5 Taurus TH9 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus TH9 is a 9mm caliber handgun. There are 12 models of TH9 guns available while 6 of them are compact versions. These are guns known for their hammer-fire feature.

But there are some common Taurus TH9 problems that you should know about.

Extractor detaching, jammed safety lock, slide jamming, broken firing pin, and bullet case not ejecting are some of the most common Taurus TH9 issues.

I’ll explain these problems in this article, along with the finest Taurus TH9 troubleshooting techniques. Let’s now examine the specifications before moving on to the issues.

Features & Specifications of Taurus TH9 Gun:

Taurus TH9 Specs
Cartridge9 MM Luger
Capacity17 Rounds
Barrel Length4.27 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)28.20 Ounces or 799.45 Grams
Length7.72 Inches
Width1.30 Inches
Height5.98 Inches
SafetyAmbidextrous Safety, Loaded Chamber Indicator, Manual Safety, Firing Pin Block
SightsFront – Novak Drift Adjustable Rear – Novak Drift Adjustable
common taurus TH9 problems
common taurus TH9

Common Taurus TH9 Problems and Solutions

Examine the table below to discover the methods for solving the problems. To solve your Taurus TH9 problems, follow the detailed instructions.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus TH9Solutions
Extractor DetachingReassemble or replace the broken/missing pieces.
Jammed Safety LockRemove the field and release the lock.
Slide JammingPush the mentioned part downwards.
Broken Firing PinReplace the firing pin as instructed.
Bullet Case Not EjectingClean the gun and avoid limp wristing.

1. Extractor Detaching:

The extractor of the Taurus TH9 might come off while shooting. A broken or damaged extractor frame spring may be to blame for this. As a result, the extractor and indicator may blow out of alignment.

Loose Parts
Fig 1 – Loose Parts

The indicator and the extracted case might both be lost. These may also strike and harm you or other people. Due to their tiny size, the springs might go missing. (Fig 1).

The Fix:

You can reassemble the pieces if you can locate all of them and nothing is damaged. However, if any components are broken, they must be fixed or replaced.

If you can find a replacement, you can change the parts with ease. However, they might be hard to come by. Therefore, it is preferable to return the firearm to Taurus for repair.

2. Jammed Safety Lock:

While this problem might not occur often with the Taurus TH9. When the safety lock is not fully engaged before being released, it may become stuck.

You might be in a dangerous position if this problem occurs with your gun.

The Fix:

You shouldn’t use pressure to disengage the safety lock if it unexpectedly jams on your Taurus TH9.

You should try to cock the hammer while it is still downward first. Then, try to unlock the safety lock.

If this procedure fails, take the pistol apart using the manual. You can also watch this YouTube video for visual guidance. You can release the safety if you can remove the pistol field.

3. Slide Jamming:

Sometimes, while putting the slide back onto the Taurus TH9, it might jam. You can face this issue after taking off the slide and trying to put it back on again.

This usually occurs when you disassemble your gun for fixing something or cleaning the gun itself.

The Fix:

First of all, take the slide off if it is getting locked up while placed in position.

Movable Plastic Piece
Fig 2 – Movable Plastic Piece

Now, you can see a small piece of plastic on the back side of the gun. Push the plastic piece down using your finger or a screwdriver as shown in the picture (Fig 2).

You can easily put the slide back on after positioning the piece correctly.

4. Broken Firing Pin:

The firing pin of the Taurus TH9 can break after shooting more than a thousand rounds. As a result, the firing pin can’t strike the primer of the round.

You may find that your gun is making a clicking noise every time you are pulling the trigger. This indicated a broken firing pin.

The Fix:

You have to install a new firing pin on the Taurus TH9. Since it is difficult to find the part online, you can contact Taurus.

First of all, take off the slide by pushing the button on top of the trigger. Now, take out the spring and the barrel.

Placing Paper Underneath the Rod
Fig 3 – Placing Paper Underneath the Rod

After that, place a small piece of paper and push the firing pin with a punch (Fig 3).

Using a Hammer
Fig 4 – Using a Hammer

Use a hammer on the punch to apply pressure and get the firing pin out of the position (Fig 4). Now, to install a new one, insert the spring and the safety first and push them down. Then, insert the firing pin using a punch.

5. Bullet Case Not Ejecting:

When you fire a round, the case may not eject from the port.

Fig 5 – Stovepiping

As a result, the case may be caught on top of the slide (Fig 5). This may happen with dirty Taurus TH9 guns.

The Fix:

To get rid of the stuck casing, knock the magazine from the bottom. Now, rack the slide backward.

You might need to clean the gun properly to prevent this issue from happening. Also, avoid limp wristing and hold the gun firmly while shooting.

User Feedback on Taurus TH9

The Taurus TH9 is a great handgun for self-defense. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with shooting the gun while some said otherwise.

In this post from the AR 15 forum, people commented on their experience with the gun. One user said that he had no issues with assembly, jamming, or feeding. But he had to readjust the sights a little bit.

But on the Taurus Armed forums, a customer has said that his new TH9 had a magazine release issue and he had one feeding failure only. There have been other comments on various pros and cons of the gun too.

Overall, the Taurus TH9 is a great gun if you manage to maintain it properly. On this big post on the Gun Site forum, some people have bashed on Taurus while some suggested trying the gun out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the Taurus TH9 and Taurus THC 9?

The Taurus THC 9 is the compact version of the Taurus TH9.

What is the size of the frame in the Taurus TH9?

Full-sized frame.

What are the differences between the 6 Taurus TH9 models?

The frame finish is different having a gray, cyan, OD green, brown, tan, or black finish.

Can you install laser sight with the Taurus TH9?


How much does the Taurus TH9 cost?

The official cost is $376.95 or $381.67 depending on the finish.

What is the twist rate of the Taurus TH9?

1:10 – in RH twist.

Which materials are used to build the Taurus TH9?

Frame material – polymer, slide material – alloy steel, barrel material – stainless steel.


Every gun will have some complications whether minor or major. You may also experience some common problems with the Taurus TH9.

I have included some of these issues in this article. Follow my instructions to get your Taurus TH9 problems fixed. Be sure to maintain your gun regularly to prevent these problems.

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