6 Most Common CZ P-07 Problems You Should Know!

The CZ P-07 firearm is manufactured by CZ, a globally recognized brand. The CZ P-07 is a high-performance gun with a polymer frame, 15-round magazine capacity, and double- or single-action firing.

The CZ P-07 has several problems, the most prevalent of which are the firing pin problem, the failure to feed, the failure to eject, the double feeding problem, the slide problem, and the magazine problem.

This article will highlight the common issues encountered by using CZ P-07. In addition, solutions to these issues will be provided with user feedback. Read the complete article to fix your CZ P-07 problems.

Features & Specifications of CZ P-07:

ActionSingle/Double Action
Capacity15+1 rounds
Caliber380 Auto  
Sights Luminescent
Product weight780 g (with empty magazine)
Product length185 mm
Barrel length95 mm
Frame MaterialFiberglass-reinforced Polymer                 
CZ P-7 Problems
CZ P-07 Problems

Common CZ P-07 Problems and Solutions

Firing Pin ProblemUse snap caps or dummy rounds.
Failure to FeedChange the ammo. Clean and lubricate the gun. Replace the spring of the magazine.
Failure to EjectCheck the extractor. Replace the extractor if necessary.
Double FeedingTroubleshoot.
Slide ProblemCall CZ.
Magazine ProblemReplace the magazine.

1. Firing Pin Problem:

Many customers have complained that the P-07 firing pin or the retaining pin is seriously deformed. There are many reasons that can cause this problem.

While dry firing with this gun, the firing pin, instead of striking the primer of the cartridge, strikes the shoulder of the chamber wall and eventually breaks the wall.

The other possible reason for this problem might be using the gun for a long time without the maintenance of the firing pin.

The Fix:

For dry firing, snap caps or dummy rounds can be used to prevent damage to the firing pin.

They are crucial for preventing damage to the firing pin while using dry firing.

After a few hundred rounds of service, the gun’s firing pin should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned. If the firing pin has already been deformed, it must be replaced.

 the firing pin

2. Failure to Feed:

Many P-07 users have complained about the difficulty of feeding their firearms.

It’s one of the most common complaints with this pistol after shooting thousands of rounds, particularly with FMJ.

Another possible cause of the feeding problem is that the gun is dirty. Sometimes, the magazine is also to blame for the problem with feeding.

The Fix:

If the problem is caused by a certain kind of ammunition, switch to other ammunition that is compatible with your gun.

If the issue occurs with all types of ammo, then carefully clean and lubricate the firearm.

If it is not fixed, you may need to replace the spring of the magazine of your gun, which could be causing the bullets to slide down instead of loading into the chamber.

3. Failure to Eject:

Some P-07 users have complained about the failure to extract. After being fired, the cartridge does not always leave the chamber.

Most of the time, this is caused by a worn extractor or a worn case on the cartridge.

Also, the failure to eject can happen if dirt builds up inside the gun.

The Fix: 

To resolve the issue, taking a close look at the extractor should help you figure out what’s wrong. If dirt has built up under the extractor, you should clean it out well.

If your extractor is broken, it would be best to get a new one.

4. Double Feeding:

Some users who have encountered the failure to eject issue have also experienced the double feeding issue.

It may be the result of an existing failure to eject the problem. It may also be caused by a bad magazine spring.

It occurs when the extractor fails to remove the brass from the chamber, yet the slide still attempts to feed the top round from the magazine into the chamber.

The Fix:

If you’re already in this circumstance, follow the instructions below.

  • Lock the slide back.
  • Strip the magazine.
  • Rack the slide at least three times or more.
  • Then insert another magazine and fire.

To resolve the problem, fix the failure to eject first. Additionally, maintain your firearm clean and lubricated to prevent this from happening.

firearm clean

5. Slide Problem:

The users of P-07 have encountered multiple problems with the slides of their handguns.

People have trouble getting the slide to lock back after firing the last bullet, but they are able to get it to work by manually racking it with an empty magazine.

The Fix:

In this situation, calling directly to the CZ is the best way to proceed. They will troubleshoot the slide locking problem.

6. Magazine Problem:

Some owners of P-07 handguns have reported that they have had issues with the magazines of their guns.

People who are using the older versions of magazines, especially the Duty models, face this problem the most. The magazine’s follower and spring both make an audible and disruptive rattling noise.

The Fix:

To resolve the problem, the magazine must be replaced. Additionally, you can contact CZ for assistance regarding this problem.

User Feedback on CZ P-07

The CZ P-07 has received both good and bad reviews. This gun is easy to pull because the serrations on the slide give it a great texture.

The trigger on the CZ P-07 has been the subject of many complaints. One of these problems is highlighted by a user on the MCARBO forum.

Another Reddit user complained about several problems he had encountered. The user has encountered issues like a stovepipe, failure to eject, failure to feed, and so on.

On the other hand, several users also provided positive reviews. On the Firearms Talk forum, many P-07 owners have expressed their appreciation for it and their satisfaction with their firearms.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ P-07


The CZ 75 9mm Luger Pistol has a capacity of 16+1 rounds. The body is entirely carved from steel, features a synthetic grip, and three fixed-dot sights, and is constructed with a slide-in design.

The CZ 75 is a single-action and double-action firearm. Its minimal recoil and barrel tilt make it one of the best alternatives to the P-07.

GLOCK 19 Gen3

The GLOCK 19 is a semi-automatic 9mm handgun with a 15-round magazine, a 6.85-inch overall length, and a 29.98-ounce weight.

Both the CZ P-07 and the GLOCK 19 Gen3 share many identical characteristics, such as size, magazine capacity, etc., making them ideal alternatives for one another.

Smith & Wesson CSX

The Smith & Wesson CSX is an aluminum-framed micro 9mm handgun featuring a hammer-fired single-action system with a capacity of 12+1 or 10+1 rounds.

The P-07 and CSX are both compact, single-action, and double-action handguns with comparable ergonomics. Thus, the Smith & Wesson CSX is a suitable alternative for the CZ P-07.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has the P-07 been taken off the market by CZ?

Yes, CZ discontinued the P-07 in about 2018.

Where are CZ firearms manufactured?

The CZ firearms are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

What caliber does the CZ P-07 use?

The CZ P-07 is available in 9 mm Browning Short (.380 ACP), 9×19 (9 mm Luger), and 9×21 (.40 S&W) calibers.

Does dry firing a CZ P-07 cause damage to the firearm?

Yes. When dry firing this gun, the firing pin hits the chamber wall shoulder and breaks it


This article will enlighten you on the possible reasons for the CZ P-07 problems and fixes associated with the problems.

For a reliable concealed-carry option, the P-07 is worth the investment. In general, it has received positive user feedback, except for a few minor issues that can easily be fixed. If you want to try a polymer-framed hammer-fired handgun, the P-07 is an excellent choice.


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