Smith & Wesson 380 EZ Problems and Solutions

The Smith & Wesson 380 EZ features a polymer frame, stainless-steel barrel and slide, an adjustable white-dot sight, and a Picatinny rail.

The 380 EZ model has the best reviews from the users with all the unique specifications available.

Some of the common problems that users face during the use of this pistol are failure to eject, ammo problems, and magazine problems.

In this article, several problems have been discussed while using it along with the solutions to those problems. Hang in there to find out everything you need to know about Smith & Wesson 380 EZ problems and solutions.

Features and Specification of Smith and Wesson 380 EZ

  • Caliber                            : 0.380 ACP (9 mm)
  • Grip                                : Textured
  • Product weight              : 18.5 ounces
  • Manual Safety                : Yes
  • Product length               : 6.7 inches
  • Magazine capacity         : 8+1
  • Barrel length                  : 3.675inches                  
  • Rear sight                      : Adjustable white dot      
  • Rifle ammo type            : Centerfire         
Common Smith and Wesson 380 EZ Problems and Solutions
Smith and Wesson 380 EZ

Common Smith and Wesson 380 EZ Problems and Solutions

Magazine ProblemReplace the feed lips.
Ammo ProblemChange of the ammo brand.
Failure to EjectStretching the spring.
Design IssueTroubleshoot.
Sights ProblemReplace the white dot with a red or green dot.
Slide ReleaseSlingshot.

1. Magazine Problem:

Many users face the magazine problem while using the 380 EZ model.

During the last round of fire, it stops working. That happens because of the spring used in it. The spring used in it is extremely squishy compared to the other brands of guns.

The Fix:

Magazines sometimes stop working if the feed lips are bent. In that case, the gun company will replace the magazine with a brand new one. Then it will start working.

2. Ammo Problem:

Due to an ammo problem, many users face trouble while shooting. That happens due to the quality of the product.

When people start shooting with malfunctioning ammo, it might backfire as there is no safety thumb available in the Smith & Wesson 380 EZ model.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, simply change the manufacturer and use a different ammo brand.

And before shooting, make sure that the gun is cleaned and properly lubed. Faster ammo will enhance the accuracy of the shooting.

3. Failure to Eject:

When the last round is ready to fire, then it starts to stovepipe instead of feeding into the barrel chamber.

This may occur due to the use of inappropriate ammunition or improper grip. Additionally, it may occur due to a damaged extractor.

The Fix:

When you pull the magazines apart to clean them, try stretching the springs. Stretching it too far might prove dangerous. It should be done carefully.

Another way is to scratch the top surface of the orange followers with a sharp nail or knife. It will solve the problem.

4. Design Issue:

When people start using the model initially, it ran flawlessly but with the closed action, a fully loaded magazine cannot be inserted due to the design flaw.

This is a serious problem when people are participating in a competition where multiple reloads are needed.

Because you have to shoot the gun void, spill the magazine and then reload a brand-new magazine within a short period of time.

The Fix:

You can purchase base plate extensions for magazines that allow for an additional round or two without actually inserting them, which is equivalent to downsizing the original magazine by one round.

5. Sight Problem:

People who have vision problems and are cross-eye dominant often face sight issues while using this model.

The white dot factory is present in this model and causes this issue for those having the problem mentioned earlier. They can’t get things right when they try to shoot and it goes out of range.

The Fix:

The white dot can be replaced by a red or green sight mounted on it. Then eyes should be set on the target and the trigger should be pulled.

Using this solution, shooters can easily overcome their problems and shoot easily with this gun.

6. Slide Release:

Smith & Wesson 380 EZ is a semi-auto model so that it can easily rack. People who are new to using this gun face the problem of slide release.

To use a gun, users need a minimum strength to pull a trigger, and for a newcomer, it is hard to pull a trigger with the necessary strength.

The Fix:

To make the slide get forward, users simply need to slingshot it and it will be easier for the users to shoot it.

User Feedback on Smith and Wesson 380 EZ

The Smith & Wesson 380 EZ is not and does not attempt to be a pocket pistol. It is bigger than most of the current generation of compact single stack 9mm handguns and more in line with their size.

A useful feature on the single-stack 8-round magazines that are generally only found on 0.22-caliber pistols. As you load the magazine, you can pull down the follower using the thumb studs on either side of the magazine body.

This feature is just another proof that Smith & Wesson truly considered an extremely underserved market group while designing this firearm.

Having a light trigger, it weighs 4.5 pounds in this specific sample and travels a modest distance of only about a quarter inch. It makes the pistol simple to use but also makes it simple to use the gun without necessarily intending to.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Smith and Wesson 380 EZ

There are few other guns on the market that are comparable with Smith & Wesson 380 EZ. The 3 best alternatives for Smith & Wesson 380 EZ are:

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Shield EZ

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm EZ is a semi-automatic concealed hammer, a lock-breech weapon that is compact in size. A non-reflective black Armornite finish has been applied to the stainless steel used to make the beveled slide.

It has an 8-round single stack magazine that reduces the amount of ammo that can be held in exchange for a more ergonomic and pleasant grip profile.

M&P 22 Compact

M&P 22 is a semi-automatic compact pistol that has an ambidextrous manual safety and reversible manual release specially engineered for target shooting and training and is tiny and easy to carry.

The 380 EZ is very similar to the M&P 22 compact. Despite having differing internals, they have nearly identical outside dimensions and controls. The manual thumb safety is one aspect of the 22 Compact that is impressive.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus

It is also a semi-automated pistol with ultra-reliable thumb safety. The low sliding profile and 18° grip angle provide simple control and portability.

The stainless-steel slide has a tough, black Armornite finish and rear cocking serrations that give a firm grip for simple slide operation. These unique features make it a perfect alternative to 380 EZ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the S&W 380 EZ a good gun? 

Skeptics will have their say but for a number of great shooters, it is a good gun to use.

Is there a recall on Smith & Wesson 380 EZ?

All EZ 9mm and .380 caliber handguns produced between March and October 2020 have been recalled by Smith & Wesson due to potential quality and safety issues with the hammers.

How far can the Smith & Wesson 380 shoot?

As this model is not a targeted pistol so it will give you a range of about 7 to 10 yards.

Is the trigger too heavy?

No, the trigger of this gun is very light.


The Smith & Wesson 380 EZ is a semi-automatic pistol that was designed with ease of use in mind. They concentrated on making the 380 EZ’s slide and magazine easy to rack and load, the weapon straightforward and secure to wield.

After reading this article you will be able to find out the causes of the Smith & Wesson 380 EZ problems. Also, you will be able to fix the problem for 380 EZ. Keeping all the features and their uses in mind along with the convenience of solving the issues, it is a good gun to buy.

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