Common Springfield EMP 9mm Problems (Solutions Included)

The Springfield Armory EMP is a semiautomatic handgun developed by Springfield Armory, Inc. based on the iconic M1911 design. This extremely dependable EMP utilizes 919mm Parabellum or.40 S&W cartridges. Nonetheless, this firearm also has problems.

The most prevalent issues include feeding problems, firing pin problems, stovepipe problems, extractor problems, and light primer strikes.

Features & Specifications of Springfield EMP 9mm:

  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Grip: Thinline Cross Cannon or Double Diamond Cocobolo
  • Product weight: 27 ounces (w/empty magazine)
  • Product length: 6.6 inches
  • Capacity: 9-round magazine (3), stainless steel
  • Barrel length: 3inches  
  • Barrel Material: Match Grade  
Springfield EMP 9mm

Common Springfield EMP 9mm Problems and Solutions

Problems Solutions
Feeding IssueUse proper ammunition.
Firing Pin IssuesFix the barrel’s misalignment with the firing pin.
Stovepipe IssuesClean the firearm thoroughly; send back to Springfield to fix.
Extractor IssuesAdjust extractor tension, install new extractor.
Light Primer StrikesUse correct ammunition, fix triggers overtravel

1. Feeding Issue

The Springfield EMP 9mm has feeding difficulties. The firearm is tough to cycle. Instead of feeding into the chamber, the bullet is jammed between the feed ramp and slide due to the feed ramp’s approximately 75-degree incline.

Occasionally, you must rack the slide five to six times to seat the bullet in the chamber, but typically, you must remove the magazine to eliminate the obstruction. This has occurred with Blazer Brass, Remington, and Sig hollow-point ammunition.

The Fix:

With Federal and Remington practice ammunition, this problem occurs at least once each magazine. With Blazer Brass, the issues were consistent.

Blazer has a more protruding nose, is less circular and more concave, and will not feed hollow points. Use rubber snap caps with extremely spherical “bullet” points, and they will feed properly.

Send it to Springfield for repair; it appears to be a ramp design defect more than an isolated incident.

2. Firing Pin Issues

EMP 9mm pistols are plagued by firing pin issues. The barrel is not properly aligned with your firing pin stroke.

You may observe that the firing pin’s imprint on the primer is much off-center. This impression is visible on the slide next to the ejector.

The actual firing pin hole on the slide is off-center relative to the primer and cartridge impression.

The actual firing pin
The actual firing pin

The Fix:

Send the image to SA and inquire about the centering issue. Fix the barrel’s misalignment with the firing pin. Use a low-cost conventional firing pin to determine if it fits, or if it can be modified to fit.

3. Stovepipe Issues

the Springfield stovepipes and the slide short-strokes, which occasionally extract but don’t go far enough back to strip the next round out of the magazine, or fail to extract at all. In a magazine holding 10 rounds, this occurs around 3–4 times.

The Fix:

Maintaining a clean firearm is crucial. A dirty gun in cold weather can cause the trigger to be tighter than usual. It worked perfectly with factory ammunition; therefore, the issue may be with the reloads.

If you have them returned to Springfield, they may be able to assist you.

4. Extractor Issues

Failure is not unusual with the enlarged 9mm ejectors. It is frequently caused by the top cartridge in the magazine striking the ejector.

The Fix:

By modifying the bumper pad and modifying the underside of the new ejector, the issue may be resolved.

After installing the new ejector, insert a loaded magazine into the frame (without the slide) and bang it in forcefully to determine whether the magazine can reach the ejector.

Sometimes a little file work is required to provide adequate clearance for the ejector.

5. Light Primer Strikes

For the EMP 9mm, light primer strikes occur when the detonating section of the cartridge is not slapped hard enough to detonate. With very hollow point round you may fac a light primer strike.

This could be due to insufficient trigger overtravel, a faulty primer, or a dry firing pin.

The Fix:

Before heading back to the range, I recommend giving it a thorough cleaning and applying fresh lubricant. Then, test out your preferred SD ammunition first.

Turn the trigger’s overtravel screw a quarter turn in the other direction, using a hex key and see if it solves the problem. If not, send it back to Springfield to fix the issue.

User Feedback on Springfield EMP 9mm

The Springfield Armory EMP4 9mm is surprisingly enjoyable to shoot. users of numerous online communities shared their varied perspectives on the firearm. Some people liked it, while others didn’t.

According to one satisfied customer, his EMP is a blast to fire, he adores it, and he has no trouble keeping hold of it because it’s only 9 millimeters.  it is Extremely precise according to him.

The EMP is a gorgeous firearm, beautifully crafted, and the lack of texturing on the front of the grip sounds like a criticism that a Glock fanatic would make, as stated by a different user. Neither he nor anybody else he knows who has shot the gun has ever complained about how difficult it was to keep a firm grip on it during the shooting process.

However, there are problems with this pistol that need to be addressed. According to one dissatisfied user, he purchased a Springfield EMP 9 and immediately ran into feed problems.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Springfield EMP 9mm

Colt Defender 9mm

When compared lengthwise and weight wise, they are remarkably similar. Compared to the EMP 9mm, the Colt Defender is longer and lighter. A smaller grip size distinguishes the EMP from the colt.

Ronin 9mm

The Ronin has the classic 1911 form factor, with a 5″ barrel and solid steel and stainless-steel construction. Full-sized Ronins can be concealed, but it’s difficult. EMP is smaller and lighter.

Kimber Micro 9

The EMP is developed for the shorter 9mm and.40 calibers, although the Kimber is still based on the.45 caliber platform. However, both are flawless and a pleasure to shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Springfield EMP reliable?

This gun is incredibly reliable.

Is the EMP a good carry gun?

 it’s designed to excel for concealed carry.

What does EMP stand for Springfield?

Enhanced Micro Pistol.

Does Springfield still make the EMP?

It is still manufactured to this day.


I have discussed as thoroughly as possible Springfield EMP 9mm problems, their causes, and solutions.

However, the offered solutions may not be sufficient to address the problems you are experiencing.

In such circumstances, it is preferable to consult a gunsmith or mail the revolver to Springfield.

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