Most Common 5 Taurus Raging Hunter Problems to Know Of

The Taurus Raging Hunter is an exceptional revolver. This has earned it the 2019 American Hunter Handgun of the Year Golden Bullseye Award. It was awarded for its innovative design, reliability, and value.

However, there do seem to be quite a few Taurus Raging Hunter problems that a user might have to deal with.

The issues associated with the Taurus Raging Hunter are the timing issues, internal damage due to powerful ammo, and an improper bullet fit due to barrel accumulation. Along with problems such as the cylinder not working and a tight trigger.

Before I move on to the problems and the steps to getting these Taurus Raging Hunter problems fixed, let’s look at the specs of the revolver.

Features & Specifications of the Taurus Raging Hunter:

Taurus Raging Hunter Specs
Cartridge44 MAG/357 Mag/38 Spl +P/ 454 Casull/460 S&W Magnum
Capacity6/7 Rounds
Barrel Length5.12/6.75/8.37 Inches
Weight49 to 55 Ounces (Unloaded)
Length10.9 to 14.9 Inches
Width1.80 to 1.92 Inches
Height6.40/6.50 Inches
SightsAdjustable Rear Sights
Common Taurus Raging Hunter Problems
Taurus Raging Hunter

Common Taurus Raging Hunter Problems and Solutions

Below is a table of the problems regarding the gun as well as the steps to Taurus Raging Hunter troubleshooting.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Taurus Raging Hunter ProblemsSolutions
Timing IssuesProperly cleaning and assembling the gun
Internal DamageAvoiding +P ammo
Improper Bullet FitCleaning the cylinders periodically
Cylinder Not WorkingServicing from Taurus
Tight TriggerSwapping the springs

1. Timing Issues:

The Taurus Raging Hunter has a reputation for developing timing issues. When a revolver develops timing issues, this means that the cylinder’s action is slightly off.

So, it is no longer properly aligned with the barrel and may not be rotating all the way into a locking position.


The gun needs to be properly assembled, with parts fitted as required.  Cylinder timing is a delicate thing that must be carefully checked, with subtle adjustments made, during the assembly process.

However, if you notice that any part has been damaged during the disassembly procedure, it is advised to get your firearm checked and serviced from Taurus.

2. Internal Damage:

Taurus is notorious for its quality control. Most Taurus products suffer as a result. Such as the Taurus Raging Bull. It may face internal damage if +P ammo is used.


Even though it is rated for +P ammo, it is not advised to use them on a regular basis. As using them for a prolonged period may cause internal damage to the gun and its components.

In case any part has been damaged due to the powerful ammo, you should send it to Taurus in order to get those parts replaced.

3. Improper Bullet Fit:

Sometimes users may find that the bullets do not fit the barrel properly, or face severe resistance while traveling through the barrel.

Especially with the 454 Casull ammunition. This is due to the build-ups within the surface of the barrel.


The solution is to clean your barrel periodically and make sure that no build-up gets to accumulate within the barrel. As it could create resistance for the bullet during travel and further damage the barrel.

4. Cylinder Not Working:

This is somewhat a rare issue for the Taurus Raging Hunter, but not an impossible one. Users may find that the cylinder on their Raging Hunter has stopped working entirely.

But the sad news is, that most parts for the gun are not available on the market for general users. As Taurus believes that they hold the final verdict on their product.


As mentioned above, the general parts for the Taurus Raging Hunter are not quite available on the market. Hence, your best and only course of action has to be to send it to Taurus.

Although they have a bad reputation for their aftermarket service, there is nothing much to do without spare parts. If luckily you come by spare parts for the revolver assembly, you may take a gamble on getting it fixed yourself.

5. Tight Trigger:

The Taurus Raging Hunter is known to have a tight trigger. This is not necessarily a problem. But some users deem it to be one. While some prefer a heavier trigger, some don’t.

Hence one may manipulate or swap the springs to reduce some of that stiffness to make the trigger slightly easier to pull by the shooter.


The main spring and the trigger spring may be replaced if the user requires them to be replaced. There are two different springs here that may help you reduce the recoil.

 Taurus Raging Thunder Main Spring
Taurus Raging Thunder Main Spring

Fig 1- Taurus Raging Thunder Main Spring

The first one is the main spring and the second one is the trigger spring (Fig 1). If necessary, the user may need to disassemble the gun and replace these two springs to elevate the issue.

User Feedback on Taurus Raging Hunter

The Taurus Raging Hunter has an overwhelmingly positive review. As can be guessed from the award it has received. Although there have been some issues with the firearm but they tend to be quite rare.

Such as this thread on Cast Boolits which speaks about the timing issues that a Raging Hunter might face, although scarce.

Another user on the Firearms Talk forum mentioned that he needed to clean the barrel of his gun to make the .454 cartridge fit properly.

But one issue that seems to repel users is the horrible customer service and lack of quality control from Taurus. Such as one user commented on this Reddit thread.

On the other hand, one user appreciated the build quality and reliability of the Raging Hunter in a blog post on the Firearms Blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the type of safety used on the Taurus Raging Hunter?

Transfer-bar firing mechanism.

Which action type does the Taurus Raging Hunter have?

DA/SA (Double Action/Single Action).

What rail does the have?

Picatinny Rail.

What is the feed system of the Taurus Raging Hunter?

Revolving cylinder.

Are the front sights adjustable on the Taurus Raging Hunter?



Although the Taurus Raging Hunter is an exceptionally reliable, accurate, and efficient firearm, it does have its’ own set of problems to deal with. But as you may have noticed, the issues are mostly due to the lack of proper quality control.

If you have run into any of these Taurus Raging Hunter problems and are unable to fix the issue, it is advised to send it to Taurus to get a proper servicing of the firearm.

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