3 Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems You Should Know

There are a few variations of the 856 revolvers. Among those, the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite is quite popular. However, I’ve found some problems that you may face using this gun.

Among lots of issues, the most common ones are regarding its trigger and cylinder. Both of them malfunction for various reasons.

Besides the new customers, those who already own an 856 can benefit from this article by applying the solutions. Let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Taurus 856 Ultra Lite

Barrel Length2”
Magazine Capacity6 rounds
Overall Length6.55”
Twist Rate1:16.5”
Rear SightFixed
Front SightSerrated Ramp
SafetyTransfer Bar
Dimensions 4.8” H; 1.41”
Weight16.00 ounces (Unloaded)
Trigger Pull9.3 lbs. (Double Action)

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Trigger ProblemClean any access oil or grease after taking the gun out of the box.
Cylinder Not StoppingSend it to Taurus for a permanent fix.
Cylinder Not SpinningClean and lube the gun.
Common Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems
Taurus 856 Ultra Lite

Common Taurus 856 Ultra Lite Problems and Solutions

Let me elaborate on the points that are shown in the tables above. The detailed solutions will help you operate the gun smoothly.

1. Trigger Problem

Among all, having trigger issues is the most common in Taurus 856 Ultra Lite.

The double-action trigger pulling weight is more than it should be. That is why users don’t feel comfortable shooting the revolver.

If you are facing this problem, you will notice that the hammer is not operating as smoothly as it should be.

Upon inspecting the gun, one local gunsmith asked for $150 to change the spring that is possibly causing the issue.

The repair cost varies based on where you live. But it is not practical to spend almost half of what the gun costs.

The Fix

In this particular case, the gun had a huge amount of oil inside the cylinder. The manufacturer does it intentionally to prevent rust.

All you have to do is clean the gun taking it out of the box thoroughly.

Still, some units have genuine trigger problems due to faulty internal components.

If your gun is still under warranty, the best thing will be to send it to Taurus for the fix.

2. Cylinder Spinning Freely

I pray that you don’t have to face this problem. But let me draw a clear picture of the nature of this issue problem so that you can handle it smartly.  

After buying a brand new 856 Ultra Lite, try dry-firing the gun in double action. Then, switch back to single action mode.

Suddenly, the cylinder will spin freely as if there were no stop if the unit is faulty.

Inspecting the parts, you may notice that the cylinder stop on the frame is not in the up position.

The Fix

Before sending the malfunctioning gun to Taurus, you may try some DIY fixe. But do it at your own risk.

  • Stick an eyeglass screwdriver into the frame tube. The exact location is in the joint where the plunger and spring fit.
  • After that, lightly press the cylinder stop to back it up out of the frame.
  • Finally, reassemble the gun and try dry firing.

It should do the trick.

But those who are not lucky will face the same problem after switching it back to the single-action mode.

Even after trying the solution several times, if you do not see any improvements, it is better to seek the help of the Taurus customer care team.

This problem is not very common. Only a handful of 856 users complained about this particular incident.

The frustrating bit of the whole matter is that getting Taurus parts is very tough making the repairing cost higher and the waiting period longer.

3. Cylinder Locked Up

The previous one and this one is about Cylinder issues of Taurus 856 Ultra Lite. The nature of these two points is exactly the opposite.

In this case, the cylinder gets locked up. It may be a cleaning issue.

The Fix

One moderator replied to the user that he should clean the lubricate properly.

Surprisingly, it solved the issue. However, you may not get as lucky as this guy.

If your problem persists, you will have to put it under warranty and let Taurus solve the problem.

User Feedback on Taurus 856 Ultra Lite

Despite the customer service and parts unavailability, the overall feedback on 856 Ultra Lite is positive.

It is a very compact and lightweight revolver holding 6 rounds. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy it.

Taurus had a reputation for poor quality control. But the situation has been improving.

However, I have to admit that the built-in sights of this gun are not very good.

It would be better if you replace them with better third-party sights.

You should keep in mind that it has all the disadvantages of a lightweight revolver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Taurus 856 good for concealed carry?


Is the Taurus 856 UL a plus P?

Yes, it is rated for +P bullets.

Is the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite a good gun?

Yes, it is lightweight and perfect for those who are looking for a compact revolver with a 6-round capacity.

Is Taurus 856 Ultra Lite legal in California?

No; you can know more about it by clicking on this link.

How much does Taurus 856 Ultra Lite cost?

About $380; check the official price.


Do think that the Taurus 856 Ultra Lite problems make it not worth investing in?

I don’t think so because it is a handy revolver that doesn’t make you break the bank.

Keeping the minor issues aside, you will find it a good overall package. This user feedback backs what I am saying here.

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