Common Rock Island M206 Problems You May Face

For a very long time, Rock Island M206 has been a well-liked option. This market is quite competitive, but this revolver has done an excellent job of keeping its own.

You could experience issues like cylinder problems, failure to fire, small grip, not having +p rated, etc.

Instead of providing an RIA M206 review in this article, we’ll be learning about some typical issues. I’ll also go through solutions so you may use this gorgeous gun to its full potential and avoid these issues.

Features & Specifications of Rock Island M2068:

ActionDouble Action
Caliber.38 spl 
GripCompact Checkered Hardwood
Weight25 ozs. unloaded
Length7.7 inches
Capacity6 rounds  
Barrel length2.15 inches
Rock Island M206 Problems
Rock Island M206

Common Rock Island M206 Problems and Solutions

Small gripMod to a bigger grip
Cylinder issueSend to RIA for repair.
Lacks +p ratingStick to recommended ammo
Subpar hammer designPractice appropriate grip
Failure to fireCheck internal components for error

1. Small Grip

In the proper handgun grip, the thumb of the support hand is positioned over the thumb of the strong hand.

But if your hands are larger than typical, you could find it difficult to hold this revolver. And some common people could experience discomfort.

And, what is the reason behind it? Nothing; that’s how it was intended to be.

The Fix:

Ensure that you have a firm grip on the revolver’s stocks. The dominant hand’s thumb should be curled and end up pointing usually downward.

The web of the hand should rest as close to the grip’s shoulder as it can without crossing it. The trigger guard and middle finger should be as near as feasible.

Hold the revolver firmly, but not so firmly that you start to tremble.

2. Cylinder Issues

The cylinder issues on this revolver are purely mechanical. The reasons behind cylinder issues could be various.

The stoppage or malfunction might be anything from the bullet not firing to the cylinder not being in tune with the barrel.

The cylinder’s rotation may be hampered by a filthy extractor star, preventing the revolver from cycling.

The issue arises when the extractor rod becomes stuck due to the recoil and backs out or unscrews.

The Fix:

The solution to keeping the cylinder problems at bay is easy. All you have to do is to keep up with the regular maintenance schedule. Otherwise, different parts get dirty, eroded, or damaged as time goes on.

But once you face any of these you should send it to RIA for repair. Taking it to a reputed gunsmith could be another solution.

3. Lacks +p rating

Like its predecessor, the M200, this weapon is not designed to fire +P ammunition. The revolver’s construction is the sole reason it cannot handle +P rounds because this is by design.

You may also wonder why it wasn’t incorporated into the design. They did it to save money.

The Fix:

It’s okay to sometimes fire +P rounds from the gun. However, it was not designed to fire +P rounds continuously. There isn’t any alternative solution to this issue.

Give the pistol some time to rest between shots if you must use +P ammunition.

4. Subpar Hammer Design

This problem combines both the hammer design and the small grip. Once you pull the hammer with a certain grip, you will notice that the hammer gets stuck on the skin.

The Fix:

If you are someone who uses this grip, then you will have to change your grip style. Watch this video to see alternate grip styles that you may adopt.

5. Failure to Fire

Priming is typically the component that doesn’t ignite. The primer might not be up to par or be too hard for the hammer to adequately dent.

A cartridge that isn’t filled enough for a bullet to actually come out of the barrel. This will create a barrier and could make the gun explode when the next shot is fired.

The Fix:

There are several angles from which to view this issue. First, as it will save you the most time and money, try switching out the ammunition.

If that still does not fix the problem, mechanical failure can be the cause. It can be in the hammer, cylinder, firing pin, or any other component. So, you may take it to a gunsmith to identify the issue.

User Feedback on Rock Island M206

The M206.38 Spl. is a bit of a shooting industry paradox. These six-shot steel revolvers appear to have subpar trigger pulls and actions. However, a lot of the finishing work is carried out by hand, the old-fashioned method.

This revolver works OK, but don’t expect it to win you any competition, according to a user on thefirearmsforum. Although the weight and recoil could be a problem if you have strong arms, it won’t be a problem.

Additionally, do not anticipate a quality service for the money you will be paying. If you want the gun to strike the target, you must maintain it regularly. The worst-case scenario can involve cylinder problems, as one user on thehighroad said.

These are not +p rated, according to another user on thefiringline post.

This Rock Island revolver is worth taking a closer look at if you’re searching for a.38 Spl. that is reasonably priced, fun to fire, and supplied with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Rock Island M206

Taurus 856

The revolver weighs a consistent 1-pound and has a 2-inch barrel and cylinder made of carbon steel with an aluminum frame. It strikes a good balance between being heavy enough to control +P ammo and light enough to not make the pistol unwieldy. Most often, it performs better than M206.

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 38

The Bodyguard 38 weighs only 14.4 ounces and is made of an aluminum alloy, making it suitable for nearly any carry method. Additionally, the pistol has more punch than the M206 thanks to a +P rating.

Ruger LCR

The LCR has received praise for being concealable. Ruger’s carry-tailored for a reason. The 38 Special revolver is compact, lightweight, and discreet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What frame is a Rock Island Armory M206?

The Rock Island Armory M206 Revolver has a fixed front sight and a smooth channel frame cut rear sight and is constructed of solid steel. Its small size makes it perfect for covert carry and self-defense.

Are Rock Island Armory guns good?

Among shooters, The Rock has gained a positive reputation and some adoration. It is maybe the cheapest 1911 with decent dependability in existence.

Is Rock Island M200 +P rated?

The Rock Island Armory M200 revolver has six shots and a 38 special chamber. The handgun’s rating for +P loads is zero.

Where are Rock Island revolvers made?

They are created and produced in Marikina, Philippines, by Armscor, and are sold in the US by Armscor USA.


Of course, it has its drawbacks, but the same is true of all other firearms. With a few exceptions, the majority of this gun’s clientele appears to be happy with it. Each pistol is subject to a strict RIA quality control process to ensure client satisfaction.

It takes some time to become used to a new gun. With the solutions in this post, maybe your move will go more smoothly.

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