Kimber Pro Carry II Problems You Should Know

The Kimber pro carry ii has a good reputation among the community. It is a compact and accurate gun that is designed to carry around for personal defense. However, there are some common Kimber Pro Carry II problems you might have to go through if you have one.

These problems include bar carry sight, excess jamming, failure to feed, smooth texture on the front strap, etc. Don’t worry as all of these are solvable problems by all means.

So, stick with me until the end and you will have a good idea of how to approach and solve different problems. But before we dive into the problem discussion let’s check the specifications of this gun.

Features & Specifications of Kimber pro carry ii:

Height5.25 inches
Weight28 ounces (with an empty magazine)
Barrel Length4 inches
SightFixed low profile
GripSmooth/checkered rosewood
TriggerAluminum, three-hole standard
Common Kimber Pro Carry II Problems
Kimber Pro Carry II

Common Kimber Pro Carry II Problems and Solutions

In this section, we will be looking at some of the common problems of Kimber Pro Carry II and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Bad sightChange to favorable sight
No texture on the front strapInstall a custom front strap
Failure to feedInstall different spring/change magazine/send it to Kimber
Excess jammingChange ammo/magazine/extractor
Failure to ejectInstall different recoil spring/ call Kimber

1. Bad Sight:

The first thing Kimber should improve on this gun is its sight. The problem is it is all black. It does not have any dots that may be red, blue, or green. Therefore, you will have a problem aiming your target when it is dark.

After designing Kimber pro carry ii as a personal defense weapon it does not make any sense to install black iron sight on it.

The Fix:

You will have to install an iron sight you are comfortable with. My suggestion would be to install one of the TruGlo sights you are comfortable with.

As these sights glow in the dark, you will get maximum shooting advantage even in low light.

2. No Texture on the Front Strap:

The front strap of the grip in this gun is as plain as it can get. The smooth portion works against you when you are handling the recoil. As the gun kicks backwards when you shoot, it is likely to slip up as there is no serration on the front strap.

In case you have a sweaty palm then things can get difficult if you don’t wear gloves.

The Fix:

Although the problem might seem insignificant you should think about changing the grip. Installing a custom front strap would be the best solution.

Or, you could use shooting gloves, whichever suits you best.

3. Failure to Feed:

As the user from stated his piece was prone to feed failure. There are many users that claim the same. Most of the time the culprit in this case it the stock Kimber magzine.

Even though this would be a common problem during the break-in period. If it still persists then you should take action.

The Fix:

You should try changing the magazine at first, if you still face the problems then change the recoil spring.

If the magazine is not at fault, then usually it is caused by the recoil spring.

In case that does not solve the problem send it to Kimber for repair as it is not much you can do about it.

4. Excess Jamming:

This is a problem so generalized that any factor could contribute to this. It could be dirt, debris, mechanical failure, etc. This Reddit user demonstrates how this gun gets jammed. He also said it got jammed in different ways every time.

The Fix:

When guns get jammed ammo, magazine and extractor are the most likely to cause it. So, try changing them and shooting in a few different combinations.

If that does not solve the problem then it is most likely a design flaw and you should send it to the manufacturer.

5. Failure to Eject:

This problem attacks new guns like plagues. Don’t worry if your gun is still in its break-in period when you are facing this problem.

If the casing still fails to eject after you have shot more than a thousand rounds then you should take action.

The Fix:

This problem is most likely caused by internal design failure. But some people suggested that changing the recoil spring solved their problems. So, you can try that out before calling Kimber.

User Feedback on Kimber pro carry ii

Kimber has a good reputation among the community and they have managed to solidify more with this gun. As Kimber also supplies arms to law enforcement and the military you can put your trust in them. The pro carry ii gets mostly positive reviews with some negative ones which are expected.

The user feedback on Kimber pro carry ii can be summed up by one user’s statement from As one user asked if he should go for a pro carry ii that had a previous owner.

The user said, if there are no obvious flaws, he recommends grabbing it. Verify that the ramp wasn’t attempted to be polished by the prior owner. First-time owners who are impatient may try to “repair” it but ruin the ramp in the process.

His statement resonates with the most comments on that thread. It gives good exposure that how many people are content with the service pro carry ii offers to its owners.

Another user made a very neutral review on the same forum. Under the thread, many users shared their experiences too. You will mostly find positive reviews with a little dissatisfaction here and there.

If you want a more in-depth review, I suggest you this YouTube video that takes everything apart and covers almost everything there is about this gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kimber Pro Carry 2 full size?

The Pro Carry II features a full-length grip and a 4-inch match-grade carbon steel barrel.

How many rounds does the Kimber Ultra Carry II hold?

The magazine can hold 7 rounds.

Is the Kimber Ultra Carry 2 double action?

The Kimber Ultra Carry II is single stage.

Are kimbers +P rated?

Yes, kimbers are +P rated but this ammo is not recommended.

Is a Kimber Pro Carry 2 A 1911?

The barrel of the Two-Tone Pro Carry II Semi-Auto Pistol is marginally shorter than that of an ordinary M1911.

Does Kimber have a lifetime warranty?

No, for a year following the date of the initial retail purchase as new merchandise, Kimber weapons are promised to be free from material and workmanship flaws.


Kimber Pro Carry II is a good choice if you have experience with guns. It would not be out of character to get weary of these problems if you are a first-time gun owner.

Most Kimber Pro Carry II problems are routine issues that can be solved with some effort. These are common problems no matter which gun you pick. So, with some patience, this gun can be a good starting point if you are into it.

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