6 Taurus TX22 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus TX22 is an advanced 22 LR caliber rimfire pistol. The pistol also features a suppressor adapter collar. The gun has a manual safety, trigger safety, and striker block safety features.

But there are several issues with the gun. The common Taurus TX22 problems are inconsistent feed, non-centred barrel, magazine loader issue, cracked slide, lead deposit inside the barrel, and faulty extractor.

Read on to learn more about these Taurus TX22 problems. But first, let’s take a look at some of the special features of this gun.

Features & Specifications of Taurus TX22 Gun:

Taurus TX22 Specs
Cartridge22 LR
Capacity10/16 Rounds
Barrel Length5.25/4.1 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)17.3/23.0 Ounces or 490/652 Grams
Length7.06/8.15 Inches
Width1.25 Inches
Height5.4 Inches
SafetyManual Safety, Striker Block, Trigger Safety
SightsFront – Fixed (White Dot) Rear – Adjustable (White Dot)

Common Taurus TX22 Problems and Solutions

Common Taurus TX22 Problems

Let’s take a look at the Taurus TX22 troubleshooting procedures.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus TX22Solutions
Inconsistent FeedClean the magazine using a cleaner and fabric.
Non-Centered BarrelGet a replacement barrel and inspect the centricity.
Magazine Loader ProblemBuy a better magazine loader from a gun shop or online store.
Recoil Spring Cracking the SlideBuy a better recoil spring and replace the broken slide.
Lead Deposit Inside the BarrelClean the barrel.
Faulty ExtractorReplace the extractor and spring.

1. Inconsistent Feed:

The name of the problem explains itself. The slide of the gun may sometimes get jammed after shootings.

Sometimes, the bullets jam onto the side of the magazine. As a result, even if you pull the trigger, at times nothing will happen.

The Fix:

If you are facing this issue, you should try swapping out the magazine temporarily. Now, cleaning the magazine should fix the problem.

Disassembling a magazine
Disassembling a magazine

Fig 1 – Disassembling a magazine

First of all, disassemble the magazine with a screwdriver (Fig 1).

Magazine brush
Magazine brush

Fig 2 – Magazine brush

After taking all parts out of the magazine, clean it with a magazine brush and fabric (Fig 2).

Now, put everything back in order. This simple trick will get everything in working order. Take a look at this video for visual guidance.

2. Non-Centered Barrel:

There is a degree of non-concentricity in the barrel’s hole. One side of the rifling looks to be wider than the other (either left or right). The barrel’s concentricity may be irregular.

The barrel’s poor performance might also be a result of the thread adapter.

The Fix:

You need to change the faulty barrels. A non-centred barrel is a manufacturing flaw that cannot be fixed. You must communicate with the company for a replacement.

People have also expressed dissatisfaction with the replacement barrels they received. Therefore, before installing the second barrel, examine it properly.

3. Magazine Loader Problem:

It’s challenging to utilize the loader that comes with the Taurus TX22. Usually, it moves the top round down.

Then, you have to put the following round inside. The issue is that you have to maneuver around the magazine’s edges to get inside.

The Fix:

You should avoid using the stock magazine loader that comes with the gun. A better one is available for purchase at any gun store.

For the Taurus TX22, the Hilljak Magazine Speed Loader is a fantastic choice. As opposed to the standard loader, inserting the round won’t be difficult.

Due to the quicker reload time, you will be able to unload in 16 rounds without any trouble.

4. Recoil Spring Cracking the Slide:

The Taurus TX22 slide is reported to have fractures in it.  This is the most common problem with this gun.

The crack appears at the very front of the slide where the recoil spring is located at. The metal in front of the slide is very thin. Also, the gun’s included recoil spring has a firm end.

As a result, it pounds the slide. After shooting more than a thousand rounds, you may notice small cracks appearing.

The Fix:

You have to replace the recoil springs that come with the gun. The Lakeline buffered stainless recoil spring is a great choice for the Taurus TX22.

As for the broken slide, you should immediately replace it. Operating a gun with a broken slide is exceedingly dangerous. So, contact Taurus as soon as possible to get your cracked slide replaced.

5. Lead Deposit Inside the Barrel:

The barrel of the Taurus TX22 will become dirty as you use it. The lead deposit will build up inside the barrel.

If you do not clean the inside of the barrel regularly, the lead particles will make the gun unreliable. Even while cleaning, if the amount of lead deposit is too much, the cleaning rod might get stuck inside.

Additionally, you can observe markings inside the groove that point to flaws.

The Fix:

First of all, you have to disassemble the gun. Pull down the notch on top of the trigger and pull the trigger. Now, you can easily detach the slide.

You can get the barrel out of the slide after removing the recoil spring. Now, use a cleaning rod and copper wool to clean the inside of the barrel.

You can also utilize a barrel inspection light to inspect the inside thoroughly.

6. Faulty Extractor:

The Taurus TX22 may jam due to an extractor fault. If the slide gets locked midways, it might be an indication of a bad extractor.

The spring might also cause it to jam.

The Fix:

You have to replace the extractor and the extractor spring. First of all, take the slide off and remove the barrel.

Now, push the pin on the back using a small screwdriver. Then, put out the spring and the firing pin. You will be able to see a small hole on the side of the slide.

Push the pin out and you can remove the extractor. Now, you can easily replace the pin and the extractor. Follow this video guide for guidance.

User Feedback on Taurus TX22

The Taurus TX22 is known as a reliable gun to most users. But some people have had a bad experience with the gun. The most complained issues with the gun are cracking slides and failure to feed.

In The High Road forum, there are many comments from TX22 users. While most of the comments are positive, some users have stated some problems they have faced.

People have also expressed their dissatisfaction with Taurus’ customer service on the Uzi Talk forum.

But overall, the TX22 is a reliable gun if you maintain and upgrade the accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Taurus TX22 be used with a suppressor?

Yes, it comes with a suppressor adapter.

How many magazines are included with the Taurus TX22?

2 to 3 magazines included.

What is the action type of the Taurus TX22?

SAO action type.

What type of compensator is provided with the Taurus TX22?

Improved control and visibility with the TandemKross Game Changer Pro.

How much does the Taurus TX22 cost?

The cost is between $348 and $589.


The gun has some flaws like any other gun. I have discussed the most common Taurus TX22 problems.

Follow my detailed instructions to get your Taurus TX22 fixed. Hopefully, this article will guide you through the solution.

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