Before Buying Ruger SR40c Make Sure You Are Aware of These 6 Problems

The SR40c is a capable pistol that uses the.40 S&W bullet, making it one of the most powerful concealed carry handguns on the market today.

The Ruger SR40c is one of several semi-automatic pistols that use the.40 S&W cartridge. The SR40c is a compact-sized version of the SR9 pistol that has been modified to fire the .40-caliber bullet.

The problems in this gun include failure to feed, barrel problem, trigger issues, jamming, and a few more.

In this article, I will discuss both the problem and solution in detail. But first, let’s start by taking a look at the spec sheet.

Features & Specifications of Ruger sr40c Gun:

Caliber.40 S&W
Capacity9 rounds
Length6.85 inches
Weight663 gram
Barrel length3.50 inches
Common Ruger sr40c Problems and Solutions
Ruger sr40c

Common Ruger sr40c Problems and Solutions

Failure to feedClean and lube the gun properly on regular basis
Trigger resetSend to Ruger
Barrel problemCheck thoroughly before making the purchase
JammingTry switching between ammo, magazine, extractor
Firing pinReplace the firing pin
MagazineChange the ammo/ replace the magazine

1. Trigger Reset:

The SR40c inherited this problem from its predecessor SR40. The problem and solution are alike for these two guns.

Possible Reasons

The moment following a shot when the trigger and sear are re-engaged within the firing mechanism, allowing you to shoot again is referred to as the trigger reset, also known as riding the reset.

As a result, the issue might be with any component, such as the trigger spring, sear, or any other internal component.

The most sophisticated machines in today’s weapons are those using triggers. As a result, any internal component failure might trigger the issue.

The Fix:

I would submit the gun to Ruger straight now for an inspection. If you lack the essential abilities, you should resist the desire to dismantle.

If you are in a hurry, seeing a skilled gunsmith to diagnose and correct the problem is also an option.

2. Barrel Problem:

If you notice a chipped barrel, you should take action as soon as you can.

Possible Reasons

Ruger cut corner with the barrel quality to cover up the cost. The chip/ding you might notice on the barrel is caused by two things.

One, the poor-quality control. Because there have been incidents where a new piece came out with a chip on the barrel.

Second, after shooting enough rounds it affects the barrel. It is caused by the type of ammo the user used to shoot.

The Fix:

You should make a careful observation before making the purchase. As it is often a QC issue there is a good chance you will be able to find out the chipped point if you look thoroughly.

And, always use recommended ammunition to minimize the possibility of the barrel being chipped. When the problem shows up you better send it to Ruger.

3. Jamming

Firearms jam for a variety of causes. Gun jams are another term for gun malfunctions.

Possible Explanations

Traffic congestion can be caused by a number of things. Because of the weapon’s poor manufacturing, components may stick or snag on one another.

Poor maintenance causes excessive accumulation, which can cause components to stick.

Cheap ammunition can speed up this process or even leave fragments behind that can become trapped in moving components and cause the weapon to bind.

The Fix:

Ammunition, magazines, and extractors are the most common reasons for firearm jams. Experiment with different combinations and alter them.

If this does not resolve the issue, it is most likely a design error, and you should contact the manufacturer.

4. Firing Pin:

The firing pin does not fully retract when the case comes out.

Possible Reasons

Examine the pin’s face for cracks, flatness, corrosion, or pimples, and measure its protrusion – it should be no more or less than the manufacturer’s standards.

A perforated primer and excessive protrusion might result in a quick discharge of gas to your face. If you use too little, the priming may not light.

The Fix:

There is not much you can do to remedy this except for replacing the firing pin. And to do that you can send it to Ruger for fixing or to a gunsmith.

5. Magazine Issue:

Even though it is a less common issue, it is better ready.

Possible Reasons

The low-quality magazine that comes with it causes issues such as inability to feed and failure to eject.

If you try to insert the magazine, both the Magazine Latch Spring and the Magazine Latch Catch will fall out.

Be careful not to force the magazine in if you press the mag release all the way in.

Pull the magazine release from the other side before inserting the magazine for more security.

The Fix:

Experiment with other ammunition or bullet designs as well. It is prudent to ensure that your carry ammunition is completely loaded into your firearm.

It’s not an industry issue, but not every ammunition fit in every rifle. Examine this before you start tossing pieces or making return visits.

User Feedback on Ruger sr40c

To be honest there is a love-hate relationship among the user of this gun. In most circumstances, this gun has a slew of good customer reviews. However, there are several posts claiming that this pistol is rife with flaws. However, it is best to be prepared to confront certain common problems along the route if they arise.

If you’re looking for an extremely concealable, well-handling carry handgun, the SR40c is well worth considering. While it is not allowed in Massachusetts, it is on the approved list in California.

Overall, the SR40c is a respectable self-defense handgun. This is especially true given that it is backed by the strong. It fires a strong 40 S&W bullet, making it an excellent concealed carry pistol. Furthermore, it is an excellent alternative for shooters who want a small EDC pistol in a caliber other than nine millimeters.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger sr40c

S&W M&P 40C

The M&P is somewhat smaller and wider than the SR40c, but it has one additional round in the usual magazine.

Ruger LC9s

The LC9s were easier to fire since the shorter trigger required less focus. The LC9s have a much lighter take-up and a much smoother, lighter pull following the take-up than the SR40c.

Glock 27

The GLOCK 27 delivers 10 rounds of 40 S&W cartridges to your fingers in a compact small enough to fit in a pocket or ankle holster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger SR40c a good gun?

The SR40c is a competent handgun that is supported by. It fires a 40 S&W bullet, making it one of the most powerful concealed carry pistols on the market today.

Does Ruger still make a 40 cal?

The SR40c is one of today’s slimmest and most ergonomic full-sized. 40 caliber handguns.

Is a 40 cal more powerful than a 45?

The 40 has a substantially greater chamber pressure and shoots its 165 or 180-grain bullet at a far faster rate than the 45.

Is Ruger a German company?

Ruger is an American firearms manufacturer headquartered in Southport, Connecticut.


There is no such thing as a problem-free rifle, and the Ruger SR40c is no exception. Its small size, precision, and performance set it apart from the competition.

After the break-in phase, the pistol smooths out and becomes buttery. The majority of your issues will appear during this period.

However, it is not a beginner’s gun, so you must know how to use it. And once you’ve resolved these issues, you’ll see why it’s considered one of the greatest.

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