Kimber 84m Accuracy Problems You Should Know

The Kimber 84, inspired by the Mauser 98, has twin locking lugs and a full-length claw extractor that bites down on the cartridge case for dependable cycling in any situation.

But when it comes to accuracy you are most likely to face some problems. And, in this post, I’ll be offering the solutions.

As there is more than one way to skin a cat, you have multiple options to compensate for the accuracy. Like you could change the barrel, attach a stand, use different ammo, devise a shooting strategy, etc.

Let’s learn the details about the Kimber 84m accuracy problem and its solution.

Ways To Deal with Kimber 84m Accuracy Problems

Commmon Kimber 84m Accuracy Problems
Kimber 84m Accuracy

The Kimber 84M has problems with accuracy; even when tried with different factory ammo and the result was the same.

The problem is after 3-4 continuous shots, the barrel gets hot which affects the accuracy. Up until 4-5 rounds, its shots 0.835 and 0.842 MOA at 100 yards. Which is good enough for hunting in the wild. But the problem appears afterward.

From the 6th round and onward, the accuracy deteriorates. During the 6th to 8th rounds when shooting in a row, the shots were misplaced by 5 to 8 inches. It happens because of the narrow barrel Kimber installed on this rifle.

As the barrel gets hot it induces heat in the bullets. This induces heat and affects the trajectory of the bullet.

Also, as the barrel heats up, the point of contact for your gun changes, and even a fraction of an inch of movement in the barrel can be enough to throw your shot entirely off paper downrange.

With a hot barrel, the longer you shoot, the less accurate the bullet will be.

There are multiple ways to handle Kimber 84m accuracy problems. And, I’ll be explaining them now below:

1. Change the Barrel:

The barrel on this rifle is too narrow. This is why it gets too hot easily which affects the accuracy. So, changing to a wider barrel is a great option. Here is how you should do it:

  • Get an outside action wrench. On a quick note, if the wrench works on Remington it will work with 84m.
  • Simply split an aluminum bushing with matched internal and exterior diameters.
  • Drill a.257 holes in one side for the bolt the wrench uses, but keep it shallow because the action wall is thin.

Between 16 and 21 inches is the ideal barrel length for accuracy. Shorter barrels shake more violently, resulting in a more steady and precise rate of fire. So, pick the length that suits you.

2. Let the Barrel Cool:

The accuracy problem occurs because the barrel gets hot. If you don’t let the barrel get hot that solves your problem.

As I discussed previously, changing the barrel would be a great solution. But there are other ones too.

When shooting from a cold barrel you will get decent accuracy for 4-5 shots. So, depending on what you are hunting you might have time to let the barrel get cooled.

Letting the barrel cool would keep your accuracy level within working range. Because the accuracy problem in this rifle is solely caused by its narrow barrel.

For example, when hunting deer or similar animals 3-4 accurate shots would be enough.

Although when hunting birds, you will need to shoot as many as possible as quickly as possible. So, this rifle would not be a good choice for that kind of scenario.

3. Adjust the Trigger:

Rifle triggers are designed to be pressed gently. Because accurate and exact shot placement on an animal is critical, you should not speed the shot procedure and squeeze the trigger just to make the gun go off.

As a result, your bullet will strike in a different location.

Hard trigger often causes a decline in accuracy. Because if the trigger is too hard, it shakes the rifle a little just before the bullet is fired.

So, do not use hard triggers, especially when going on hunting. Make the trigger soft enough so that you can comfortably shoot with minimal disturbance.

4. Use Attachments:

Another way to improve accuracy is to use rifle attachments. Two attachments in this case will be most beneficial. These are.

  • Bipod: Using a bipod is give you maximum accuracy on all kinds of terrain. Installing a bipod will help to compensate for the accuracy loss caused by the barrel.
  • Scope: A scope will increase the range as well as accommodate. You will have an easier time compensating for the accuracy deterioration once you have installed a scope. There are different types of scope for this rifle. Here is a thread where 84m owners discussed different scopes.

5. Take it to the Gunsmith:

If all else fails, you should take it to tour local gunsmith so that he could take a look. Experienced gunsmiths know quite a few tricks to improve accuracy. Here is what they might do.

  • Install aftermarket trigger: No matter how good your position, sight image, and skill are, practical shots from field locations will always be hampered by a faulty trigger. There are some good aftermarket triggers are available for this rifle. The price ranges from roughly $125 to $250.
  • Upgrade the stock: They would install a type with a somewhat vertical grip for more comfortable, stable improvised field postures. Also, look for a model with a lightweight adjustable cheek rest. Finally, it will ensure that the fore-end is strong enough to support your barrel profile.
  • Smoothen the barrel: Inserting a robust, one-piece rod with an aggressively threaded end and pouring a molten lead plug over the threads is a classic way of smoothing out a bore out.

Applying a few of those could make your rifle more accurate. Also, don’t forget to mention the cause of the problem is the hot barrel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Kimber rifles accurate?

The accuracy of Kimber rifles is exceptional. The craftsmanship and other custom features of these extremely unique rifles exhibit the high caliber and accuracy you have come to expect from Kimber.

What is the difference between Kimber 84M and 84L?

These rifles balance between the hands like a high-quality shotgun. The 84L (Long) actions are significantly longer and have the same minimum diameter as the 84M to accommodate stronger hunting cartridges, such as the. 270 Winchester.

What action is a Kimber 84M?

The Mauser claw extractor’s advantages for truly controlled round feeding and extraction are combined with the advantages of traditional design, hand finishing, and ultra-lightweight production rifles for the first time.

What action does Kimber use?

For the many grades and models of rifles that Kimber produces, it offers four different actions: 84L, the. 30-’06 Sprg. family; 84M, effectively the. 308 Win. family but long enough to also accommodate 7×57 mm-based cartridges.

What is the lightest Kimber rifle?

The newest Model 84L from Kimber® is the smallest, lightest sporter ever made in a standard caliber. Even with a full-length match-grade barrel that squeezes every last bit of velocity out of America’s favorite cartridges, this real hunter’s rifle weighs just 6 pounds, 2 ounces.

Where is the Kimber 84M made?

The Kimber rifles such as 84M are made in Kimber’s new facility in Ridgefield, New Jersey.


As the Kimber 84m accuracy problem is caused by the narrow barrel getting hot, there are solutions to counter this problem. This would not be the gun for you if you are taking it to target shooting or somewhere you will need to make continuous shots.

But, for hunting where you could bring down the target within 3-4 shots this rifle will be magic.

If you carefully devise your hunting strategy and act accordingly, you might not have to face much of an accuracy problem. Or, you could try my solutions to turn the odds in your favor.

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