5 Walther CCP M2 Problems New Users Probably are Not Aware of

Unlike some compact pistols, the Walther CCP M2 allows you to gain a full hold on the gun without tucking your pinky finger below. There are, however, a few Walther CCP M2 issues to be aware of before making rash selections.

The most common Walther CCP M2 complaints are regarding feeding problems, issues with magazines, ejection problems, trigger issues, etc.

Features & Specifications of Walther CCP M2:

  • Action Type : Double-Action, Striker-Fired
  • Caliber :9mm.
  • Barrel length : 3.54 inches.
  • Capacity  : 8+1.
  • Weight  : 7.4 lbs.
  • Overall Length : 6.41 inches.
  • Overall Height : 5.12 inches.
Walther CCP M2 Problems
Walther CCP M2

Common Walther CCP M2 Problems and Solutions

Failure to FeedEnsure that the magazine is fully placed.
Fail To EjectDrop the magazine once you open the bolt.
Firing pin IssueDe-cock the bolt in order for the firing pin to emerge out of the bolt face.
Fail to Return the BatteryGive the gun a thorough cleaning. Use good-quality of ammo.
Trigger IssueRemove any debris that has become clogged in the trigger.

1. Failure to Feed

Many consumers have reported that the feeding issue that happens at random while using the CCP M2 which is the most common gun issue.

It happens when a cartridge from a magazine fails to load into the gun’s chamber. The issue could occur on your first shot of the day or midway through a magazine at any time.

The Fix

You must first carry out simple repairs, like viewing a magazine, before tackling more difficult processes first as magazines are the most typical source of failure.

Ensure that the magazine is fully placed by tapping it, adjusting the charging handle, or pressing the bolt release.

You should also keep track of the number of cartridges that are loaded.

It is important to note that if the springs are too tight or stiff, you may suffer feeding problems after loading the cartridges.

No matter how much you might think there is room in the magazine, never attempt to push more bullets into that place as the room is important for the movement.

Make that your ammunition is not broken, dented, or stored in the magazine upside down.

2. Fail to Eject

Failure to eject occurs when the spent round from a recently fired bullet still stays in the chamber.

You can also experience an ejection issue if the empty cartridge is removed from the chamber but still manages to become trapped in your pistol.

The Fix

Many users think that it is really hard to solve the ejection issues. It is the most important thing to remember that you should be careful how you are using the gun. Observe the appropriate safety procedures.

The bolt may have short-stroked or reverted to its entire rearward position if you are experiencing ejection problems. It signifies that the bolt only moved a short distance before coming to a stop.

If the bolt does not automatically lock back, start doing it by hand. Drop the magazine once the bolt has been kept open.

Try shaking the gun slightly and pushing the charging handle to see if that helps to move the misplaced cartridge.

3. Firing Pin Issues

While shooting, the CCP M2 may malfunction after two or three shots, which is occurring due to a broken firing pin.

When the pistol is subjected to inappropriate heat treatment, firing pin issues may develop.

The firing pin also presents issues during shooting since there may be obstructions that prohibit the gun from firing.

The Fix

A gun becomes little more than a decoration without a firing pin. This is why it is important to check the firing pin’s end for damage to gauge how far it extends from the bolt face since excessive or insufficient protrusion might result in cartridge ignition issues.

You must de-cock the bolt in order for the firing pin to emerge out of the bolt face so you can observe how far it extends from the bolt face. Lower the bolt handle by turning the stiff bolt shroud.

Don’t forget to measure the protrusion of the pin and inspect the quality of the pin’s face for cracks, flats, corrosion, or pints.

4. Fail to Return to Battery

The CCP M2’s users have frequently reported that the gun occasionally does not return to battery. This gun begins to malfunction after around 50 rounds, failing to enter the batteries. A few more magazines will cause the slide to lock.

It appears that as the piston heats up, it expands and becomes stuck. When there isn’t enough cleaning, the issue might arise. Low-quality ammunition might also contribute to this problem.

The Fix

Start by giving the gun a thorough cleaning; remove the slide’s pin and check to see if the extractor and the area around it are covered with debris. Even old grease from storage is possible.

If it can’t compress effectively, the extractor is putting too much pressure, generating friction on the chambered case, slowing the slide, and ultimately leading to the problem.

After thoroughly cleaning the barrels, check the chambers and outside locking surfaces nevertheless because some baked-on material can be very problematic.

Use high-quality ammunition for your gun so that it doesn’t fail to return to the battery further.

5. Issues with Trigger

Concern regarding the trigger reset issue with their CCP M2 has been voiced by numerous users. 

After the dry shooting, users might try to reset the gun, but there might be a strange “hitch” right before the reset.

The problem may be coming from debris that is stuck somewhere.

The Fix

Users can start by rapidly removing any debris that has become clogged in the trigger. 

The sear, trigger bar spring, and trigger bar are a few of the possible causes of trigger issues that users may encounter. To fix the issue, it may essential to swap out the sear and adjust the trigger bar spring and calibrate it.

Users must be aware that resetting the trigger is a difficult procedure for which many users may lack expertise. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to reset the trigger properly.

Users should first take up the slack in the trigger against the wall, then gently and carefully press through the wall while maintaining their pressure until the gun fires effectively.

After the gun has cycled, users should “pin the trigger to the rear,” hold it there until the trigger resets with a “click,” and then slowly and gently release it.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Walther CCP M2

I’ve identified the three top replacements for the Walther CCP M2 by evaluating specifications, features, usefulness, and performance.

Sig P365

The SIG Sauer P365’s practical accuracy is excellent, and because of a superb trigger and simple-to-read sights, it is surprisingly simple to shoot well.


The Walther PPS M2 is an extremely dependable, accurate, and user-friendly firearm. It is one of the finest concealed carry handguns you can get for the money.

Glock 43X

The reliable, durable gun that many shooters have grown to adore is the Glock 43X. It’s simple to use, lightweight and makes a strong defense weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does CCP M2?

The CCP M2 costs around $470 to$490.

What differentiates the Walther CCP from the CCP M2?

The striker channel is one obvious change. In the channel of the original CCP was something made of stainless. The M2 upgrade, however, adds a shiny-red indication that makes it clear what the striker’s condition is.

Where is the Walther CCP M2 manufactured?

The CCP M2 is made in Germany.

When was the Walther CCP M2 released?

Walther unveiled the CCP M2 in September 2018.


Every firearm has the potential to malfunction, and the Walther CCP M2 is no exception. I have therefore covered the likely causes and solutions to the problems in as much detail as I could.

Make sure you know how to correctly diagnose, address, and fix any of the aforementioned problems before you go to the practice.

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