5 Common SIG P250 Problems and Solutions

The SIG P250s are quiet and have one of the nicest grips among the SIG guns. The triggers on them are rather light. The compact grip is similar in size to the SD and has a more SD-like form and curvature than a Glock.

Despite being a little smaller, the subcompact will still be larger than the PK380. However, for some major problems, these guns have been discontinued.

The most common problems with the SIG P250 are, the first generation guns issues, failure to feed, slide issues, ejector issues and disassembling issues.

I will discuss the solutions to all these problems and user reviews in this article. So read on till the end!

Features & Specifications of SIG P250:

Cartridge.380 ACP, 9×19mm Parabellum (9mm), .357 SIG, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.
Capacity15 Rounds.
Barrel Length3.9 Inches.
Weight26 Ounces.
Length7.2 Inches.
Width1.3 Inches.
Height5.1 Inches.
SafetyAn ambidextrous manual safety.
SightsFixed iron sights, front—blade, rear—notch
Common SIG P250 problems
SIG P250

Common SIG P250 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG P250 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

The First Generation Guns IssuesSwitch to second generation.
Failure to FeedChange Ammo.
Slide IssuesTroubleshoot.
Ejector IssuesChange ammo.
Disassembling IssuesTroubleshoot.

1. The First Generation Guns Issues:

The first generation P250 compact has problems. Model breaking, jamming, FTF, and other problems fall under this category.

The Fix:

The First Generation Guns

The P250s from the first generation had these issues. You need to keep in mind that the first generation guns had round rail. Make sure the rail is a true picatinny rail and not a rounded Sig style rail.

One way to confirm this is to check the muzzle end to see if the guiding rod is a single, complete circle. This usually causes the problem.

Here’s a picture of the new vs. the old model changes for your benefit. The second gen guns are good and will go on without as much as a hiccup.

2. Failure to Feed:

The P250s generation 2 full size compact and sub models may have some failure to feed issues. The .40sc particularly has this issue. The gun may not chamber the ammo properly either.

The Fix:

A change of ammo is necessary. It could be having these problems with the Magtech or Fiocchi ammo for example. You can try Winchester ammo.

You may also try polishing the rails.

3. Slide Issues:

The slide flies forward and chambers the first round when slapping a mag into the mag well. When inserting the mag without slapping it, the slide remains in the rear position.

The Fix:

The issue is a full-sized slide on a small frame. Your gun may be a 250C-9-BSS-FLS. That is, a compact grip module for the P250 with a full-length slide and barrel.

In most firearms, the inertia of slamming a fully filled magazine into position will make the slide lock out of position, allowing the slide to move forward.

Because it is more difficult to slam the magazine in firmly enough to produce disengagement, guns with metal frames (greater mass) are less susceptible to the problem. However, if you pound the bottom of the magazine well with a rubber mallet with more force than you could produce by manually slamming a magazine in, it will happen.

4. Ejector Issues:

The shells may hit your forhead because of failure to eject.

The Fix:

It usually is an issue with the ammo and not the gun itself. Using cheap ammo may cause the issue. Two reliable ammo names are the Speer Lawman 147gr FMJ and 147gr Win Defend (JHP).

5. Disassembling Issues:

The gun is difficult to disassemble. Always seems like something gets caught in the slide. It occasionally separates.

The Fix:

Rotate the takedown lever 90 degrees and aim the rifle upward. Not try to remove the slide. The barrel and guide rod/spring of the firearm slide moves slightly backward when the gun is pointed this way.

It is just enough to activate the takedown lever. It catches the recoil rod. For the lever to release or lock, you must determine the precise angle.

User Feedback on SIG P250

The P250 is a gun that is underrated or underappreciated. Perhaps a sleeper in a way? Yet, the P250’s hammer-fired DAO is well-liked by users.

It is deemed a decent shooter and trustworthy by most users. Some individuals despise the DAO trigger. However, they are incredibly lightweight and smooth. Those who dislike it, claim that the take-down lever was nearly impossible to use and that it simply looked and felt shoddy.

Speedster gamers and people with weak trigger control don’t care much for the P250, but fans of super-capacity DAO revolvers do. The reset length seems to be the main problem. When firing quick strings, users have to short-stroke it pretty frequently.

The 9mm variant is widely preferred by users. For reliable follow-up rounds, the 45 ACP recoil with this light rifle is too great. The trigger pull and reset times on the P250 are both rather long.

Because there is some take-up in the trigger, the reset can be a tiny bit less than the initial draw. Although the trigger pull is smooth and rather light for a hammer-fired DAO, the hammer must be nearly all the way back to the frame (or “grip module” per SIG) before it breaks. Most people find it more challenging to keep their sight level with a long trigger pull than they do during a short one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to tell if the P250 is Gen 1 or 2?

Find a serial# beginning in EAK, or 57C, you should have a gen 2. Otherwise, Gen 1.

Will the slide and barrel from the compact work on the subcompact?


Will P250 and P320 holsters interchange?

Yes it does.


It’s a very nice handgun. All you need to do to improve your accuracy is learn how to stage the trigger. A suitable round for H/D is the 45 ACP.

They produce a rimfire version of this gun that utilizes the identical lower components as the centerfire versions. The .22 can be purchased and afterwards converted to a 9mm or another centerfire cartridge.

Despite being discontinued, the P250 supported night sights, especially the exclusive rear sight are available. So my advice will be to go for the gun if you don’t mind the trigger.

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