Remington 7400 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Remington 7400 is the ideal fusion of the semi-auto with the visual appeal of a hunting rifle. Such a nice rifle, yet unheard of and unappreciated. Its best caliber for accuracy is a 308mm.

The gun is well appreciated but still comes with a lot of problems!

The most common problems with the Remington 7400 are jamming issues, accuracy issues, failure to extract, and magazine problems.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington 7400:

  • Action: Semi-automatic
  • Caliber: .30-06 Sprg.
  • Product weight: 120 ounces
  • Product length: 42 inches
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Finish: Black Matte Non-Reflective Finish
  • Barrel length: 18-22 inches                 
Remington 7400 problems
Remington 7400

Common Remington 7400 Problems and Solutions

Jamming IssueWelding. The issue is a design flaw.
Accuracy IssueTroubleshoot sights and ammo.
Failure to ExtractTroubleshoot the extractor.
Magazine ProblemsTroubleshoot feed lip or replace magazine with the older model.

1. The Jam-o-Matic

The inertia block and the tension of the recoil spring are the sources of this issue. For example, the fired cartridge extracts very quickly. So much, so that the spent cartridge won’t have finished burning before the bullet exits the barrel.

As a result, the chamber is left with unburned powder, flakes, and flash residue. Therefore, the extractor will pull off a portion of the brass rim, leaving a stuck round in the chamber and causing the subsequent round to attach to the chamber walls.

The Fix

There’s a good reason why they’re known as the “Jam O Matics.” It’s a Remington design issue that has existed for a while.

There isn’t a factory fix for this, but LeeRoy Wisner’s Remington Warranty Service Station came up with a fix. There needs to be some welding.

Although Leeroy has retired, the repair is still possible since he trained a few smiths on how to do it.

2. Accuracy Issue

The best you could shoot is 6″ at 100 yards when there is a lack of maintenance. The gun is not very accurate.

The Fix

There are too many weak points in this rifle to name, most of them being the barrel and lack of maintenance.

The Remington 7400 guns love eating various types of factory ammunition, with reloads naturally being the best. Try the fantastic deer bullets from Rem 180gr Soft Point round nose.

Those bullets can handle a 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ group, which is sufficient for deer hunting. With the proper ammunition, all different ammo is capable of 2 MOA or higher. This is more than sufficient for deer out to 200 yards (and much further).

They won’t win any accuracy competitions by a long shot, but they’ll be fantastic for splitting up SC whitetail herds.

Additionally, these guns are very accurate with iron sights. But you couldn’t get a scope to hold its Zero.

3. Failure to Extract

The gun fails to extract brass properly when firing. If you cycle it manually, it works around 70% of the time. But when you fire it, the brass stays in the chamber.

The Fix

Change out the extractor. The Numrich one might work well.

Replacing the extractor yourself can be tricky. First, try unscrewing the bolts holding the extractor together.

If you can’t get it to unscrew, try heating the screw head with the tip of a soldering iron until it starts to smoke.

The Lock-Tight will be released as a result. If you spot any indication of silver solder, change the bolt.

4. Magazine Problem

The Remington 7400 operates fine with other magazines (mag labeled exclusively 30-06).

However, with any Remington-branded multi-caliber magazines, it FTFs nearly every round. The process of removing the round from the mag becomes stuck.

The Fix

It appears to be a feed lip problem. In older magazines, there is no issue of this problem.

The old magazines are available at Numrich.

Otherwise, to make the new magazine work better in older rifles, all that needs to be done is a simple change to the feed lips.

User Feedback on Remington 7400

Many people despise these firearms, and I’m sure some of them have good reasons. However, many hunters who used the 7400 never experienced serious problems.

In terms of accuracy, on a good day, 1 and 1/2 inches off the bench is typical. It performs better in terms of accuracy than, say, a Browning Safari 30-06 BAR.

The gun has sufficient but not exceptional accuracy. The firearm has a cheap appearance and feel. The 742 had a considerably better finish than the subsequent 7400s.

It is extremely difficult to clean/clear jams since you have to dump the magazine. Because the action doesn’t have a bolt hold open.

Also, it is quite difficult to maintain cleanliness because the bolt cannot be easily removed for cleaning. It can be very annoying when the action cannot feed non-spitzers, such as HPs like Barnes.

The lack of chrome chambers in the guns’ barrels during initial production is one of the greatest issues. As a result, getting chambers wet would cause them to corrode (especially wet with a loaded round).

Cases would stick as a result of developing rust and pitting. Despite this, you would, however, adore it as a piggy pistol.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 7400

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington 7400 .380 semi-automatic revolver. 

Remington 742

The 742 is a fantastic hunting rifle that performs admirably out to 250 yards. Although struggling a little over 400 yards.

It is an excellent deer gun with good grouping and high dependability. Additionally, it generates fewer problems than the 7400.

Remington 750

The 750 was advertised as the greatest Remington automatic rifle ever made. However, except for a slightly enhanced gas system with each model modification, there aren’t any significant differences between the 750, 7400, or 742.

With factory Remington 150gr PSPCL, accuracy at 100 yards is 2 1/2″.

Winchester 100

They are quite accurate with the right ammunition. However, they do need small base dies.

Additional magazines are available, but they are pricey. Moreover, Remington is a little more dependable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Remington 7400 still produced?

This rifle is still being produced. Remington model 750 changed a little to make it more reliable.

How is the gas port on a Remington 750 different from 7400?

The Model 750’s gas port is located farther to the rear and is drilled at a 45° angle as opposed to the earlier models’ 90° angle.

Are newer Remington 7400 scopes better?

The 7400’s newer, taller, and straighter combs are more suited for use with a scope.

Which factory ammo fails a lot on Remington 7400?

Mostly the 180gr Remington Core-Lokt 30-06.

How accurate is a Remington 7400?

One example is that 5 shots at 100 yards would do less than 1 inch of damage can be fired.


To have the 7400 in 270? Oh dear, that sure is beautiful!

It gets the best it can out of 300 yards if you keep it clean and oiled. According to many users and gun enthusiasts, the 7400 was the best Remington semi-rifle ever built!

However, some users still have many complaints about it. So what I think is that the Remington 7400 is a hit or miss. I would suggest you buy at your own discretion.

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