Remington RM380 Problems that New Buyers Should Know About

The Remington RM380 is a true DAO. It has reliable extraction, ejection, and feeding. The gun is all-metal construction, small, and lightweight. Users can’t recall a single failure.

The most common problems with the Remington RM380 are: trigger problems, accuracy issues, failure to feed and slide lock issues.

I will give you the solution to these common Remington RM380 issues in this article. Additionally, you will get authentic reviews from users as well. So, stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of Remington RM380:

  • Action: Double-Action-Only, Hammer-Fired Gun
  • Caliber: .380 Auto
  • Product weight: 12.2 ounces
  • Product length: 5.27 inches
  • Capacity: 6+1 rounds
  • Finish: Anodized 7075 Aluminum Frame
  • Stock: Metal
  • Barrel length: 2.9 inches                 
Remington RM380 Problems
Remington RM380

Common Remington RM380 Problems and Solutions

Trigger ProblemsTroubleshoot trigger, replace hammer spring.
Accuracy IssueChange magazines. 
Failure to FeedUse different Ammo.
Slide Lock IssuesTroubleshoot the take down pin.

Trigger Problem

Trigger stacks extremely poorly. The trigger break is set quite far back, almost to the frame. The stacking at the very end of the pull is horrible too.

Inconsistent primer strikes also an example, although she is not bound to!

The Fix

The trigger bar seems to be a stamped part with no smoothness at the place where it interacted with the hammer.

These rough and irregularly shaped surfaces are the source of much of the final stacking. Hand polishing can help with stacking.

Replace the hammer spring seat with a shorter one. Reduce the pull to about 7-1/2 lbs and make it as smooth as possible to eliminate the stacking.

Accuracy Issue

The Remington RM380 has a poor accuracy beyond 10 yards. The pistol can deliver groups of an inch or two at 10 yards. But it won’t keep every bullet in an 8-inch circle at 15 yards.

However, some people have had 3/4″ at 20+ yards too.

The Fix

The finger pad truly improves accuracy. There is a distinction between the two types of magazines that goes with the pistol.

The RM380 shifts slightly in your hands due to the flush grip and smooth metal. But the pistol does not shift when using the pinkie extension, making it easier to maintain accuracy.

Failure to Feed

When attempting to chamber rounds, the projectile clears the mag and feed lip.

But once in the chamber, the case stops This causes feeding issues.

The Fix

The Fiocchi rim is 33% thicker than the RM380. So using this ammo causes an issue.

Moreover, only jacketed bullets will be stabilized by it. Lead rounds cannot be stabilized by the RM380.

It can also be difficult to load steel-cased ammunition into the rifle. It will feed brass cases without a problem. However, every other round when using steel cases will either fail to feed or not go all the way into the battery.

Slide Lock Issue

The takedown pin slips out of place, jamming the slide and leaving it “locked-up” with around 1/4″ of battery remaining. Pins are not supposed to move around this way.

The Fix

You could have assembled the pin incorrectly. Don’t rack the slide when the rifle is angled to the side (ejection side up). Alternatively, lubricate the pin.

For the pin to come out, the barrel and slide must line up at the same alignment. Make sure the recoil spring sits level, resting on the first little “shelf” versus pushed all the way down.

Check that the barrel is not locked and that it is not moving with the slide. then try freely inserting the pin into its hole.

If you need to replace the pin, make sure you have a good aftermarket part. Williams Gun Sight sells a slightly bigger diameter takedown pin belonging to the Rohrbaugh R9.

User Feedback on Remington RM380

People’s initial thoughts are that it’s a reliable little gun. People adore the fact that it never wobbles. It is also far more accurate than it needs to be and conceals nicely. It fits in a pocket really well.

Through many hundred rounds, the weapon is consistently reliable. Some people dislike the trigger because of how it builds before the break. The trigger is long, has a little grit and creep, but smoothes out at the end.

The trigger pull is fairly long and resembles the great trigger pull of the LCR.  Despite being longer than the double-action pull of other revolvers, it is much smoother.

Out of the box, the fit of the gun is excellent! Additionally, the finish is simple but skillfully done.

It is incredibly simple and straightforward to disassemble as well. The pistol is also very easy to clean.

Overall, people seem to like this pistol a lot. Despite there are better options to choose. It is one of the better gun models produced by Remington.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington RM380

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Remington RM380. 

Ruger LCP-II

People who own the Ruger LCP-II really like the trigger. The SAO-style trigger over the RM380’s DAO is actually preferable. Both were very reliable but the shorter trigger pull of the LCP wins over the Remington.

S&W380 Bodyguard

It performs flawlessly on essential defense, has mild priming strikes on some ammunition, dislikes carbon ammunition, and is generally reliable. It is small, light, and concealable.

Beretta Pico

This pistol truly is a marvel of engineering. Except for the Modular Grip, the entire rifle is made of stainless steel.

It’s a very gentle firing pistol. They are promoted as being able to fire Plus P ammo and having “Double Strike” capability. The modular grip looks great.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the slide lock back after the last round of Remington RM380?

Yes. The slide does lock back on the last round.

Does Remington RM380 come with extra magazines?

The Remington RM380 comes with two extra magazines, one is a flush mount and the other has a pinkie extension. Both hold 6 rounds.

Does Remington RM380 come with extended magazines?

The Remington RM380 has the pinkie extension magazine.

How long does it take to get used to the Remington RM380 trigger pull?

It takes about 50 rounds to get used to the long trigger pull.

Does a RM380 have a safety?

No, the RM380 does not have a safety.


This Remington pistol is a clear winner. It is based on a tried-and-true design and is produced in America.

However, there is no ideal pistol round. Although there are undoubtedly better options for rounds for this one.

And even if you chose a .380 caliber because of size and weight restrictions, you may still choose from other more “proven” models in addition to this one.

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