Common Problems with Remington 550-1 and Solutions

The Remington 550-1 is one of those vintage rifles that has so many redeeming qualities that even tactical gun aficionados can’t help but fall in love with it. It shoots accurately, uses relatively inexpensive ammunition, and has many additional advantages.

Some common problems with the 550-1 are jamming, not feeding, a heavy trigger, trouble extracting, and a firing pin that won’t catch.

If you want to know more about these problems and how to solve them, keep reading this article. I’ll briefly talk about them.

Features & Specifications of Remington 550-1:

  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Caliber: .22 S, L, and LR
  • Product Weight: 6 pound 2 ounces.
  • Product Length: 128 Ounces
  • Capacity: 12+1 or 15+1
  • Pistol Grip: Varnished rosewood or walnut
  • Barrel Length: 24 inches
  • Barrel Material: Steel
Remington 550-1 Problems
Remington 550-1

Common Remington 550-1 Problems and Solutions

Jamming IssuesClean chamber and barrel, release pressure
Failure To FeedPolish the feed ramp, clean the gun
Heavy Triggerclean and oil the trigger spring and plunger
Trouble ExtractingClean and polish floating chamber
Firing Pin Won’t CatchInstall new firing pin.

1. Jamming Issues

There are frequent jams when using a Remington 550-1. The gun may start jamming badly, almost after every other shot. Both the old and the new shells are ejected without any problems or jams.

Sometimes, you may need to manually reposition the bolt once it has been pushed back. Having done so, it can now proceed to the next step of loading the new cartridge.

The Fix:

This weapon may be disassembled and sprayed to alleviate pressure.

With the bolt out and the carrier up, pry the floating chamber, Remington calls it a “Power piston” out of the barrel, and then thoroughly clean the chamber and barrel by removing the main-mount and tapping the outer mag tube and receiver insert back about 3/4 inch.

In addition, check that the carrier/cartridge stop moves freely within the receiver insert.

2. Failure to Feed

Issues with feeding are found in the Remington 550-1. After firing two rounds from a fully loaded tube, the chamber will jam and the shell will become wedged in the carrier.

The floating chamber may be out of place and clogged with grime and accumulation.

The Fix:

Polish the feed ramp and any surfaces that have friction. Disassemble and thoroughly clean the weapon. It is important to carefully clean the floating chamber to ensure optimal performance.

Reach out to Remington if you’re still experiencing trouble.

3. Heavy Trigger

The 550-1 has a very coarse and hefty trigger. Extra muscle power is required when pulling heavy triggers.

Using extra muscle increases the risk that the gun will be squeezed and hence be moved out of goal. The trigger spring and plunger may have issues.

The Fix:

You need to remove the bolt and the receiver plug retainer, then push out the rear (big) trigger pin and rotate the trigger assembly up. Take them both apart and give them a good cleaning.

Clean the entire receiver assembly by spraying it down with Simple Green and brushing it with a bottle brush, then dumping it in hot water.

Then, dry it thoroughly using hot water and compressed air, spray it lightly with RemOil, and dry it once more. Before switching to Simple Green, use carb or brake cleaner.

Clean and lubricate the trigger spring and plunger, connector plunger and spring, carrier/cartridge stop plunger and spring, and any other moving parts.

4. Trouble Extracting

When a Remington 550-1 was fully loaded but the second bullet refuses to extract, the gun is then useless. The front of the case shows signs of wear from its passage back through the fluid chamber, suggesting that extraction is possible. There is no difficulty inserting unfired rounds.

Due to increased friction, a fired round’s enlarged casing could become caught in the chamber if it is pitted.

The Fix:

It might help if you gave the chamber walls a good scrub, maybe even used some Flitz. This method may solve the primary extraction problems. Fixing this problem may be as simple as cleaning and polishing the floating chamber and installing a powerful extractor.

5. Firing Pin Won’t Catch

When chambering a round, the 550-1 firing pin sticks out of the bolt face because it is not cocked back. The cartridge is fired when the trigger is pushed, releasing the firing pin and allowing the spring to drive it home.

With the firing pin in the way, the rifle cannot load a cartridge into the chamber. In other words, the firing pin is not captured and kept in place by the sere when the bolt is cycled back.

The Fix:

It sounds like the sear spring is too weak or that the sear itself is rounded off. You should clean it thoroughly because dust and other debris gather inside the receiver.

If the back of the firing pin moves up and down in the body of the bolt, it will affect how the gun is cocked. Put in a new firing pin to get rid of this problem.

User Feedback on Remington 550-1

There is a wide range of views about the Remington 550-1 on the internet.

A 550-1 from the 1940s was passed down to the spouse of one user, who noted that the only plastic part of the weapon was the butt stock. What’s more, it has a high degree of precision and dependability. She even dared anyone to show her a semi-auto 22 that can achieve it today.

Another satisfied customer vouchs for the 550-1 Remmy’s quality as an excellent weapon. They may be a little dated in appearance, but they perform admirably even now. He needn’t worry about accuracy or dependability with the one he has.

Few users have issues with their 550-1. The majority of owners have issues with the floating chamber, claiming it quickly becomes soiled and worn. Users said, when they are dirty, they jam up and cause issues. But overall, it is a nice shotgun.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 550-1

Browning Semi Auto 22 Rifle

Browning Semi-Auto.22 is a legendary plinking and varmint rifle. It has a 10-round capacity and a Remington 550-1-like weight. It’s 19 inches long and competent cyclist.  This alternative will please walnut fans.

Remington 552

552 is accurate, it shoots faster and smoother than the 550. The 552 seems to go further before choking on filth. The 552’s bottom plate is narrow, and the front dovetail is off-center, making the rear sight windage look odd.

Marlin 60

Remington now makes the 60-year-old Marlin model. It’s a decent 550-1 replacement. It has a 19-inch barrel, walnut-finished oak stock, and weighs 5.5 pounds (lighter than Remington). It holds 14 rounds and shoots reliably. Corrosion-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What year was the Remington 550-1 made?


How many rounds does a Remington 550-1 Hold?

The Remington can hold 12 or 15 rounds in its tube.

Which Remington rifle model is the rarest?

The.223 Remington-chambered variant is the rarest.

What Is The Difference Between A 550 And A 550-1?

The 550-1 uses a different extractor than the 550A


I’ve tried to explain the problems with the Remington 550-1 and their potential causes and solutions as clearly as I can.

You may find that the problems you’ve experienced are beyond the scope of the offered solutions. In this case, you should probably see a gunsmith or ship the firearm to Remington for servicing.

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