Taurus PT1911 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus PT1911 is an effort by Brazilian company Taurus International to replicate the iconic M1911. The PT1911 was released in 2005 and includes a lot of features that are unusual at this price point.

You could run into a few problems if you use this pistol, though. Some of the most frequent Taurus PT1911 problems are failure to feed, dissatisfaction with the accuracy, ejection failure, safety problems, and heavy trigger.

In this article, I’ll go through each of these problems and offer solutions. Continue reading to find out more about the most common concerns and the Taurus PT1911 troubleshooting steps.

Features & Specifications of Taurus PT1911 Gun:

Taurus PT1911 Specs
Cartridge0.45 ACP
Capacity8+1 Rounds
Barrel Length5.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)38.0 Ounces or 1077.28 Grams
Length8.5 Inches
Width1.5 Inches
Height5.45 Inches
SafetyGrip Safety, Safety Lock Keys, Manual Safety, Firing Pin Drop Safety, Extended Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
SightsFront – Novak Drift Adjustable Rear – Novak Drift Adjustable
Common Taurus pt 1911 Problems
Taurus pt 1911

Common Taurus PT1911 Problems and Solutions

Let’s explore the aforementioned challenges in more detail now. You may get your Taurus PT1911 problems fixed with the help of these techniques.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus PT1911Solutions
Failure to FeedFind the proper ammunition for your gun.
Unsatisfactory AccuracyReduce the trigger weight by modification
Ejection FailureUse the appropriate lubrication for the gun and thoroughly clean it.
Safety IssuesSend it back to Taurus or take it to your local gunsmith.
Heavy TriggerRegularly check the gun’s settings and clean it.

1. Failure to Feed:

A significant issue while shooting the Taurus PT1911 is the failure to feed. According to the users, failure to feed is the typical issue for the PT1911s in general.

The most frequent cause of this problem is using incorrect ammunition. When practicing, the user uses cheaper magazines that interfere with the pistol, and they have feeding issues.

The Fix:

A good starting point would be to thoroughly clean the chamber using a stiff brush and the appropriate solvent.

Try to find the right ammunition for your pistol. If you lack sufficient experience, ask a professional for assistance.

You may also try shooting at hollow points; this can temporarily fix the problem.

2. Unsatisfactory Accuracy:

There are several reported accuracy problems with the Taurus PT1911. If the gun is not handling the ammunition well, an accuracy problem may occur.

This accuracy issue is mainly problematic for new users. The trigger’s hefty weight can contribute to the accuracy problem. For beginners, handling a trigger that weighs 10.4 pounds might be very challenging.

The Fix:

By lowering the trigger weight, the issue can be reduced. Additionally, the accuracy of the handgun may be improved by modification.

The inadequate accuracy of the pistol problem might be decreased if the shooter can manage the gun properly.

Before you even think of changing anything, run at least 400 rounds through it. Allow the components to meld together over time. The accuracy of the gun will increase as you fire more bullets.

3. Ejection Failure:

This model occasionally experiences ejection issues. There are several reasons why the problem could emerge.

This issue can be brought on by a terrible round. Possible causes include a lack of lubrication or inconsistent cleaning.

The Fix:

First, thoroughly clean the Taurus PT1911. It is preferable to clean it using a microscopic brush since it cleans effectively. Regular cleaning of the weapon is necessary to prevent these occurrences. For smooth operation, suitable lubrication should be utilized.

Once you’ve moved the slide fifty times back and forth while applying oils to the rails, pause. Now, wipe the pistol down and repeat the cleaning process.

You may watch this video for a proper instruction guide.

4. Safety Issues:

PT1911’s safety has been questioned by multiple users. Pulling the trigger while shooting occasionally caused the thumb safety to start to drop.

The grip safety is operational, however as soon as the trigger is pulled and a firing grip is engaged, the thumb safety will detach and the hammer will drop.

The safety lock screw is to blame on occasion. Sometimes, the safety lock screw is only partly rotated to the locked position. It is partially able to be engaged.

The Fix:

As it is quite challenging to resolve this issue on your own. You should essentially take it to your local gunsmith. They will assist you in replacing it or fixing it.

It will be preferable if you send the pistol back to Taurus for it to be fixed.

5. Heavy Trigger:

The trigger first feels very hefty. After the magazine connection has been removed, it pulls at around 9 pounds. it is somewhat heavier than other comparable guns.

Some users face minor discomfort with the trigger. Due to this problem, the guns’ flexibility decreased. Lack of recoil can make this problem worse.

The Fix:

A thorough cleaning will assist you to lessen this problem. Inspect the trigger bow region for any greasy packing residue on the trigger bow itself or in the passages it passes through.

Additionally, once the mainspring and sear spring has had some time to operate, the trigger pull should be reduced to about the 6-pound range.

Don’t neglect to check your trigger’s settings for any over or under travel you may have. It doesn’t truly alter the pull weight.

However, it could reduce the amount of trigger pull required to activate the sear and cause the hammer to fall.

User Feedback on Taurus PT1911

The Taurus PT1911 has consistently been preferred by consumers. However, the pistol has gathered both good and negative comments online.

One member posted a thorough discussion highlighting its favorable aspects on this thread on the Christian Gun Owner forum. Professional shooters may find them to be a good concealed carry option.

The pistol is frequently compared to the 1911 Rock Island Armory. Even though they are rival brands, you may observe supporters of each one. The PT1911 would be a great choice if you have a budget issue.

You may further your understanding of the Taurus PT1911’s inability to fire by reading this post on the 1911 Forum.

In case of any technical difficulties, several people also advise shipping the pistol to Taurus. Despite Taurus’ bad reputation for slow servicing, many clients are happy with the repaired item when they receive it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Taurus PT1911 cost?

Currently, a Taurus 1911 handgun costs an average of $474.18 for used and $531.24 for new.

What is the feed system of the Taurus PT1911?

7, 8, or 10 (+1 chambered).

Is the Taurus PT1911 still in production?

Yes, the pistol is still being produced at a rate that is not far from its initial manufacturing price.

Is it possible to swap out PT1911 9mm magazines?


What is the action type of the Taurus PT1911?

Single-action only.


In this article, I’ve covered the most typical Taurus PT1911 problems. Knowing about these problems will tremendously assist you in maintaining the pistol properly if you want to purchase it.

If any of these problems have been bothering you, use my advice to find the best solution. To avoid the majority of the problems, be sure to clean your pistol frequently.

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