Kimber Camp Guard 10 Problems You Should Know

The Kimber Camp Guard 10 is a great gun for hunting, target practice, and self-defense. In addition, regardless of how you shoot, it feels fantastic in your hands. However, it does have certain drawbacks, though, so you should be aware of them before you buy.

Issues including failure to feed, sharp trigger, failure to eject, no firing safety pin, on sided sight are quite likely to occur. Apart from this, you shouldn’t worry because other problems only rarely surface.

I’ll dive into the Kimber camp guard 10 problems in more detail in this article. I’ll even provide a few solutions to these typical problems. But first, let’s start with the specs.

Features & Specifications of Kimber camp guard 10:

Height5.25 inches
Weight38 ounces when empty
Magazine8 rounds
Recoil Spring 18.5 lbs
FrameStainless steel, Satin Silver
SightTactical wedge night sights
TriggerPremium Aluminum
Common Kimber camp guard 10 Problems
Kimber camp guard 10

Common Kimber Camp Guard 10 Problems and Solutions

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Failure to feedInstall a new spring/magazine/send it to Kimber
Sharp TriggerUse a shooting glove / smoothen the corner
Failure to ejectReplace the recoil spring or magazine/contact Kimber
No firing pin safetyAlways be on your guard
The front sight is not in the middleInstall new sight

1. Failure to Feed:

Failure to feed, or FTF, is a regular issue with this gun. Many angry customers are ranting about this issue on the internet.

If online platforms are included, more than half of the participants had the same problem.

There is also a consistent trend in which most FTFs occur during the break-in time. Despite the fact that this is a common issue during the break-in period. If it persists, you must take action.

The Fix:

To begin, consider replacing the magazine since standard Kimber magazines are known to cause this issue.

The Wilson Elite Tactical Magazine is typically suggested as a replacement for the stock Kimber magazine.

If that fails, replace the recoil spring. It is a simple procedure to replace the recoil spring. Check out this YouTube video for a step-by-step guide on how to replace the recoil spring.

2. Sharp Trigger:

The trigger on this handgun is said to be very sharp. It is so sharp it can cut through thin skin after an extended period of use. It can even cut through a finger firing pad. But the trigger is not sharp enough to through rough skin.

This problem was probably caused by low-quality assurance who did not check the gun thoroughly. So, some pieces must have slipped out of production with very sharp triggers.

The Fix:

You have two options to fix this case.

  • You can take out the trigger and smoothen the sharp edges. This is a permanent fix as you won’t have to worry about this issue ever again.
  • Or, you can use a shooting glove.

The first fix is permanent but it will take time. On the other hand, some feel that using a shooting glove is a cumbersome chore. So, the best solution is to check the trigger condition before you make the purchase.

3. Failure to Eject:

This issue is like a plague among new guns. Don’t be concerned if your gun is still in the break-in stage when you encounter this issue.

If the case still does not eject after more than a thousand rounds, you should take action because there could be problems with internal parts.

The bullet casing should be allowed to escape the chamber after each firing. Failure to eject occurs when the casing becomes caught within. The problem might be with a gun’s internal parts, magazine, ammunition, or all of them.

The Fix:

This issue is most likely the result of an internal design flaw. But this issue is mostly caused by faulty magazines or recoil springs. So, changing one of those or both could solve your problem.

Some customers, however, claimed that altering the recoil spring cured their difficulties. You may try it before phoning Kimber.

4. No Firing Pin Safety:

A firing-pin safety is a part of a handgun that keeps the tip from extending through the barrel and striking the primers until you squeeze the trigger.

Essentially it makes sure that the bullet is not fired until the trigger has been properly pulled.

Having no firing pin safety means you will have to be always on your guard. It puts an extra bit of pressure on the user that most other guns don’t.

The Fix:

As the gun was designed to have fire pin safety there is nothing to do from the perspective of the customer. There is no way to install the pin in the internal parts as there is no scope and space inside.

So, you should follow the firing principle sincerely that you should keep your finger away from the trigger if you don’t intend to shoot.

5. Front Sight is Not in the Middle:

The front sight on in gun is not set in the middle in some pieces. The front sight is set up a bit rightward. It could turn out to be a serious problem if you are using this gun for personal defense.

If you don’t immediately solve this problem it could mess with your aiming skill. This is a problem if you intend to hunt or use it for recreational purposes.

The problem is not widespread, but there is some evidence of this on different platforms. So, beware before buying and check this piece thoroughly.

The Fix:

So, do a thorough check of the sights before you make the purchase. And if you notice the issue afterward, then there are two options. You can install a new sight that you like.

Although it will cost you extra it has a benefit. That being you can install your favorite sight. But, in the end, you will have to spend some extra bucks.

On the other hand, you can send it to Kimber to fix it.

User Feedback on Kimber Camp Guard 10

This pistol has several personalized embellishments in addition to superb fit and finish. The 10mm Auto is hardly a magic wand, but it is a cartridge that, despite its modest size, delivers superior terminal performance.

And, although the general consensus is divided for and against this gun. But then it tilts heavily toward the favor.

On a kimbertalk thread, some said there were no issues with the first 100 rounds as everything cycled perfectly. But the inner grip was uncomfortable. 

The grip bugged many users due to its unorthodox design. Many users found that they had to readjust their gripping pattern with this gun.

You are likely to face some problems but these problems can be sorted without extra effort. The overall performance of this gun is enough to make users happy. Check this YouTube video for more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are kimbers good 1911?

There are several superb 1911s available, and Kimber’s is one of the best.

Does Kimber make a 10 mm handgun?

Kimber’s Camp Guard 10 and Super Jagre handguns are among the greatest 10mm handguns Kimber had ever created.

What is the smallest gun Kimber makes?

Micro Advocate is the name of Kimber’s smallest pistol.

What ammo does Kimber recommend?

Kimber suggests utilizing premium American-made ammo such as Federal, Winchester, or Remington since their ammunition has consistently shown to be of good quality.

Is Kimber 1911 known for jamming?

Kimbers are renowned for regularly jamming during the break-in phase.

Does Kimber have a lifetime warranty?

Kimber weapons are assured against material and workmanship faults for one year from the date of original retail purchase as a new product.


The Kimber Camp Guard 10 is no exception to the rule that there is no such thing as a problem-free firearm. Its comfort, accuracy, and performance set it apart from the competitors.

The pistol smooths out and becomes buttery after the break-in period. The majority of your problems will manifest themselves at this time.

However, it’s not a gun for novices, so you’ll need to know how to wield it. You may easily resolve the Kimber camp guard 10 problems with the described solutions above. And once you’ve dealt with these problems, you’ll see why it’s regarded as one of the best.

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  1. Firing pin safety? Who wants a Series 80 1911? If the 1911 is good enough to go through two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and a host of other conflicts – Without a Firing Pin Safety – Somebody Needs to learn how to properly operate a 1911. I mean, with the hammer back and a round in the chamber, in “Condition 1”, with the manual safety on, the weapon Also Won’t fire without the Grip Safety being depressed.
    I carry my Kimber Camp Guard 10 in Condition 1, and a topped off magazine.

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