6 Ruger LCP 2 Problems One Can’t Ignore Before Buying

The LCP 2 is arguably one of the best pocket pistols. But I have found a few Ruger LCP 2 problems that you must know before buying it.

It includes issues regarding trigger spring, extractor system, feeding, magazine, reassembling, and takedown pin.

The best thing about this article is that you can know their possible solutions too. Know what you will be facing in the future and be prepared accordingly. 

Features & Specifications of Ruger LCP 2:

Barrel Length2.75″
Magazine Capacity6
Overall Length5.17″
Caliber380 Auto
Twist Rate1:16″ RH
Rear SightIntegral
Front SightIntegral
SafetyPush-forward safety
Dimensions 3.71″ H; 0.75″ W
Weight10.6 oz.
Trigger Pull7.2 pounds
Ruger LCP 2 Problems and Solutions
Ruger LCP 2 Problems

Common Ruger LCP 2 Problems and Solutions

I have discussed the problems, possible reasons, and solutions here. But first, let’s quickly look at the summary in the table below. 

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Trigger Spring ProblemReplace the faulty trigger return spring, hammer spring, and recoil spring, and clean the gun.
Ejection ProblemChange the ammo brand, and replace the weak extractor spring.
Feeding ProblemsChange ammo brand, avoid limp wristing, polish feed ramp, and fix the faulty magazine.
Magazine ProblemCorrect the holding position, and replace the faulty magazine latch spring.
Reassembling ProblemsWatch videos for proper assembling.
Takedown Pin ProblemReplace any faulty spring or send the gun back to Ruger.

1. Trigger Problem

Due to Ruger LCP 2 spring problem, the trigger of the firearm may not return to the normal position. Also, a stuck trigger can happen.

Possible Reasons

After disassembling the trigger system, you may notice that the spring there has become faulty.

Another possible cause of the stuck trigger is a faulty recoil spring.

Lastly, don’t rule out the possibility of dirt or rust inside the gun.

The Fix

Installing a new trigger return spring is not that hard. You can watch this video to see how it is done properly.

It also includes the installation of the hammer spring. When you are solving trigger spring problems, it is better to install all three springs in the kit.  

Disassembling and reassembling can be tricky for beginners. So, my suggestion will be to watch the video from the start to the end; not from the middle.

I have told you that a faulty recoil spring can also cause this issue. This time, you have to replace it with a new one.

Sometimes, dirt can cause some problems that are easily solved by disassembling and cleaning the gun.

2. Ejection Problem

Failure to eject fired shells is a common problem in many LCP 2 units.

Possible Reasons

The reasons for this Ruger LCP 2 extractor problem are many. It can partially get stuck and prevent the next round from chambering in.

The first thing you have to do is doubt the ammo because most of the time, changing the ammo solves this issue.

Furthermore, a weak extractor spring can cause the case to slip and leave it halfway out of the chamber.

The Fix

I have seen lots of LCP 2 users facing similar issues only because of using cheap ammo.

My first and the most important recommendation is not to save on ammo. Choose a reputed brand, and test with good-quality bullets.

Even if the problem persists, you will have to disassemble the gun and check the strength of the extractor spring.

A new extractor spring may cost you about 4 bucks. Those who don’t have enough expertise or the necessary tools should get the help of a gunsmith.

3. Feeding Problems

In this Ruger LCP 2 feeding problem, the firearm fails to chamber bullets properly.

Possible Reasons

Two of the most common causes for this issue are ammo design and limp wristing.

A sharp edge on the feed ramp like the image below can also cause this feeding problem.

Source: https://www.rugerpistolforums.com/threads/lcp-ii-feed-ramp-issue.35074/

Among very few cases, I noticed that a faulty magazine may cause feeding problems in an LCP 2.

The Fix

Limp wristing usually happens to beginners. As an experienced user, you won’t have to worry about it.

Just change the ammo brand, and see what happens. Sometimes, the dimension of certain brands’ bullets doesn’t match LCP 2’s internal specs.

The next step is to disassemble the gun and inspect the feed ramp. Seeing any sharp edges, you will have to clean it, polish it, and slightly lubricate it.

However, you have to make sure that no metal is removed during the process. Because slightly polishing does not remove any metal piece.

