Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm Problems and Fixes

The M&P 10mm is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Smith & Wesson, designed for powerful and versatile performance. It features a robust construction, ergonomic design, and a 10mm caliber suitable for self-defense and hunting applications.

Similar to any weapon, it is possible for it to come across sporadic issues. The most prevalent of these are the failure of the slide to return to battery, failure to feed, magazine malfunctions, and failure to fire.

This article will discuss the most frequently raised M&P 10mm problems and provide quick solutions. It will explore the sources of the M&P 10mm gun concerns to help people understand them.

Features & Specifications of the M&P 10mm:

  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Action: Double-action Only
  • Product weight: 31.4 oz
  • Safety: Thumb Safety
  • Product length: 8.6 in
  • Product Height: 5.6 in
  • Product Width: 1.3 in
  • Magazine capacity: 15+1
Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm Problems and Fixes

Most Common M&P 10mm Problems and Solutions

Now, let’s examine some of these problems and consider possible ways to address them.

1. Slide Fails to Return to Battery:

The slide does not fully return to the forward position after firing, causing feeding issues and preventing the firearm from cycling correctly.

If the slide fails to return to the battery, it may be due to various factors, such as a dirty or obstructed slide or frame rails, a weak recoil spring, worn-out or damaged slide components, or an issue with the barrel.


To get rid of slide failure to return to the battery, follow the steps below:

  • Clean the slide and frame rails, removing debris and fouling.
  • Make sure the recoil spring is seated correctly and not damaged or worn.
  • Inspect slide components for any wear or damage and replace them if needed.
  • Check the barrel for signs of damage or obstruction and take appropriate action.
Slide Fails to Return to Battery
Slide Fails to Return to Battery

2. Failure to Feed:

One frequently encountered issue with the M&P 10mm is a failure to feed properly. This occurs when the next round fails to enter the chamber during cycling.

The primary cause of failure to feed is often related to magazine issues. It could be due to improper loading, a faulty or worn-out magazine spring, or a misaligned follower.


To fix the problem with a magazine feed issue, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the magazine is fully loaded with the appropriate ammunition.
  • Check for any debris or obstructions in the magazine.
  • Clean the magazine if necessary, removing any dirt, debris, or obstructions.
  • If the problem persists, consider replacing the magazine spring.
  • If you are unsure about replacing the spring or the issue remains unresolved, contact a professional gunsmith for further inspection and assistance.
Failure to Feed
Failure to Feed

3. Magazine Malfunctions:

Magazine malfunctions can include issues such as failure to lock in place, failure to drop free, or difficulty in loading rounds into the magazine.

Magazine malfunctions can be caused by a faulty magazine spring, worn-out or damaged magazine components, debris or obstructions within the magazine, or improper loading techniques.


To resolve any issues with the magazine, follow the steps below.:

  • Start by cleaning the magazine and ensuring there are no obstructions or debris.
  • Inspect the magazine components for wear or damage and replace them as needed.
  • If the magazine spring appears weak or worn, consider replacing it.
  • Ensure proper loading techniques, such as using the correct ammunition and following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Recoil Spring Issue:

The recoil spring loses its strength or becomes fatigued over time, resulting in reduced slide cycling and potential feeding issues.

Recoil springs can experience wear and fatigue due to repeated use, exposure to heat, and environmental factors. The constant compression and release of the spring can cause it to weaken over time.


One potential fix for a recoil spring issue on an M&P 10mm is to install a stiffer spring.

Some shooters have had problems with the M&P 10mm not closing back up after ejection when using high-pressure 200-grain loads. This indicates that the company may have needed to optimize the gun for hotter ammunition.

Spring Issue
Spring Issue

User Feedback on the M&P 10mm

The M&P 10mm is renowned for its reliability and efficacy. The firearm’s sturdy construction and ergonomics make it easy to grip. Its minimal recoil and smooth trigger draw make it accurate. Numerous shooters appreciate the M&P’s ambidextrous controls and interchangeable grips.

The 10mm caliber is frequently praised for its versatility, as it can be used both for self-defense and hunting. The gun’s durability and resistance to corrosion make it versatile.

Users also appreciate the large capacity of the magazines, which permits firing more cartridges without sacrificing comfort.

Customers of the M&P 10mm have encountered trigger issues. Common complaints include a light primer strike. Some ammunition or magazines have caused difficulties with feeding or extracting.

Some consumers are concerned about the finish deteriorating over time. The M&P 10mm is pleasant for most users, but those with small hands may have difficulty reaching the controls or gripping the firearm.

Some users have reported compatibility issues with aftermarket accessories, necessitating additional modifications or adjustments.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of M&P 10mm

1. Glock 40 Gen4 MOS:

GLOCK 40 Gen4 MOS – G40 Gen4 MOS – Modular Optic System

2. Sig Sauer P220 Legion:

SIG SAUER LEGION 45 auto Full Size Pistol in DA/SA or SAO

3. Kimber Custom TLE/RL II:

Kimber America | Custom TLE/RL II

Kimber Custom TLE/RL II 10mm 8rd | 3200338 | 8 Rounds – Buds Gun Shop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the M&P 10mm suitable for concealed carry?

While it is possible to conceal carry the M&P 10mm, its larger size and weight may make it more challenging for some individuals to conceal comfortably.

Are there aftermarket accessory options available for the M&P 10mm?

Yes, there are various aftermarket accessories available for the M&P 10mm, including sights, grips, and holsters.

Does the M&P 10mm have manual safety?

The M&P 10mm is available in both manual safety and non-manual safety versions, providing options for user preference.

Is the M&P 10mm compatible with other M&P series magazines?

Yes, in most cases, the M&P 10mm is compatible with other M&P series magazines of the same caliber.

Is the M&P 10mm suitable for beginners?

The M&P 10mm may not be ideal for beginners due to its larger size and potentially higher recoil. It is often recommended for more experienced shooters.

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