4 Ruger PC Carbine Problems You Should Know

For home defense, this is a well-renowned gun across the US. So, knowing the Ruger PC Carbine problems can help homeowners keep the gun operational at all times.

Among the issues mentioned by the users, ejection failure, feeding failure, stovepiping, and stuck triggers are the most common ones.

To make your life a little bit easier, I have also included the reasons for these problems along with the solutions. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Ruger PC Carbine:

Barrel Length16.12″
Magazine Capacity17 rounds
Overall Length32.25″ – 35.50″
Caliber9MM LUGER
Twist Rate1:10″ RH
Rear SightNone
Front SightNone
SafetyPush button safety
Weight7.3 lb.
Length of Pull10.50″ – 13.75″
Trigger Pull2.5 lbs. – 4 lbs.
Common Ruger PC Carbine Problems and Solutions

Common Ruger PC Carbine Problems and Solutions

Failure to EjectChange the ammo brand, bend the ejector slightly, or send the gun to Ruger.
Feeding FailureTighten the tension ring on the barrel, change ammo, correct the sights, polish the feed ramp, or replace weak springs.
StovepipingSit the magazine properly, change the ammo brand, and avoid limp wristing.
Trigger StuckReplace the weak return spring or the whole trigger kit.

1. Failure to Eject

Lots of complaints indicate that Ruger PC Carbine has a problem with ejecting fired shells.

Possible Reasons

For the Ruger PC Carbine extractor issue, the first thing to suspect is the type of ammunition you are using.

Then, you should inspect all components related to the extraction mechanism.

Also, don’t forget to check the recoil spring and retainer as they can cause a similar problem too.

The Fix

The obvious first step of this trial and error method is to change the ammo brand.

You may urge to modify certain parts of the gun to solve this issue but I don’t recommend it for those who are relying on the Ruger warranty.

Now, let’s talk about other solutions.

Contacting Ruger, you may get a new extractor, pin, and spring as a replacement. Or, you can buy these components by yourself.

If it fails to solve the issue, try replacing the recoil spring and retainer.

Lastly, I want to mention a risky DIY fix that requires some alteration of the ejector.

Use a 4” vise grip to hold the ejector and bend it very little so that it can touch the channel in the bottom of the bolt.

It should do the trick as many users got benefit from the trick. Also, it will allow you to shoot different ammo without any issues.

2. Feeding Problem

Your PC Carbine may get jammed resulting in a feeding problem. Additionally, it can introduce an accuracy problem too.

Possible Reasons

I am calling it a Ruger PC Carbine jamming problem as it covers the whole range of problems due to jamming.

For both ammo feeding issues and accuracy problems, there can be one single reason.

If the tension ring on the barrel is not tight enough, you will face these issues.

The Fix

You can understand that the reason for these problems is unique. Here, the solution is simple.

Tighten the tension ring, and the gun is ready to operate smoothly.

However, it is not all. There are other possibilities for potential feeding and accuracy problems.

It can be the ammo, sights, rough feed ramp, weak spring, and many more. You can understand that jamming occurs for various reasons.

Those who can’t pinpoint the reason should take the gun to a gunsmith or send it to Ruger for the right solution.

3. Stove Piping Problem

This problem looks somewhat like the picture below.

Possible Reasons

Some may indicate the problem as the result of using a Glock magazine.

But it is not true because I have seen some users facing similar issues with Ruger magazines.

As stove pipe issue means fired shell not extracting, you can call it an extraction failure too.

It is very common among semi-automatic firearms. When the magazine doesn’t sit properly, it can cause stovepiping.

The Fix

For a simple and quicker solution, you can try tapping the bottom of the magazine so that it sits properly.

Then, rack the slide, and assess downrange which will ensure proper ammo loading. Hence, it may not cause any problems during the extraction.

Maintaining proper grip and avoiding limp wristing are two possible solutions to the problem.

Lastly, clean the gun on a regular basis.

4. Trigger Reset Issue

In some cases, the PC Carbine’s trigger gets stuck and doesn’t reset. It can be very dangerous in emergency situations.

Possible Reasons

A weak or faulty return spring is the primary reason for the trigger reset problem.

Also, one or two components in the trigger mechanism can become faulty causing the trigger to stick in one place.

If the problem is not the spring, it will be hard for any user to find the faulty part.

The Fix

The solution is simple here. Replace, the return spring with a new strong one, and the problem would be gone.

Furthermore, you can try replacing all components in the trigger mechanism if you can’t find the particular component that is causing the issue.

In case the problem persists, you should contact Ruger to get the right fix.

User Feedback on Ruger PC Carbine

Thinking overall features and performance of the PC Carbine, I think that it is an affordable entry-level firearm. The weight could have been less.

There are lots of similarities between the Sig MPX Carbine and Ruger PC Carbine. Both are good but the Ruger is offering the gun at a more affordable price.

I have seen opposing opinions too. Users wish that the PC Carbine had more accuracy and weigh less.

Shooting this gun is a gun experience. However, you may notice slightly more recoil than expected.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger PC Carbine

There are other 9mm carbines in the market besides the one from Ruger. Let’s check 3 of them in short.


The best thing about the MPX is that you can get lots of aftermarket parts and customize the gun as you like.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1

The use of EVO 3 S1 in the military in states across the world proves how reliable this firearm is. So, it is a worthy alternative to Ruger PC Carbine.

Wilson Combat AR9

Lightweight construction, excellent fit and finish, compatibility with AR components, and user-friendly features are the things I like in this gun a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ruger PC Carbine worth it?

Yes; extremely reliable

How accurate is the Ruger pc9?

Very accurate within 100 yards

Is Ruger PC Carbine good for home defense?


How much does a Ruger PC9 cost?

About $980; but check the latest price.

Is a PC Carbine a rifle?

Yes; a rifle that shoots pistol cartridge


Despite being new and some known Ruger PC Carbine issues, this firearm is getting more and more positive reviews from users.

I hope that the solutions I have given in this article are helping you get out of troubling situations.

Have you experienced any kind of problem with your PC Carbine that is not mentioned in this article?

Feel free to share your experience and thoughts on this gun.

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