Remington RP9 Problems and Solutions

The introduction of RP9 in 2016 was a bold step into the future; it’s a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol with an 18-plus-one magazine capacity, making it ideal for police officers, home-defense enthusiasts, and target shooters.

Unfortunately, the RP9 received a lot of backlashes due to the problems it had. Problems with the slide release, jamming, feeding, the magazine, running out of battery, etc., are all very prevalent with this firearm.

If you want to learn the specifics of the problems and the approaches taken to resolve them, keep reading.

Features & Specifications of Remington RP9:

ActionSemi-automatic, striker-fired
Caliber9mm (also available in .45 ACP)
Frame MaterialPolymer
Product weight 26.4 ounces
Product length7.91 inches
Capacity18+1 rounds
Cylinder MaterialStainless Steel
Barrel length4.5inches
Barrel MaterialStainless Steel
Remington RP9 Problems
Remington RP9

Common Remington RP9 Problems and Solutions

Slide release issueContact Remington.
JammingClean the sliding grooves.
Failure to feedDrop the magazine when it fails to feed.
Magazine problemsRemove the magazine slide the rack.
Out of batteryReplace the recoil spring with new one. use quality ammunition

1. Slide Release Issue

First, the gun’s slide release is problematic. On occasion, the slide did not open when the button was pressed. However, this isn’t a big deal because this is a slide lock and not a slide release.

Since the slide release can bend in the middle, pressing the button on the left side of the device does not always work.

Slide Release
Slide Release

Military Arms Channel’s video on the RP9

You can see that the slide release is folded, with a flat horizontal section in the middle. This part doesn’t have enough stiffness for the slide release to work properly.

The Fix:

This is a flaw in the way the Remington RP9 was made, and it seems likely that this is why the slide release can twist in an unwanted way. You can contact Remington mentioning this issue. Before that try reading the manual and see if there’s any solution to the problem or not.

2. Jamming

This firearm RP9 is susceptible to jamming, as it jams on nearly every magazine. The most serious problem is that bullets frequently jam because their noses get caught in the magazine.

 Rounds would become caught in a gap at the edge of the feed ramp of the RP9, causing the gun to jam, which is potentially more significant problem. Although Remington did not issue a recall, the company has likely responded to customer concerns.

The Fix:

Remove the magazine from the gun to release the jam. With it locked, the magazine release button doesn’t work. Physical removal of the magazine from the firearm is required.

The magazine is removed, the slide is racked to empty the chamber, a new magazine is inserted, and firing resumes. The sliding grooves on the frame collect a lot of carbon, so cleaning them carefully should eliminate jams.

3. Failure to Feed

There are numerous problems with feeding that affect the Remington RP9. With fully loaded magazine he RP9 fails to feed. This could happen with a wide number of ammunitions. The slide is very stiff.

The problem can be causing depending on the ammo you are using. But most often the RP9 failure to feed is caused by the design failure of this gun. The bullet nose gets stuck between the magazine and the bottom of the feed ramp, causing a perpetual malfunction.

The Fix:

The only to fix the issue is to drop the magazine. Verify that there are no issues with the magazine, such as misaligned followers, worn springs, twisted feed lips, or damaged mag catch apertures.

4. Magazine Problem

When the magazine isn’t filled, the RP9’s feed route becomes irregular, and the bullet can slip between the feed ramp in the barrel and the frame. It’s a catastrophic malfunction because the approaching bullet gets stuck between the barrel and frame. this is due to poor magazine design or quality control.

The Fix:

This malfunction looks to be so severe that the only way to fix it is to remove the magazine (which can be difficult because of the captured round) and rack the slide.

5. Out of Battery

The RP9 from Remington does not go into batteries and stay open. Not only did it refuse to go back into batteries, but extracting the bullet from the chamber required a firm whack to the grip while holding the slide.

If the extractor spring is too strong or too long, it will prevent the extractor from jumping over the edge of the casing, resulting in a failure to go into full battery. The same might occur if the recoil spring is too weak. The fact that the slide is heavier than most will also contribute to the difficulty while going into battery or removing spent casings.

The Fix:

Tune the recoil spring.Replace a pistol recoil spring if needed. Remove the magazines and check the tension of the springs. Try quality ammunition. Also, it is recommended to use quality magazine to solve this issue. This issue can be resulting from poor-handling techniques, make sure you follow proper handling of the gun.

User Feedback on Remington RP9

The Remington RP9 received a great deal of criticism, despite the fact that few people appreciated it for its features. However, the vast majority of consumers are dissatisfied with it due to mechanical flaws.

A user reported that when he gave his father a brand new RP9 for Christmas, it jammed at least once on every magazine. Though it’s a strong and accurate weapon, the pistol suffers from numerous severe technical problems.

Another user has been using RP9 since it was released. He needed a “student pistol” for use in his classes, so that’s why he got one. More than 2000 bullets have been fired from the pistol. He has shot well over 400 rounds through it without cleaning, and the only time it stopped functioning properly was after he cleaned it.

Other users believe, it is the best firearm you can buy for under $300. Nearly 20 bullets can be carried! The grip is comfortable, and the trigger is smooth. Despite its size, this firearm is not suitable for concealed carry.

Remington’s customer service has always been nice, but I expected more from a company with such a storied history.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington RP9

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington RP9 Semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol. 

Glock 17

The Glock is another duty-sized firearm. The RP9 has a larger slide and overall profile, but it also has more modern features and a much more tolerable trigger right out of the box.

SIG P320

The 9mm SIG P320 and the 9mm Remington RP9 are both full-sized, striker-fired pistols. When compared to the Remington, the Sig is longer (8.2 inches) and heavier (29.6 ounces). The capacity of the P320 is 10, 17 (+1).

Ruger SR9

The Ruger SR9’s small, ergonomic grip and narrow slide make it easy to control. The SR9 has a modern blocker, trigger safety, magazine disconnect, and visible and tactile chamber indication. It is a double-action semi-automatic pistol with a 17+1 round capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was the Remington RP9 introduced?


How many rounds does a Remington RP9 hold?

The RP9 holds 18+1 rounds.

Does the Remington RP9 have a safety?

The striker-fired pistol has no external safety.

How much is a Remington RP9?

$349.99 USD.

Does Remington still make pistols?



As plainly as I could, I’ve outlined the issues with the Remington RP9, as well as the potential causes and fixes.

However, the suggested solutions might not be enough to the problems you’ve encountered. It is recommended that you consult a gunsmith or send the revolver to Remington in such a situation.

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