5 Most Common Walther P22 Problems You Need to Know

With the Walther P22, Walther introduced the first polymer frame semi-auto rimfire pistol to the industry. This gun is designed with timeless style to offer incredible reliability and affordability.

Consumers have also reported encountering several common issues while using this pistol model, such as feeding failure, cycling problems, magazine issues, Failure to Eject (FTE) problems, or the pistol tends to lock up & the hammer gets stuck.

Features & Specifications of Walther P22:

Caliber0.22 lr
Barrel Length3.42″
Trigger Pull11 LBS
Trigger Travel     0.04/.2″
Capacity10 RDS
Overall Length X Height X Width 6.5″ X 4.5″ X 1.1″
Walther P22 Problems
Walther P22

5 Common Walther P22 Problems and Solutions:

Feeding failureBreak into your gun to inspect thoroughly. Tighten the barrel nut accordingly and change the ammo if needed.
Cycling problemReplace the recoil spring or change the ammo. Clean & re-lube your gun thoroughly.
Magazine IssueDissemble the gun, figure out the problem and repair or replace the faulty part.
Failure to Eject (FTE) problemClean the chamber. Change ammo or replace the cases, if required
The pistol tends to lock up & the hammer gets stuckFollow the mentioned 4 steps to fix it

Walther P22 Feeding Failure:

Occasionally Walther P22 users notice that the gun won’t feed properly.

One Walther P22 user specifically mentioned that he experiences this problem mostly in the second round (sometimes in the 3rd round), where he could confirm that the brass ejects fine, but nothing feeds into his gun’s chamber.

This problem can occur because of loose barrel nuts. Sometimes it happens with a particular ammo.

The Fix:

First, inspect the barrel nut to confirm whether it is loose or tight enough. If the barrel nut has come loose from its position, you might experience such feeding troubles.

If barrel nut is not the main problem in your case, try different ammo like CCI mini mag, CCI Blazers, or CCI Standard.

Walther P22 Cycling Problem:

Several Walther P22 users have reported experiencing cycling issues.

Based on their experience, the slide won’t move forward when they try to put everything back together after taking apart the gun to clean it and flip down the release.

Even the release seemed tight, and they had to try multiple times to make it work again.

Unfortunately, this reassembling problem commonly arises with new users. It happens when you don’t use the supplied pin to reassemble this tool and damage the recoil spring.

The cycling failure might also occur due to weak ammo.

The Fix:

First, inspect it thoroughly, and if the recoil spring is the problem, there are two options to fix it.

You can either replace the recoil spring or skip installing the guide bar & the recoil spring while reassembling the gun.

If your problem still remains the same, immediately contact the nearest dealer or workshop.

If the recoil spring is not the culprit and you are still facing cycling problems, clean the gun thoroughly first.

Then, re-lube once again before putting everything back together (follow the guideline for reassembling provided in your operation manual).

Walther P22 Magazine Issue:

Walther P22 users might sometimes discover magazine problems with their newly brought gun.

They might notice that the magazine is not inserted properly as it is supposed to, and the magazine’s safety might get in the way. As a result, the magazine won’t fully seat.

It might happen if the gun slide has been fired too much, or the barrel nut came loose.

It might also arise due to any issue in the threaded barrel, front blade, hammer, or trigger bar ears and you can only confirm the core problem by taking the whole gun apart.

The Fix:

Mainly you need to disassemble the gun and then check for the faulty part repair or replace the part before putting everything back again.

Walther P22 Failure to Eject (FTE) Problem:

The Walther P22 users might also encounter a Failure to Eject issue, where they might notice that fifty percent of rounds wouldn’t eject with Winchester ammo and 10 to 20% of rounds wouldn’t eject with CCI Mini mag. knock-off from range.

While inspecting further, they might also notice that the Spent casing is stuck in place.

Mostly, this can happen either when your gun requires a good cleaning, or because of the ammo. You might need to check the cases for any signs of scratches.

The Fix:

To fix the stuck cases, scrub the chamber with a brass or wire brush to clean it thoroughly.

Inspect the cases, and if you see scratches, you can replace them.

Check the ammo and change it if required.

If none of the above-mentioned tips help, immediately contact your dealer for professional assistance.

Walther P22 Tends to Lock Up & The Hammer Gets Stuck:

Users might witness a situation where the gun locks up in-between uses, and the hammer also gets stuck in the cocked position.

They will also notice that they cannot pull the trigger or use the key to unlock.

This commotion arises when someone left the trigger lock on the “On” position and then, someone slides the slide back.

The Fix:

First, remove your gun slide.

Then, you will find a tiny silver bar on the hammer’s right side.

Now push that bar down, and you will see that the hammer releases and moves forward.

Next, use the gun key to unlock the trigger lock and place the slide back in before testing your gun.

User Feedback on Walther P22 Gun

According to most consumers’ experience, the Walther P22 gun is a little beast to have, and it is the perfect option for training higher caliber pistols.

The Walther P22 is designed and built with easily threaded barrels and light recoil to offer ambidextrous controls & comfortable grips.

That’s why the Walther P22 is a wonderful gun choice for beginners to train and excellent for target shooting rounds (informal & mainly like a hobby or pleasure).

However, consumers also mentioned several disappointments they had because of the early released models’ flaws, and some even claim that this model gets dirty easily.

But the truth is most 22LR ammo pistols have this issue too.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Walther P22 Gun:

Here I have listed 3 best alternatives that you can pick instead of the Walther P22 gun-

The Ruger Mark IV:

The newly released Ruger Mark X models are like any modern AR-15 gun because you just need to press the rear slide button, and your gun is ready to be lubed, cleaned, or reassembled without further hassle.

The SMITH & WESSON-22 Victory:

The SW-22 Victory is one of the most reliable guns, especially if you are looking for a target-shooting pistol with mixed ammo, and it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

The Sig Sauer P238:

This Buckmark gun features a 10+1 capacity, a 5.5-inch bull barrel, the nicest trigger of the three Luger styles, and plenty of other factory options to offer the best shooting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I dry-fire a Walther P22 gun?

No, the user’s instruction or manual does not recommend that.

What AMMO does a Walther P22 gun shoot?

This gun features 0.22 LR (5.6 mm) rimfire ammunition.

Is it possible to install a silencer on a Walther P22?

Yes, you can put a silencer on this gun.

What is the Walther P22 gun’s thread size?

This P22 gun is equipped with a 75-threaded barrel to a 1/2-28 threaded muzzle.

What is the warranty status of the Walther P22 gun?

It offers a lifetime limited warranty.


The Walther P22 gun has gained immense commercial success since its first release in 2002, but users have also reported several QC and parts breakage issues against this gun. 

However, most of the major issues mainly occurred with the initially released models, and the manufacturer fixed several problems before releasing the latest models.

If you ever encounter one of those common problems with your Walther P22, follow the earlier explained instructions thoroughly.


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