Most Common Issues with Ruger P345 Gun an Their Solutions

Comparable to the Colt 1911 Government Model in terms of accuracy, introducing to you, the Ruger P345. It tolerates even some subpar ammunition quite well and works like a reliable pistol!

Users love it to death, but is it perfect? Not at all! The most common issues with Ruger P345 are failure to go into battery, trigger bar issues, firing failures, stuck issues, failure to fire a new round and issues with the firing pin.

The actual reasons behind the issues and the most probable solutions will be discussed in this article. Stay tuned till the end!

Features & Specifications of Ruger P345

Action  Recoil operated semi-automatic
Caliber45 Auto (ACP)
GripCheckered polymer
Product weight35.7 oz (loaded)
Product length7.625″
Capacity8 rounds
Cylinder MaterialMetal
Barrel length4.25″
Common Issues with Ruger P345 and the Solutions
Ruger P345

Most Common Issues with Ruger P345 and the Solutions

Failure to Return to BatteryTroubleshoot recoil springs and attain better slide operating skills.
Trigger Bar IssuePress the trigger or slightly draw back on the hammer.
Firing FailuresReplacing hammering pins
Jamming IssuesLubricate with a professional and use proper ammo.
Fail to Fire New RoundChecking the double action trigger
Issues with Firing PinUpgrading the firing pins

1. Failure to Return to Battery

There would be at least 1 failure to enter batteries for each mag. Sometimes the bullet would reach the chamber but stick out by approximately a quarter inch before hanging up just before entering the ramp.

Possible Reasons

Any locked breech auto pistol will experience this issue. The device is designed to operate “slam-bang.”

A very slow release would bring it into the battery, but the recoil spring isn’t nearly strong enough for that.

The Fix

After fieldstripping and cleaning the gun, make sure you put both the recoil springs back in the proper order. Also, make sure that the gun is not tight. Conduct ammo tests.

Don’t ride the slide. This is a common instruction.

2. Trigger Bar Issue

Users frequently have trigger bar problems where the spring hook travels aren’t flat and don’t operate properly.

Therefore, the trigger bar makes the shooting very irregular for the users.

Possible Reasons

Many users discovered that when they pushed the trigger bar down while pulling the slide back, it did not rise back up.

Nevertheless, the trigger bar reappeared when they began pulling the trigger to dry fire. The trigger bar appears out of place since it produces an audible click sound and does not do so before.

The Fix

Racking a snap cap into the chamber may help your Ruger P345 gun’s trigger problems, however, when you move the slide back to examine the chamber, the trigger bar descends as if it’s not under spring tension.

Nonetheless, the trigger bar then comes back up under spring tension when you press the trigger or slightly drawback on the hammer, which may prevent the trigger bar from being lost any longer.

3. Firing Failures

With this Ruger P345 gun type, there have been instances of “click, no bang” problems.

The problem often occurs when users fail to shoot at the right moment.

Possible Reasons

Somehow, the magazine disconnector tampers and interferes with fire. The gun will also shatter if you dry shoot it without the magazine in.

This issue arises as a result of the poor design of the magazine system.

Sometimes, hammer pins seem to be broken which causes firing failures.

Debris may have seemed in the pin channel of the Ruger P345 gun that create the issue several times.

The Fix

If the hammer pins are broken, these need to be replaced as soon as possible.

The debris needs to be cleaned up by polishing. If the issue remains, take your Ruger P345 gun to the company’s service center.

4. Jamming Issues

Users occasionally take it to the range to fire with the Ruger P345 but occasionally it won’t reach full power.

It becomes stuck just before, it’s shooting into full battery.

Possible Reasons

Even after being well cleaned and properly lubricated with oil and gun slick cleaning solution, the problem persists since, on occasion, lubrication is not the right course of action in this situation.

Shooting when the battery is fully charged may be difficult due to the weak magazine.

The Fix

Lubricating should not be done by users rather the users should take their particular gun model to the company’s service center.

The company’s professional mechanics will understand what type of ammunition would be perfect for your Ruger P345 gun.

5. Failure to Fire New Round

The firing pin may not be hitting the primer and you experience failure to fire the Ruger P345 gun.

Possible Reasons

Gunk can accumulate in the firing pin area.

When users pull the trigger, the Ruger P345 will shoot the first round, eject the spent case, cock the hammer, and load a second round.

Then the hammer will fall but the new round won’t be fired.

Gunk can accumulate in the firing pin area.
Gunk can accumulate in the firing pin area.

It happens as a result of not using the trigger twice which is very irritative for the users.

The Fix

Detail strip the gun and remove the gunk carefully. In order for the second bullet to fire after the first, users essentially had to pull the trigger twice.

Check the double action trigger on your Ruger P345 gun to stop the issue that causes the hammer to cock and then fall. Pull the trigger back then.

Continue to press the trigger while cycling the slide to represent loading a new round.

Also, learn to hold the gun properly (like the picture). Your left hand should support the right and cover the magazine

6. Issues with Firing Pin

Many users claimed that they see the damaged firing pins which is a prominent reason behind the firing issue.

The issue is very unavoidable and almost all users suffer from this issue.

Possible Reasons

It happens If your dry fire a Ruger P345 gun without the magazine installed it will damage the firing pin and you will get misfires. 

The magazine system gets disconnected due to broken firing pins that cause your gun to sometimes be fired and sometimes not fired.

The Fix

To prevent the issue with your Ruger P345 gun, interchange the damaged firing pins.

Fix the issue with professional mechanics as they will upgrade this more accurately.

Top 2 Alternative Guns of Ruger P345

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 2 best alternatives to Ruger P345.

Ruger 3815

It is rugged construction with black oxide, through-hardened alloy steel slide and barrel and high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame that Ruger P345 does not offer.

Remington RM380

The RM380’s features have all been optimized to provide consistent performance and unmatched accuracy. So, it’s undoubtedly better than Ruger P345.

Users’ Feedback on Ruger P345

The majority of customers think the Ruger P345 gun is a very affordable gun for them, but after using it for a while, they lose that opinion.

Issues frequently arise after using the gun for a while.

A significant part of the Ruger P345 gun is a magazine that might create uneven firing for the users.

However, clients commonly have issues, which can sometimes necessitate multiple trips to the repair facility.

Frequently Asked Queswtions (FAQs)

How much does Ruger P345 max cost?

548 $

Is the Ruger P345 accurate?

Not on most occasions.

When did the Ruger P345 get released?

The P345, released in 2004

Can you dry-fire the Ruger P345 Max?

Yes, but need to magazine in.

Can you pocket carry Ruger P345 Max?



Although some people may find it to be a little too “big framed” for their preferences in a carry pistol, I would absolutely recommend this gun to anyone who is considering getting one.

Especially if they are seeking for something in .45 caliber for carry or inexpensive home defense.

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