Learn these Browning 1911-380 Problems if you are Planning to Get One

The 1911-380 range is based on the same platform as the company’s popular 1911-22. Browning was able to maintain true to his original dimensions while shedding a significant amount of weight by employing a composite and aluminum frame. There are, however, a few Browning 1911-380 problems to be aware of before making rash selections.

Failure to eject, slider difficulties, and misfiring are the most prevalent complaints regarding the Browning 1911-380.

This article will explain the most likely causes and solutions to these problems. So, let’s get this celebration started.

Features & Specifications of Browning 1911-380:

ActionSingle Stack
Caliber380 ACP
Barrel length4.25inches
Barrel MaterialSteel
Overall Length7.5 inches
Weight18 oz
Magazine Capacity8
Barrel FinishMatte
Receiver FinishMatte
Trigger Guard MaterialComposite
Browning 1911-380 Problems
Browning 1911-380

Common Browning 1911-380 Problems and Solutions

Extractor FailureChanging ammunition will fix the issue.
Failure to ejectReplace the magazine with a new and good one.
Jamming IssueTunning the extractor will fix this issue.
MisfiringCleaning the firing pin or replacing it may solve the issue.
Slider IssueLubricating the pistol properly will fix the problem.

Extractor Failure

Failure to extract refers to the firearm’s failure to extract the expended cartridge from the chamber, resulting in the duplicate feeding of a fresh round from the magazine.

The most frequent cause of extractor failure is a clogged and unclean chamber.

Such a problem can result in ammunition.

The Fix

Change the ammunition and fire a few rounds to see if the problem persists.

Cleaning the pistol with adequate lubricant may resolve the problem. WD-40 will be recommended.

Fail to Eject

When the casing of the recently fired round is withdrawn from the chamber but not expelled from the weapon, the following round fails to feed or the slide/bolt fails to return to the battery.

The magazine might be the primary reason for the Browning 1911-380 not being ejected.

The dirty mag spring is the source of the ejecting problem.

The Fix

You may not have any more jams if you replace 1911 magazines with Wilson Combat.

For a time, stretching the mag springs seemed to work. A stronger mag spring would help, but that’s just a hunch. So, replacing is recommended.

Jamming Issue

One of the most common causes of a handgun jam is extractor failure. Jamming can also be caused by not completely cleaning the weapon.

I’d assume a mistuned extractor or a rough chamber caused the extractor to lose its grasp on the case.

The Fix

First, clean and polish the surfaces. Unless you know how a 1911 works and are comfortable diagnosing and modifying it. I’d recommend contacting Browning; they’ll take care of you.


This is one of the more uncommon faults with this weapon, but it does occur on occasion.

Misfires in the Browning 1911.380 are mainly caused by a defective firing pin or improper ammo.

The Fix

If the issue is due to bad ammo, remove the cartridges from the clip and reload it with new rounds.

If the issue persists, you most likely have a faulty or unclean firing pin. You must completely and safely clean the firing pin before attempting again. If the issue persists, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Slider Issue

It might be caused by the bullet not fully entering the chamber or by having your hand in the path of the slide.

You might have a mechanical problem with the slide, such as when you fire the final cartridge in your magazine.

The Fix

Outside of accidentally impeding the slide with your hand or fingers, you’ll most likely need to have your rifle professionally serviced or replaced. You may optionally disassemble everything and thoroughly grease it.

User Feedback on Browning 1911-380

The Browning 1911-380 is a blast to fire and extremely accurate. I’ve fired hundreds of rounds through it with a variety of ammunition and have only had one failure to feed on the second mag and none afterward.

The 1911-380 is difficult to overlook due to its ability to compete with most other hunting rifles on the market, as well as its low price.

On basspro, A Browning 1911-380 owner said that when he moved it to the range, he constantly faced stovedpipes. After mending issue, the gun was very precise when shooting and firing.

To recap, there aren’t a lot of angry owners yelling about this weapon on the internet. Furthermore, it will almost certainly outperform its price.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Browning 1911-380

Browning 1911-22

Browning 1911-22 rifle, the compact pistol’s slide, and frame are made of aluminum, with steel elements like the barrel and magazine, as well as springs and other internals. A steel breechblock is fixed within the slide’s rear. The handgun has the same field stripes as a 1911.

Ruger LCP II

The Ruger LCP II Semi-Auto Pistol is comparable to the wildly popular original LCP, but with improved accuracy, firing control, and general user functionality.

Rock Island Baby Rock 380

It’s a single-action semi-automatic with the standard 1911 grip safety and thumb safety. The grip safety has a beavertail, and my only major criticism about this rifle is that the thumb safety lacks an extended lever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is 380 ACP good for?

For shooters looking for a lightweight or smaller handgun with moderate recoil, the 380 ACP cartridge remains a popular self-defense cartridge.

Is a Browning 1911-380 full size?

Yes, it is full-sized, 85% scale 1911 pistol in 380 ACP.

Are the Browning 1911-22 and 380 the same size?


What ammo does a Browning 380 use?

38 caliber pistol cartridges in the .380 ACP, modern ammo and bullet makers employ 0.355- or 0.356-inch bullets, which both operate properly.

Is Browning 1911 380 A good gun?

It is sufficiently strong to be called a self-defense cartridge.

Is a 380 more accurate than a 9mm?

Without a doubt, the 9mm Ruger is the overwhelming winner in terminal performance because of its edge in velocity and energy.


Browning 1911-380 problems, their causes, and remedies have all been thoroughly addressed.

When I first handled the 1911-380, I was impressed by its utility. However, the solutions supplied may be insufficient for your needs.

Consultation with a gunsmith or shipping the weapon to Browning is the best option in such instances.

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