Tip: The perfect location for polishing is underneath the barrel hood.

Lastly, ask a gunsmith to inspect the firearm’s magazine. As a small gun, there are hundreds of pieces ready to cause trouble.

So, even a little bit of irregularity in the magazine or related parts inside the gun can prevent proper feeding.

4. Magazine Release Problem

While shooting, the magazine of your LCP 2 may get released without warning.

Possible Reasons

The most obvious reason for this Ruger LCP 2 magazine problem is accidentally hitting the button causing the magazine to be released.

An uncomfortable grip or holding the gun in the wrong way causes this issue.

A left-handed shooter handling a right-handed gun faces such problems more often.

Furthermore, the magazine latch and spring can become faulty after using the gun for a while.

The Fix

When you fear that your grip is causing this issue, it is only you who can fix it.

If you ask for my suggestion, I can give you one. Place the left hand slightly lower than the mag release button.

It may take a couple of practice hours to get it right. But eventually, you will not be facing this issue anymore.

After doing some inspection, some may notice that the latch spring has become weak. Replacing it with a new one solves this issue most of the time.

5. Reassembling Problems

Getting the slide back on in the final stage of reassembly is a common issue in LCP 2 pistols.

Possible Reasons

It seems to me that inexperience causes this Ruger LCP 2 reassembly problem.

Also, the lack of knowing the right disassembling and assembling steps can be the reason.

The Fix

For properly assembling the gun, you can watch this video. The steps are:

  • Take the barrel and slide it into its place.
  • Run the guide rod through the spring.
  • On top of the barrel, place the guide rod and spring. Use some force to sit it on a little notch.
  • Finally, let the slide glide back in gently.

Any worn-out or broken piece can prevent this mechanism from happening. Find what is causing the problem, replace it, and the gun will be ready.

6. Takedown Pin Problem

When this Ruger LCP 2 takedown pin problem occurs, the TK pin comes out slightly or completely out of its position.

Possible Reasons

A faulty spring that is supposed to hold the pin in its place may cause this issue.

Also, any kind of damage to the pin can be a valid reason.

The Fix

Take off the parts, and replace the faulty spring.

It is better to send the gun to Ruger for the fix. Because the solution is not that simple for this issue.

Pro Tip: From my experience, I can say that simply cleaning and lubricating your Ruger LCP 2 solves most of the problems.

User Feedback on Ruger LCP 2

For concealed carrying, Rugger LCP 2 is an ideal handgun. But the ergonomics and grip are not that great.

It is not very comfortable for holding and shooting. Also, the sights do not have a higher quality or accuracy.

Disassembling the gun requires more tools than some competitor pistols.

Lastly, the aesthetics of the gun won’t please you. But this is a reliable gun for self-defense situations and close-range shooting.

Overall, it gets a 3.5 rating out of 5 from the users and enthusiasts.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger LCP 2  

Though the LCP 2 is a great gun, it can’t meet the expectations of some users. Here are some alternatives to consider for those people.

Remington RM380

A bigger frame size makes the RM380 suitable for those who have bigger hands. But carrying it may not be as comfortable as LCP 2.

Ruger LC9s Semi-Auto

As the LCP 2 22lr alternative, you can consider the LC9s. This gun is better for its reliability and compactness. You can easily carry it concealed.

Glock 42

Due to a less-felt recoil, Glock 42 is one of the most popular alternatives to an LCP 2.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ruger LCP 2 reliable?

Yes, it is a reliable pistol for self-defense.

What is the difference between a Ruger LCP and LCP 2?

LCP 2 is slightly heavier and longer than Ruger LCP.

What caliber does the Ruger LCP 2 come in?


Is the Ruger LCP 2 safe to carry?

Yes; the firing pin safety is enough for carrying.

Is the Ruger LCP 2 single or double action?

Single action.


After knowing all these common Ruger LCP 2 problems, what do you think about this handgun?

Are any of those issues seem to be a deal-breaker? I think not. Because these are issues common to all other pistols.

Indeed, the nature or symptoms of the problems may not match. But you’ll encounter close-to-similar situations.

Don’t feel hesitant to share what is on your mind.

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  1. I purchased 1 a few weeks ago. Super compact pocket rocket. Great for up close and personal. Good to about 7 yards. 👍

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