Most Common CZ P-10 S Problems You Should Know

The CZ P-10 S 9mm Pistol is the subcompact version of the company’s striker-fired pistol lineup. The P-10 S is made with the same famous cold-hammer-forged barrel that all CZ pistols have.

The P-10 S has a few issues, most of which can be easily fixed. The most common problems include the failure to eject, double feeding problem, slide problem, gripping problem, and trigger problem.

In this article, common problems with the P-10 S and their possible solutions will be discussed. Read the article completely to learn more about the potential causes and solutions to your CZ P-10 S problems.

Features & Specifications of CZ P-10 S:

ActionDouble Action
Capacity12+1 rounds
Caliber9 mm Luger   
Sights Luminescent
Product weight710 g (with empty magazine)
Product length170 mm
Barrel length89.5 mm
Frame MaterialFiberglass-reinforced Polymer                 
CZ P-10 S Problems
CZ P-10 S

Common CZ P-10 S Problems and Solutions

Failure to EjectReplace the extractor. Clean and lubricate the gun.
Feeding ProblemTroubleshoot.
Slide ProblemClean and lubricate the gun. Reassemble properly.
Gripping ProblemUse a +2 extended baseplate.
Trigger ProblemContact CZ. Send your gun to CZ.

1. Failure to Eject:

Many CZ P-10 S owners have said that the cartridge stays in the chamber instead of being ejected.

Most of the time, this is caused by a worn extractor, which is the little arm that holds the cartridge case, or a worn cartridge case.

Additionally, this may be the result of using improper ammunition. Lubrication and maintenance deficiencies may potentially contribute to this issue.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, check the extractor very carefully. If the extractor is broken, it needs to be replaced.

Additionally, avoid using ammunition that is incompatible with your firearm to rectify the issue. Furthermore, it is preferable to frequently switch out your ammunition.

The firearm needs to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated before the first shot may be fired.

2. Feeding Problem:

Some people who have had the “failure to eject” problem have also had the “double feeding” problem.

It occurs when the extractor fails to clear the chamber but the slide attempts to feed the top round from the magazine into the chamber nonetheless.

Another reason of feeding problem is the use of long cartridge in the short-barreled gun. This may be caused by an ongoing problem of failure to eject.

The Fix: 

If you are already in this situation, carefully follow the steps below.

First, lock the back of the slide. Then, remove the magazine. After that, rack the slide a minimum of three times. Finally, insert a new magazine and fire.

To avoid this happening, you should also keep your gun clean and oiled. To permanently resolve the issue, first solve the failure to eject.

Also, incompatible ammunition should be avoided. 


3. Slide Problem:

There have been reports from certain users of the P-10 S that the slide of their guns locks back even while there is ammunition still in the magazine.

These kinds of slide malfunctions have a couple of potential causes, the most common of which being dirt inside the pistol or a lack of proper lubrication.

A failure to properly reassemble the firearm after cleaning it can also result in the same issues, particularly if certain components are not installed in the correct positions.

The Fix:

To fix the issue, you need to thoroughly clean the pistol. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the gun is well-oiled so that the components do not get abrasive.

If the issue is still present, you should disassemble the gun and then reassemble it to make sure that all of the pieces are placed in the correct spots.

4. Gripping Problem:

One concern regarding the P-10 S’s grip is that it may be difficult to obtain a secure hold.

The magazine for the P-10 S is small because it is a subcompact gun. So, the grip has not got much space.

The Fix:  

The extended magazine will help you to get some extra space for comfortably gripping the gun.

Therefore, to get rid of the issue, you can simply extend the magazine.

5. Trigger Problem:

The trigger of P-10 S has been mentioned as a common complaint among its owners.

Several users have stated that the P-10 S’s trigger becomes slack for no apparent reason.

The Fix: 

To fix the problem, contact CZ and send your gun to them. They will troubleshoot the problem.  

User Feedback on CZ P-10 S

The CZ P-10 S is an excellent handgun for self-defense and as a backup weapon for military personnel. Also, the frame and the slide of the handgun are both appropriately compact for concealed carry.

A user has reported in the CZ Talk forum that exactly right out of the box, the gun starts to malfunction, such as double feeding problems, slide problems, trigger problems, etc.

Another user on Reddit has said that he is disappointed with his P-10 S handgun. Poor ejections that led to multiple bad jams are the primary cause of his dissatisfaction.

Several users on different forums, such as the SIG Talk forum and the Gun Game forum said that they are happy with their investment in the P-10 S.

According to one of them, the hand feel of the P-10 S is fantastic. The gripping experience is made better by his average-sized hands. Also, he does not forget to compliment the trigger, which, according to him, is amazing and has very little reset.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of CZ P-10 S

Sig Sauer P365 XL

The Sig Sauer P365 XL is a striker-fired subcompact pistol chambered in 9mm luger. The P365 XL has a length of 6.6 inches, a height of 4.8 inches, and a weight of 20.7 oz.

Both the P-10 S and the P365 XL are subcompact pistols chambered in 9mm luger with some other similar features like length and a striker-fired trigger that make them suitable alternatives to one another.

Sig Sauer P320 X Compact

The Sig Sauer P320 X Compact is a striker-fired compact pistol chambered in 9mm luger. The P320 X Compact has a barrel length of 3.6 inches and a weight of 25.3 oz.

The P320 X Compact and the P-10 S are both striker-fired pistols chambered in 9mm luger.  The Sig Sauer P320 X Compact is thus the best alternative to the CZ P-10 S.

Glock G26 Gen4

The Glock G26 Gen4 is a striker-fired subcompact pistol chambered in 9mm luger. The Glock G26 Gen4 has a length of 6.49 inches, a height of 4.17 inches, a width of 1.26 inches, and a weight of 21.71 oz.

The Glock G26 Gen4 has many similar features, including a 9mm luger chamber and a width of 1.26 inches. Thus, the Glock G26 Gen4 is an ideal substitute for the CZ P-10 S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did the CZ P-10 S come out for the first time?

In October 2018, CZ came out with the P-10 S, a smaller version of the P-10.

Has the P-10 S been taken off the market by CZ?

Yes, CZ discontinued the P-10 S in about 2022.

Is the P-10 S a double-action-only handgun? 

Yes, the P-10 S is a double-action-only handgun. 

How many rounds does the P-10 S hold in a magazine?

The P-10 S holds 12 rounds in a magazine.

What does the ‘S’ stand for in the P-10 S?

The ‘S’ in P-10 S stands for subcompact.


After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the various causes of CZ P-10 S problems and the corresponding solutions.

To sum it up, the CZ P-10 S is a good self-defense and military backup handgun. The P-10 S feels great in the hand. The trigger has a very small amount of reset. Also, the frame and the slide are small for concealed carry.

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