3 Henry AR-7 Problems You Should Know

When it comes to lightweight survival rifles, the AR-7 places among the most affordable ones. But there are some Henry AR-7 problems that you should know before buying.

Not floating, uncomfortable targeting, and jamming issues are the most common complaints of AR-7 22lr rifles.

However, reading the full article, one can understand that those are minor issues considering the gun’s use case. Also, I have explained the solutions to those problems. Let’s get started.

Henry AR-7 Specs

Barrel Length16.125″
Overall Length35″
Rate of Twist1:16
Weight3.50 lbs.
Length of Pull14″
Magazine CapacityTwo 8-round Mags
Stock MaterialABS Plastic
Common HENRY AR-7 Problems

3 Common Henry AR-7 Problems and Solutions

You have got a rough idea about the problems from the table above. Now, let’s discuss them in detail with possible fixes.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Not FloatingBuy a gun bag that floats.
Uncomfortable to PointInstall a scope for better targeting accuracy.
Jamming or feeding problemChange the magazine, change ammo, or sand the feed ramp.

1. Not Floating

According to Henry’s advertisements, the AR-7 floats when it is packed inside the provided stock.

One reviewer tested the claim and saw that it sank horribly.

The Fix

Actually, there are no fixes for this problem. All you can do is buy a floating tactical gun bag from Amazon.

Though the rifle sank, it shot all 16 bullets without a problem. So, don’t worry about water getting inside the AR-7.

2. Uncomfortable to Point

Despite having a rear peep sight and a front blade sight, AR-7 is very uncomfortable to point and lock the target.

The truth is that most of the rifles are not comfortable to point at.

The Fix

The gun comes with a built-in rail making it suitable for installing scopes. There are basic affordable scopes available on Amazon.

Using a screwdriver, you can install and adjust the scope easily.

And, the built-in sights are also useful and accurate if you practice with the gun for some time.

3. Jamming Issue

I have seen lots of users complaining about the feeding/jamming issue of AR-7.

Sometimes, the problem is with only one magazine out of the two included in the pack.

Some may think that it has something to do with the cheap bullets. But that is not true.

All of the complaints mention that the magazines are faulty.

The Fix

Depending on the problem’s nature, there can be several solutions.

One of the easiest fixes includes sanding or filing the feed ramp. Here, you can use 600-grit sandpaper to do the job.

It would be better if I could show you how to do it. But no online videos are showing the sanding and fixing of the jamming issue.

Those who are not confident enough to do the task by themselves can contact Henry and let them solve it.

After sanding the feed ramp, you have to apply gun grease using a Q-tip lightly on the feed ramp.

Also, make sure that you clean and lubricate the ramp after every use. It will keep the jamming issue away.

You can also try replacing the existing magazine with a new one. It should solve the problem. 

Pro Tip: Use high-velocity ammo for your AR-7. It will ensure the expected reliability and accuracy.

User Feedback on Henry AR-7

Despite some problems and flimsy build quality, people like the AR-7. It is fun to shoot and easily carriable.

You can break down the gun and carry it in a small bag pack while hiking or hunting in remote places.

From user reviews, you can see that the AR-7 has almost no recoil even though it weighs only 3.5 pounds.

The gun is very effective at killing small games within 50 yards. Another great thing about this gun is that the ammunitions are very affordable.

Some people quote it as “A semi-auto, no less, and shooting a fun, effective, cheap-as-dirt bullet”. That pretty much sums it up.

Nonetheless, you have to keep its use-case in mind because targeting long-distance shots with AR-7 can disappoint you.

It is a weather-resistant gun. So, you can keep it and use it in any condition without worrying about the rust which is a necessary feature for survival guns.

Don’t take my words for granted. According to a Vietnam war veteran, this .22LR rifle is enough when it comes to survival.

So far, I’m telling only good opinions about AR-7. There is another side of the story too.

Some users didn’t like the build quality of the gun. They also told that the rifle is fragile, inaccurate, and jams a lot.

So, perform enough testing after buying the rifle before relying on it.

Henry AR-7 Alternatives

This section is for those who think AR-7 is not capable of fulfilling their survival needs.

There are other reliable, lightweight, accurate, compact, and affordable rifles to choose from.

I would suggest 2 models from Chiappa and Marlin that weigh less than Henry’s AR-7 rifle.

  1. Chiappa Firearms Little Badger
  2. Marlin 70PSS

Both guns have some pros and cons. Don’t make a decision before choosing an AR-7 alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How reliable is the Henry ar7?

With the right kind of ammo, AR-7 offers adequate accuracy and high reliability.

What is the best ammo for an AR-7?

CCI Velocitor HP, Remington Golden Bullet HP, and Winchester Wildcat Solid Points

Is the Henry AR-7 waterproof?

It has a waterproof Teflon coating.

How far can an AR-7 shoot?

100 meters

How much is a Henry AR-7 rifle?

Around $250

What is an AR-7 used for?

It was originally designed for US pilots as a self-defense rifle.


Do you think that the Henry AR-7 problems are a deal-breaker?

I don’t think so because the solutions are simple. And, those issues are minor ones when it comes to survival.

The practical design of the gun along with important items given in the Henry Survival Pack is what makes it so popular among the users.

So, check out the gun, and let me know in the comments what you think about it.

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