4 Ruger Mini 30 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Ruger Mini 30 has been a great rifle option since its release in the 1980s. However, there are several Ruger Mini 30 issues that you should be aware of before making rash selections.

The most common Ruger Mini 30 complaints are about magazine difficulties, reassembly troubles, and feeding concerns.

This article will explain the probable causes and solutions to these problems. So, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Ruger Mini 30:

TypeHammer-fired semi-automatic
Magazine Capacity5 to 20 rounds
Overall Length37.5″
Barrel Length18.5″
Rear SightsAdjustable rear
Front SightFixed front
StockWood or synthetic
FinishStainless steel or alloy steel
Weight7 lb.
Trigger Pull4.5 lb.
Common Ruger Mini 30 Problems and Solutions
Ruger Mini 30 Problems

Common Ruger Mini 30 Problems and Solutions

Reassembly ProblemReplacing new magazines, reassembling the stock, trigger group, and bolt, and reconnecting the trigger group to the action.
Feeding IssuesMake sure you polish the front lip of both 10-round magazines and switch out the factory synthetic stock.
Issues with MagazinesReplace the old magazines with the new Ruger magazines.
Ammo IssueFix the firing pin.

1. Reassembly Problem

One of the most common Ruger Mini 30 issues is that the rifle is difficult to disassemble.

The trigger group may become difficult to reinstall in the rifle. As a result, you may struggle to line it up with the rifle.

The Fix

Before attempting more advanced procedures, you must first try simpler fixes such as changing the magazine, which may not be of good quality.

Ensure that the hammer is not stuck. You can also try removing the action from the stock, trigger group, or bolt. Assemble everything, except the stock, and connect the trigger group to the action.

Following such a method may let you see what’s hanging up, or at the very least make it simpler to detect without the stock covering it up. 

You can also watching video learn how to remove and install a Ruger Mini 30 bolt assembly easily in less than 2 minutes.

2. Feeding Issue

The feeding problems occur if the bolt removes a cartridge from the left side of the magazine and the bullet tip becomes jammed in the chamber.

Possible Reasons

The magazine has a feed ramp on the front lip, which may be causing the feeding issues. Furthermore, if you do not change the stock regularly, feeding problems will arise on occasion.

The front heat shield can also be an issue. If the heat shield makes contact with the operating rod, the rod may not complete the full stroke required to eject spent brass and strip the next cartridge from the magazine.

The Fix

In any case, if magazine issues are your first thought, make sure you polish the front lip of both 10-round magazines to avoid them from gouging into the cartridge or bullet.

Additionally, the space inside the cartridge is more than the space inside the round. Therefore, tap the back side of any magazine you intend to load to ensure that all rounds are loaded to the back.

Furthermore, switch out the factory synthetic stock that you may have not changed for a long period.

It is worth mentioning that if the stock applies more intense force to one side of the magazine than the other, this could be the source of the left side problem. As a result, feeding issues will easily occur.

3. Magazine Issues

Your Ruger Mini 30 may fire a round without issue; however, the magazine may become partially loose during recoil and will not feed a second bullet.

Even if you relock the magazine and fire another round, the magazine may fall loose again.

Possible Reasons


The principal reason for such a problem is the magazine itself, which is of poor quality.

Due to debris or dirt getting lodged in the mechanism, magazine releases might be difficult to operate.

The Fix

First of all, if you’re experiencing trouble with a magazine, take the spring out and chuck it away. Life is too short to waste time using lousy magazines. If the magazine fails you at the wrong time, your life may be cut short.

Replace the old magazines with the new Ruger magazines, 5 rounds for hunting and 20 rounds for everything else. The Ruger 10-round is a relatively new invention.

It is worth noting that the 10-round has a spring that is too short or too weak and will not lock back the bolt when empty.

However, the remedy is to buy some springs for a 20-round magazine, either Mini springs or AR springs. Do not forget to trim them down to be a few coils longer than the springs that may have come with the 10-rounder’.

Moreover, cleaning the magazine release using a toothbrush or other tiny brush is an option to get rid of the magazine release issue.

If this method does not fix the problem, you may need to completely replace the magazine release.

4. Issue with Ammo

If you’re having trouble cycling the 7.62×39 steel case rounds, it’s probably due to the ammo in your gun.

The Berdan primers in the steel case ammo appear to be the source of the problem.

Possible Reasons

The bolt face may be crowned around the firing pin, which may cause ammo difficulties. Possibly, it came that way from the factory, and it is worth verifying.

Additionally, many individuals have filed on the curve just below the point of the firing pin to cause it to expand somewhat more through the bolt face.

The Fix

If you are having such issues, do not forget to fix the firing pin.

However, you can also visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5JJ8IFN6V8 to watch how you can easily fix the firing pin to get rid of the ammo issue.

User Feedback on Ruger Mini 30

The Ruger Mini 30 user reviews appear to be rather variable, with the majority leaning toward the negative.

Following some target practice, several users discovered reliability concerns and they had to do some work to get it operating.

The most common issue is that the gun is not extremely tough or durable. Under heavy use, there have been complaints of the stock cracking and the action breaking.

Moreover, the 7.62×39 isn’t known for being a showy cartridge. As is, there isn’t much muzzle flash. However, in the first ten rounds, you can shoot while running the camera to capture an action shot.

However, the Mini-30 is still a popular short-range deer rifle in various regions. It has a smaller frame and all the stopping power you could want for hunting, sport shooting, or home protection.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger Mini 30

I have discovered the three finest Ruger Mini 30 alternatives by evaluating specs, features, practicality, and performance.

Ruger Mini 14

Ruger Mini-14 is a well-known and widely used rifle among sport shooters, hunters, law enforcement, and the military. While the Mini 30 is chambered in.308 Winchester, the Mini-14 is chambered in.223 Remington.


The global popularity of AK-47 variants can be attributed to their dependability in severe situations, and low manufacturing cost.


M1A is incredibly accurate, has quick follow-up shots, is extremely reliable, and accepts optics relatively simply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Ruger Mini 30 cost?

A Ruger mini 30 rifle is currently valued at $959.49 new and $932.58 used.

What kind of ammunition does a Mini-30 use?

.223 Remington is mostly used, however, other calibers, such as.308 Winchester or.22 Long Rifle, can also be utilized.

What magazines does a Ruger Mini 30 use?

Mini 30 mostly takes The Ruger Mini 14 magazines, AR-15 magazines, etc.

When did the Ruger Mini 30 come out?



I have discussed Ruger Mini 30 problems, their causes, and solutions as fully as can. However, the offered solutions may not be enough for the problems you are experiencing.

In such scenarios, talking with a gunsmith or mailing the revolver to Ruger is the best option.

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