring for a lighter one.

4. Magazine Rattling Issues:

It is not normal for the magazines to rattle around when inserted in the magazine well. It doesn’t matter if the magazine is full or not, but it seems to rattle less when it is full. It may be loose at the bottom of the magazine well, by the end plate for the magazine.

The Fix:

It is often a normal issue that resolves when spring tension is increased. Another reason may be that it goes from storing in two stacks to feeding in just one. There is “dead space” between the cartridges so that they can move.

Take the magazine apart to clean it, and compare the width of the follower to the width of the base of the magazine. Make sure it doesn’t forget to pull the Slide Catch Lever.

Additionally, switch from .380 rounds to 9mm rounds. Besides, when half full, 75 mags are known for making this rattle sound.

SIG is known for shipping new guns with older stock magazines. So if you call SIG, they are bound to switch the magazines. The second choice is to call Wolf Springs or go to their website and buy some new magazine springs.

5. Not Shooting:

Sometimes the gun won’t shoot. Even if it does, it would shoot at a 4-5” target in case of a distance of about 30 yards.

The hammer does not move after several double action failures. There would be multiple misses in a single action mode. Additionally,  the hammer may not fall even when the trigger resets.

The Fix:

This issue may be due to the gun/ammo combination. The SRT being operated with too much finger wrapping can also cause issues.

You can use Speer, Federal, Magtech, Blazer, Geco, Fiocchi, Armscor, random reman ammo, Remington, and Winchester in 115gr, 124gr, and 147gr, as well as four or five SD ammunitions, with no problems.

Dry firing can cause the roll-pin that holds the firing pin to break. But moving that pin could cause metal shavings and other debris to fall out.

Try using non-chlorinated break cleaner to clean the firing pin channel; let it dry, then re-lubricate the rails. Finally, check the firing pin lock’s range of motion.

User Feedback on SIG M11 A1

Some users will always firmly support this pistol! They firmly believe that the M11-A1 is worth every penny. In all honesty, it’s the most overbuilt 9mm on the market

Some even claim it’s the most accurate SIG they possess. What you get for your money is a bonus. The pistol is built like a tank.

It’s on so many people’s “if you could only keep one” lists. Not that it’s ideal for everyone, but for the majority, it fulfills all the requirements.

The M11-A1 has a no-rail and is essentially a 9 mm SIG P229. The “short reset trigger” (SRT) kit, which is essentially a modified sear and safety lever, should have been included. The SIG “short” or “limited reach” trigger is included.

The M11A1 also has phosphate-coated internals. It is useful for something you’ll carry in all weather situations. It also does not have a Beavertail, which seems like a better thing for a carry.

It’s a super reliable pistol, the DA and hammer give users peace of mind when holstering. The accuracy is spectacular.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the M11-A1 fit holsters for standard P229?

Yes, the M11-A1 fits perfectly even if the holster was designed to suit a weapon with a rail. The A1 is nothing more than a P229 without a rail and a few other internal variations, such as SRT, phosphate components, etc.

Will the plain old 228 mags work in the new SIG M11-A1?

Yes, it will. The other way around, 229-1 mag in P228, will not, however.

What is a press check?

When you pull the slide back just a bit, just enough to see in the chamber, to verify a round is loaded.


The M11-A1 is a great gun. It carries very well and is so nice to shoot. If the phosphate internals aren’t worth anything to you, it at least should make you feel better about sweating all over the gun. Especially when working in the summer heat.

The M11-A1 shoots better than users are capable of, and it never falters. It has all the capabilities of being the perfect EDC gun.

Just shoot it and enjoy it. The chances of you having a problem are slim. It’s a great pistol. Owners of the M11 who are satisfied outnumber unhappy owners 10,000 to one.

So in my opinion, you should definitely go for this pistol!

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