4 Henry 44 MAG Problems You Should Know

There are several models of rifles and shotguns in the Henry 44 Magnum category. So, I have considered all of them while researching Henry 44 Mag problems.

In this article, you will find complaints on feeding, magazine tube, action, and ejector spring.

And, I have specified which problems occur in which models based on the user feedback. Don’t skip the main part as I have also included possible solutions to those issues. So, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Henry 44 MAGNUM

Henry 44 MAGNUM
Barrel Length20″ (other .44 mag models); 12.904″ (Big Boy Mare’s Leg Pistol); 16.5″ (Big Boy Carbine); 22” (Single Shot Rifle); 17.4” (Big Boy X Model)
Rate of Twist1:20 (all .44 mag models)
Overall Length38.5″ (other .44 mag models); 25” (Big Boy Mare’s Leg Pistol); 35” (Big Boy Carbine); 37.5” (Single Shot Rifle, Big Boy Steel, Big Boy All-Weather, Big Boy Color Case Hardened); 36.3” (Big Boy X Model)
Rear SightAdjustable Semi-Buckhorn with Diamond Insert (all .44 mag models)
Front SightBrass Bead (all .44 mag models)
SafetyTransfer Bar (other .44 mag models); Rebounding Hammer (Single Shot Rifle)
Stock MaterialAmerican Walnut (other .44 mag models); Black Synthetic (Big Boy X Model); Stained Hardwood (Big Boy All-Weather)
Length of Pull14″ (all .44 mag models)
Common Henry 44 mag Problems
Henry 44 mag

Common Henry 44 MAG Problems and Solutions

The table above shows the problems and solutions in short. Now, let’s talk about them in detail.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Not feeding ammo properlyBuy an aftermarket magazine replacement or call Henry for the solution.
Broken outer magazine tubeContact Henry to fix the issue.
Can’t close the action properlyFix the loose pin by yourself or take the help of a gunsmith.
Broken ejector springContact Henry to fix the issue.

1. Feeding Issue

It is possible that you may experience your 44 Mag not feeding the ammo after 7 or 8 rounds.

I am not saying that you will definitely face this issue. And, I didn’t see such a complaint for all 44 magnum models from Henry.

A user of Big Boy All-Weather .44 Mag shared his experience in a forum.

Initially, he thought that the problem would be solved by cleaning the gun thoroughly. But that did not fix the issue.

Upon further investigation, he found out that the spring and the follower were faulty. The follower was sticking to making the feeding issue.

The Fix

Here, there are two solutions.

If you want a free replacement, you will have to contact Henry and tell them about the issue.

Or, you can buy an aftermarket follower which does not have any cheap plastic parts.

2. Outer Magazine Tube Broken

After using a Big Boy Steel 44 Mag rifle for some time, a user suddenly noticed that his gun’s outer magazine tube got broken.

To my surprise, it is not a single occurrence. Multiple users faced the same problem.

According to the complaint, it probably happened due to stresses on thin steel caused by recoil over time.

The Fix

For this particular issue, you have to contact Henry and send the faulty part to them for fixing.

3. Can’t Close the Action Properly

Here is an interesting problem faced by a Big Boy Steel 44 Mag user and reviewer.

After buying the mentioned model, he tested the rifle for some time. During the testing phase, he suddenly couldn’t complete the closing action.

Let me give you a little background so that you can understand the reason.

You can see that there is a spring-loaded plunger on the lever. It is there to hold the lever in a closed position.

Here, the plunger stays in its place due to a small pin.

The user complained that his gun’s little pin somehow managed to come out just enough to hit the receiver.

As a result, the user couldn’t complete the action.

The Fix

I think that it is a minor problem needing a simple solution. Don’t you agree? Here are the steps you should follow to solve the problem.

  • First of all, see the pin and manage an appropriate-size punch for it.
  • Now, carefully push the plunger inwards while using the punch to push the pin out.
  • After taking out the pin, reshape one end of it using a small hammer. It won’t be perfectly round on the edge anymore.
  • Finally, reinsert the pin in its place. Due to a larger diameter, it may now feel tighter to put back in. You can use a brass hammer to tap it.

When you are done with the little modification, you can see that the extra friction is now holding the pin in its place.

4. Broken Ejector Spring

Here, the user suddenly noticed that his 44 Mag is not ejecting the shell. After some inspection, he noticed that the ejector spring is broken.

I have seen some other users mentioning a similar kind of problem.

One even complained that he got his gun delivered without the firing pin installed.

Normally, it is unacceptable, and leaving the quality control check unnoticed is a mystery. However, mistakes happen.

The Fix

Here, spending money on fixing the broken part seems not worth it.

Because Henry is more than willing to fix any inconvenience regarding manufacturing fault.

Knock Henry’s customer support team via email or a call, and you would get the replacement part in no time.

User Feedback on Henry 44 MAGNUM

When it comes to practicality and reliability, you can’t ignore 44 Mag rifles from Henry.

For both home defense and hunting, homeowners love 44 magnum firearms. Indeed, the magazine’s capacity is not satisfactory.

Still, the power it can deliver at close range is really impressive.

Since the birth of Henry in 1996, the company has been growing rapidly due to its affordable guns, good quality, and customer service.

And, I have to mention the Big Boy 44 rifle because of its outstanding performance and popularity compared to other Henry gun models.

Despite some problems in some 44 magnum units, I love this series for many reasons. One is its only-US manufacturing policy.

What I mean is that Henry manufactures and assembles the guns in the US. But most modern guns have some parts or processes being done in other countries.

So, there are no doubts regarding the quality of the guns.

Most reviews and customer feedback positive statements. People love it for its solid accuracy and huge power in short range.

Hunting anything within 150 yards is no big deal when you have a Big Boy 44.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the effective range of a 44 Magnum rifle?

Enough force for a deer-sized game within 50 to 70 yards

How far is a 44-mag rifle accurate?

100 to 125 yards

Is a .357 Magnum stronger than a 44 Magnum?


What is more powerful a 44 Magnum or a 45?

44 Magnum

How long is a Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum?

38.5” overall length and 20” barrel length.


From the Henry 44 Mag problems, you can understand that one specific model doesn’t have lots of major issues.

Henry rifles and shotguns are very reliable and have a solid build quality. Nonetheless, they are not free from issues.

All I can say is that Henry offers very good customer service. Facing any problem with your Henry firearm can be solved easily by contacting Henry.

So, don’t take the listed problems in this article as deal-breakers.

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