Remington 597 Problems That New Buyers Should Know About

Are you into shooting a soda can at 100 yards with consistent strikes? With a Remington 597, that is easy! Yet, there remains a dark side to the gun.

The most common problems with the Remington 597 are: failure to fire, failure to eject, cycling problems, feeding problems and trigger problems.

I will give you the solution to these common Remington 597 issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington 597:

Action: Semi-Automatic Rimfire

Caliber: 22 Long Rifle

Product weight: 88 ounces

Product length: 40 inches

Capacity: 10 rounds

Finish: Matte

Stock: Synthetic

Barrel length: 20 inches                 

Sights: Iron Sights

Remington 597 Problems
Remington 597

Common Remington 597 Problems and Solutions

Failure to FireTroubleshoot guide rail and ammo.
Failure to EjectTroubleshoot extractor.
Cycling ProblemsTroubleshoot guide rod and RSA.
Feeding ProblemsTroubleshoot magazines and other parts.
Trigger ProblemTroubleshoot the bolt.

1. Failure to Fire

The Remington Model 597 has trouble firing. It causes the clip to turn out poorly after the first one. Reloading would, however, take care of the issue.

The Fix

CCI mini-mag is the only ammunition that didn’t occasionally cause problems. The mainspring tension from the factory may be the source of the issue.

The guide rail screws should be lowered until they contact the rails, at which point they should be turned back one turn.

They shouldn’t be too tight on the guide rails because that will bend them and lead to a variety of issues.

2. Failure to Eject

The Remington 597 tends to jam every 5–8 rounds, regardless of the type of ammunition used. Any ammo will cause that, but certain brands are worse than others.

The Fix

Numerous reasons could be the cause of the jamming problem. The bodies of the 3rd Gen mags have a little “10” in a circle cast into them. This could be the issue.

Stovepipe problems or duplicate feed problems are also frequent. You might potentially be having a problem with the extractor.

Ensure that the extractor cut is clean on the bolt face and the cutout in the barrel.

The replacement extractor from Volquartsen is often a superior extractor.

3. Cycling Problems

The rifle abruptly stops cycling. The bolt either sticks or refuses to move at all. Or it moves but fails to eject the discharged casing.

In another case, it will fire properly if a round is in the chamber. But it won’t repeat the action after firing.

The charging handle can then remain in the back position, requiring manual forward movement.

The Fix

The bolt guide rods would be the first thing to suspect. Even a tiny bit more stress can produce bending, which prevents the bolt from cycling.

This is a typical issue with Remington 597 rifles. It’s possible that the ejector is bent and dragging on the edge of the bolt’s groove.

Check the bolts visually. The guide rods or recoil springs will be the problem if the bolt still cannot move freely in the receiver.

4. Feeding Problems

This is the most notorious problem of all with the Remington 597s. The bullet at the top of the magazine sits “low” when more than three rounds are loaded into it.

The second round wouldn’t feed into the chamber after you fired the first one.

The Fix

Factory magazines are the root of a variety of feed issues. The rifle is also quite picky and jams with practically all regular velocity ammunition.

The bolt cannot be cycled effectively at the normal velocity. For this, the CCI high velocity is frequently used with success.

A faulty magazine spring might potentially cause a feeding problem as well. Try returning it to the dealer. They ought to swap it out.

Additionally, the stovepipes might be seen as a component of the design.

5. Trigger Problem

When the trigger resets during auto-reload, a vertical piece at the back of the trigger assembly appears to be pushed too far back.

The trigger jams
The trigger jams

The trigger jams when this occurs. It locks up 8 to 10 bullets in.

The Fix

The pin in the hole holding the reset lever to the trigger may not be centered.

According to this offset, the reset lever can operate properly when the bolt is riding low on the rails. But improperly when it is riding high on the rails.

Off centered bolt
Off centered bolt

Remember that when the bolt resets the trigger, the hammer is attempting to force the bolt upward.

The trigger then functions perfectly after this.  On the side of the bolt facing the reset lever, apply about .030″ of JB Weld to fix the problem.

However, the bolt might fire more quickly as a result of this. So, you should take the gun to Remington.

User Feedback on Remington 597

There are a lot of contradictory reviews for the Remington 597. Some claim it is faultless and great. Others, however, complain that it is awful and cannot fire two rounds consecutively without jamming.

Let me talk about both of these ends of the conversation.

Those who have experienced no issues have only used three to four different brands or types of ammunition. Bulk ammunition is not the gun’s favorite.

Rounds with higher pressure are effective. Those that did experience issues have nightmares about this one! It starts to become routine to send it to the factory every other day.

However, if you disassemble it and clean out the action and feed ramp, it will functions properly.

Another issue is that the gun frequently struggles with feeding problems. The first two magazine generations were awful.

However, users claim that the firearm is just as dependable as a 10/22 or any other using the proper ammunition (e.g the Fed Champions).

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington 597

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington 597. 

Ruger 10-22

Based on available alternatives and aftermarket support, 10-22 prevails. There is undoubtedly a whole aftermarket devoted to the 10/22.

This is your pick if you want to customize your gun. There are also countless high-capacity magazines available.

Marlin 60

There is a good reason why the Marlin Model 60 is so well-liked. It costs less and is more accurate right out of the box.

Additionally, the Marlin is a better, more tested design. It is more accurate than the shooter and you rarely have feeding or extraction issues.

Marlin 795

The 795 is lighter and more portable and comes with a detachable magazine. If you go squirrel hunting in a mountainous or dense area, this may be crucial.

Any LR ammunition you put in the clip or tube will work with them. Honestly, the Marlin is more durable and affordable than the Remington.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the models of the Remington 597?

There are three models: Synthetic, HB (heavy barrel), and Pink Camo.

What are some good ammo recommendations for Remington 597?

Winchester X-pert. .22LR, CCI .22LR, Remington Thunderbolts.

What is a popular magazine for the Remington 597?

The Marlin 882 .22 magazine.

What kind of sights are on the Remington 597?

Fiber optic sights.

Is the Remington 597 better in 17 HRM?

No. This rifle should not have the same problems in 22 mags as it has in 17 HRM.


The Remington 597 is certainly a special gun. Every 1000 rounds, it should ideally be entirely disassembled, cleaned, and oiled to keep it running.

It was discovered that the magazine design was to blame for the prior version’s feeding issues. According to reports, the newly designed magazine feeds significantly better.

There are, however, better weapons available because it frequently has other issues. You rarely get any use out of it if it’s a big miss! Therefore, my advice is to look for a better gun!

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