The Most Common Glock 41 Problems that Users Are Suffering WIth

What’s not to enjoy about thirteen 45ACP bullets, the reliable Glock action, fitting into a 34 holster, and the big sight radius? It’s a fine USA product that comes in a non-MOS version too.

Despite all the humdrum, there are some sinister issues with this Glock. The most common Glock 41 problems are: failure to feed, brass to the face, recoil nuance, trigger not resetting and lack of momentum.

The solution to these issues have been discussed in this article. The current experiences that the users have with this product are also included. To learn more, read the full article!

Features & Specifications of Glock 41:

Barrel Length135 mm
Magazine CapacityStandard: 13
Overall Length            223 mm
Caliber45 Auto
Twist Rate400 mm / 15.75 in.
Sights on TopWhite outline sights
SafetySafe Action System
Dimensions Width (Overall): 34 mm Height Incl. Mag.:139 mm
WeightWith empty magazine 760 g
Trigger Pull24 N (depending on configuration)
Glock 41 Problems and Solutions
Glock 41

Common Glock 41 Problems and Solutions

Failure to FeedChange the RSA, magazine or send to Glock.
Brass to the FaceSend to Glock.
Recoil NuanceOrder a DPM Recoil Reduction system; lubricate RSA.
Trigger Not ResettingTroubleshoot or change RSA.
Lack of MomentumChange RSA, ammo and magazines.

1. Failure to Feed

Winchester FMJ target ammunition at the range frequently fails to feed the gun. There could be a lot of smoke as well.

Possible Reasons

Initially, the recoil spring is a little too heavy. The rounds were barely able to chamber at a 45-degree angle, which caused the slide to jam.

Additionally, some mags like the 21SF may allow the edge of the HP to catch the guides on either side due to the thickness of the feed ramp guides.

This is a result of their unique feed lip bend. There isn’t much room for a wide tip HP to fit in there.

The Fix

Change the RSA. Get Glock to send you a new one.

Also, change the magazine. Try new magazines with a perfect lip bend. Besides this, any ammo should be fine.

2. Brass to the Face

Brass flies onto your face, forehead, or even your head when the gun fails to eject.

Possible Reasons

Soot on one side of the brass is a common occurrence in low-power ammunition. The Glock 41’s early fourth generation had ejection problems.

During that time, Glock offered free replacement recoil springs in exchange for the defective ones (springs).

The Fix

Transmit it to Glock. They usually give you three new magazines and replace some parts.

They might also offer 200 rounds each of two different FMJ types and some Gold Dots. You also might want to call customer service to know which guns are fixed.

3. Recoil Nuance

Recoil is okay, but it does tend to sting the hand a little. Nothing uncontrollable, but after a few hundred rounds it gets annoying.

Its a shooter-quality recoil. Therefore, you can’t really blame the gun.

Possible Reasons

The stock recoil spring is heavier in this one. Different Glocks have different types of RSA.

And the stock one on this is harder/tighter than others.

The Fix

Order a DPM Recoil Reduction system and replace it with the stock one. However, do not do this until you need to change the recoil spring.

Nicely lubricate the recoil spring. Make sure you are using proper ammo.

4. Trigger Not Resetting

On average, the trigger would not reset after 1 out of 3 shots. The trigger on the G41 doesn’t reset when you manually tack the slide while dry firing.

Possible Reasons

Usually, the trigger won’t reset because the puller is worn out, broken, or of poor quality, or it won’t pull the trigger back into place.

Another possibility is that the trigger spring was installed incorrectly at the factory.

The Fix

To engage the trigger, you could pull the slide back slightly, then release it to let the trigger reset. Then, without incident, the round would fire.

Otherwise, change the RSA and fix the trigger spring installation.

5. Lack of Momentum

The Glock 41’s slide just seems to lose momentum as it removes a round from the magazine. This is not any kind of jam. Some Glock 41s may fail to chamber.

Due to their extremely low mass frame, Glock 41 pistols are particularly vulnerable to malfunctions caused by the shooter.

Possible Reasons

There may be inadequate slide recoil velocity relative to the frame.

Use of ammunition that results in too little bullet muzzle momentum (also known as “power factor”) and/or using a grip that is too flimsy are the two main causes of this.

The Fix

Try changing the RSA. If you have an aftermarket one, switch to the stock one.

Also, try to switch between magazines and ammunition. Use more powerful ammo.

User Feedback on Glock 41

The competition model series logically expands into the G41. Users’ initial perception of this is that it is huge! A person with small hands could find it challenging to shoot it quickly.

However, this can be alleviated by the Gen 4s’ larger beavertail backstraps. The good thing is, you’ll be using a lot of ammunition from it for sure.

Because of the G41’s larger barrel, narrower and tapered (at the front) slide, and nearly identical overall proportions to a 1911, the gun has some of the feel of the 1911. Fans of 1911 adore it!

Fun fact: both the Glock 41 and the G34/35 fit inside the IPCS test box. The gun is as trustworthy as any other Glock.

Recoil is okay, although it does tend to sting the hand a little. Nothing uncontrolled, but after a few hundred rounds it gets painful.

Additionally, another thing users love about the G41 is the longer sight radius. It becomes very easy to acquire the front post and get a sight picture quickly for combat effective accuracy. And do the users love it!

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Glock 41

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Glock 41. 

Ruger SR 1911

It’s difficult to beat the SR1911, especially for the price. It is a superb weapon. To keep it operating, it does need a lot more TLC though.

Glock 21

It is one hell of an accurate gun. It also feeds more smoothly with FMJ ammo. Although recoil is perceived differently from shooter to shooter, this one’s noticeably better.

HK Expert

How can “Expert” be beaten? The H&K magazines’ cost can be a little excessive though. If the opportunity occurs, get the H&K first as they are usually tougher to get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Glock 41 have a minus connector from the factory?

Yes, it comes with a minus connector from the factory.

Is the Glock 41 accurate?

Yes, but not impressive enough

Can you pick a non-MOS version of Glock 41?

Yes. It exists and will come from the factory.

Which slide is the Glock 41 slide similar to?

It is similar to the Glock 36 slide.

Is the Recoil spring assembly of the Glock 41 the same as the Glock 21?

Yes; The G21 and G41 use the same RSA.


In a nutshell, the Glock 41 is most likely the coziest and most forgiving shooting Glock pistol.

Due to its 5.31″ barrel, it has pretty strong accuracy potential. It also has a broader grip to accommodate the twin stack, 13-round magazine.

Moreover, the G41, actually doesn’t have any drawbacks outside the poor ergonomics, which I think are a problem with every Glock.

I would definitely recommend you purchase a Glock 41 for the uses I have discussed in this article. Happy shooting!

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