5 Taurus Model 66 Problems You Should Know

The Taurus model 66 revolver, which has a six-round capacity, was introduced in 1978. Since then, it has been improved. The firearm can accommodate 357 and 38 special rounds. The pricing of the revolver is quite reasonable.

Some of the most widespread Taurus Model 66 problems are cylinder shaking, cylinder locking while dry firing, dislocated cylinder, hammer and trigger locking, and short front sight.

I’ll go through each of these problems in this article and provide you with the best strategies to fix them. To learn more about the issues with and solutions for the Taurus model 66, keep reading.

Features & Specifications of Taurus Model 66 Gun:

Taurus Model 66 Specs
Cartridge357 Mag / 38 Special + P
Capacity7 Rounds
Barrel Length4.0/6.0 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)38.0/40.0 Ounces or 1077/1134 Grams
Length10.5/12.25 Inches
Width1.50 Inches
Height5.7 Inches
SafetyTaurus Security System (TSS), Transfer Bar
SightsFront – Fixed Rear – Adjustable

Common Taurus Model 66 Problems and Solutions

taurus model 66 problems
Taurus model 66

Take a look at the table below to learn about the solution techniques. Follow the solutions to get your Taurus model 66 problems fixed.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus Model 66Solutions
Cylinder ShakingInstall shims, repair, or replace the cylinder.
Cylinder Locking While Dry FiringInspect and tighten the screw on the side plate.
Dislocated CylinderCheck the retaining bushing and fix it if faulty.
Trigger and Hammer LockingReplace the transfer bar or reassemble the gun correctly.
Short Front SightSend the gun to Taurus for a replacement.

1. Cylinder Shaking:

There is a known cylinder problem with the Taurus model 66. The cylinder may move from side to side. The condition is known to worsen with time.

The issue mostly arises if you use .357 caliber bullets. The cylinder shakes less with the .38 mag, however.

The major cause is that the Taurus model 66’s medium-sized frame must endure significant stress due to the .357 bullets’ high impact.

The Fix:

If you observe any cylinder shaking, you need to fix the revolver as quickly as you can. Even though 0.001 inches of shake might seem typical, it might progressively get worse.

Shims can be installed to address the problem momentarily. However, you ought to get the gun to the gunsmith right away.

You should also use the Taurus model 66 to fire the .357 less and the .38 more to avoid this problem.

2. Cylinder Locking While Dry Firing:

If you are dry shooting with the Taurus model 66, the cylinder may lock up.  Along with the cylinder, the hammer will also get jammed.

This problem develops when the side plate’s screw comes free. The screw is located at the top of the trigger.

The Fix:

Be sure to check the screw on the side plate if your hammer and cylinder are becoming locked up.

 Side Plate Screw
Side Plate Screw

Fig 1 – Side Plate Screw

If the screw is loose (Fig 1), tighten it up using a screwdriver. The issue should be resolved straight away.

3. Dislocated Cylinder:

If you eject the cylinder, it can slip back onto the yoke. It will eventually go all the way to the extractor star as a result.

The cylinder’s base may rest up against the grips. The front portion of the cylinder can be pushed. It will release itself and re-slide onto the yoke.

The Fix:

This problem will occur if the retaining bushing of the cylinder sustains damage. When removing and reassembling the cylinder, the retaining bushing may be harmed.

You may check the bushing by removing the cylinder from the yoke. Get the revolver to a gunsmith if the area is damaged. If the damage was caused by the user, Taurus can decline to fix it under warranty.

4. Trigger and Hammer Locking:

The trigger and the hammer of the Taurus model 66 can get locked up. This issue may occur due to a fault in the transfer bar.

Also, if the user fails to reassemble the gun correctly after disassembling it, the hammer and the trigger will be seized.

The Fix:

You should replace the transfer bar if it has been damaged or faulty from manufacturing. Taurus can send a replacement or you can send the gun to get the transfer bar replaced.

If the transfer bar gets stuck while assembling the Taurus model 66, you should follow the manual for properly reassembling it. Take a look at this video for a visual demonstration.

5. Short Front Sight:

Some Taurus type 66s may have a smaller front sight than other 66s.  A manufacturing flaw creates this problem.

Due to this condition, aiming and firing may become challenging. Although the rear sight is adjustable and the front sight is fixed, the rear sight’s movement is insufficient to tackle this issue.

The Fix:

Since this is a manufactured defect, you should submit the firearm to Taurus. They will repair the issue without charging you.

Considering the front sight is fixed, neither gun shops nor gunsmiths can give you a replacement. It will thus be advisable to send the revolver to the company.

You can also take off the fixed sight and install a new one if you have expertise in handling and modifying guns.

User Feedback on Taurus Model 66

The Taurus model 66 is a popular revolver from Taurus which came out in 1978. Since then, it has received a lot of positive reviews.

In this post on The Firing Line forum, many people have said that they owned the Taurus model 66. Most of them had no issues with the gun. But some had faced some minor issues, such as binding cylinder and customer service problems.

On the Gun and Game forum, some users have praised the Taurus model 66. One user said that his 66 had shown no issues. Another user said that his Taurus model 66 worked greatly on single-action but had a failure to battery issue with double-action mode.

Many users had mentioned the cylinder binding problem in this post from The Firing Line. Along with this issue, dislocated cylinders, cylinder locking, and shaking are some most common problems with the Taurus model 66.

The gun has received many positive and few negative feedback on various forums and websites. It is overall a great gun for self-defense.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the Taurus model 66 cost?

The official cost is $552.55 or $569.92 depending on the material.

How many cylinders are provided with the Taurus model 66?

1 cylinder.

What type of firing system is used in the Taurus model 66?

Hammer firing system.

What type of grip is used in the Taurus model 66?

The gun has a soft rubber grip.

What is the trigger type of the Taurus model 66?

Smooth trigger type.

How much is the trigger pull in the Taurus model 66 revolver?

Double-action: 4.5 pounds, single action: 9.5 pounds.

What is the sight radius of the Taurus model 66?

7.5 inches.


The Taurus model 66 is known for its reliability and great accuracy. But you may face some trouble from time to time with this revolver.

I have touched on some of the most common Taurus model 66 problems in this article. I have also included the best solutions according to experienced users. Follow this guide for proper Taurus model 66 troubleshooting techniques.

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