Top 5 H&K vp40 Problems and Their Solutions

The renowned VP pistol line by Heckler and Koch includes the HK VP40, which is the .40 SW variant. It has very identical dimensions to the 9mm VP9. However, it is one millimeter taller and 2.37 ounces heavier.

The H&K vp40 model has one of the best reviews from the users with all the unique specifications possible.

Some of the frequent issues people have when using this gun are Creep in the trigger, failure to fire and disassembly problems etc.

In this section, a number of issues with using it have been highlighted, along with fixes for those issues. Keep going to learn everything you need to know about those issues and their fixes.

Features and Specification of H&K vp40:

  • Caliber: .4 S&W
  • Length: 7.34 inches
  • Height: 5.45 inches
  • Width: 1.32 inches
  • Barrel length: 4.09 inches
  • Sight Radius: 6.38 inches
  • Weight: 28.39 oz
  • Magazine Capacit: 10/13
Problems of H&K vp40
H&K vp40

Common H&K vp40 Problems and Solutions

Creep in the triggerIt will be smoother with use
Failure to fireImprove the gripping
Slide releases on aggressive mag insertionInsert the magazine without a hard slam
Disassembly problemPush down on the slide’s back.
Hurts to shootSwitch to a lighter ammo

1. Creep in the Trigger:

Some users are facing the creep in the trigger. The draw of the trigger has a creep. A slight catch occurs whenever the trigger is pulled back before the resistance pull.

The Fix:

It is a common thing in new guns.  Using it will make it smoother. The FPBS is about to be struck by the trigger bar.

Then you encounter a little more resistance as you pass through that, and the striker’s face emerges from the sear.

2. Failure to Fire:

VP40 is constantly failing to fire. This issue doesn’t fix even after using different brands of magazines.

The forward slide release button is hit every time to chamber another round but it fails to fire each time.

The Fix:

When there are still rounds in the magazine, the thumb rides the slide stop, locking the slide open.

Make sure the sliding lock lever is field stripped, free on both sides, and spring-loaded to the downward position. The grip is most likely to blame. The grip alignment needs to be better.

3. Slide Releases on Aggressive Mag Insertion:

On occasion, the slide release disengages and the slide closes when a mag is inserted and slammed down at the range.

The slide remained closed even after the mag was reloaded and the same action was repeated with fingers that were a distance away from the slide release.

The Fix:

The slide won’t close if the magazine isn’t inserted with a firm bang. Personally, I believe it’s fantastic, especially if you have to perform quick reloads or are engaged in a gunfight. Of course, you also need to practice with it.

4. Disassembly Problem:

When taking the VP40 handgun for cleaning, shooters encounter the disassembly issue. In addition, when the slide is released, it does not leave the frame without the trigger being pulled first.

The slide is also moved in all directions, but until the trigger is pushed, nothing happens.

The Fix:

Simply press down on the slide as you remove it. There is no need to pull the trigger.  

Simply push forward while resting my thumb on the back of the slide end. It is simple to remove the slide from the frame once it has crossed the sear.

5. Hurts to Shoot:

Shooters occasionally experience problems with their fingers as they begin to throb severely when using the VP40 gun in the USPSA’s limited class for power factor. Because of this, accuracy may suffer.

The Fix:

Users may find the lighter gun’s recoil impulse to be excessively strong. Additionally, the ammunition can be excessively powerful.

Compare the ammunition’s internal pressure and power factor to the specifications of the VP40. Check if everything is good or not.

Switch to light target ammo and fire the same number of rounds or more. Altering the grip panels has a significant impact on accuracy and hand fatigue.

User Feedback on Smith and Wesson Governor

The VP40 is remarkably well equipped for a “volkspistole” or “people’s pistol,” a description that has been repeated in numerous VP9 and VP40 reviews by this point. In my opinion, this rifle is worth saving up for over others.

H&K vp40 has the softest shooting 40 caliber pistol according to a youtuber. However, vp40 is a bit heavier than a vp9 gun. But, it still is an incredible gun to use.

The slide of the vp40 is relatively heavier, thicker, and slightly widened. And, it has a lot in common with vp9 such as the trigger, three-dot phosphorescent site, and, little cocking ears or assisting tabs stated by another YouTuber.

By swapping out the backstraps and side panels, the HK vp40 may be adjusted to fit the grip. And although it feels like recoil differently, it is still among the best striker-fired handguns ever made as per GunsAmerica.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of HK vp40

HK vp9

The Heckler & Koch VP9 is a striker-fired, semi-automatic pistol with a polymer frame. Volkspistole, which translates to “people’s pistol,” is what the VP stands for just like vp40 and they are almost identical.

Glock 17

Glock 17 and H&K vp9 have identical specs in terms of barrel length, body weight, trigger pull, and magazine.   The GLOCK 17 9 mm Luger pistol’s recognizable “Safe Action” trigger technology makes it reliable and easy.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is simply a scaled-down Glock 17. Glock 19 handguns may use Glock 17 magazines.  The GLOCK 19 in 9 mm Luger is ideal for a number of jobs due to its lower size compared to the standard-sized option.

In contrast to its conventional employment as a service pistol, it is ideal for use as a backup weapon or for concealed carry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many rounds can an HK VP40 hold?

Magazines with a capacity of 13 rounds or less, 10 rounds.

Is the HK 40 a quality weapon?

The HK vp40 is an excellent choice for concealed carry and leisure shooting since it is extremely dependable, tough, and high-quality.

Is the HK vp40 full size?

We’ll refer to it as a full-size pistol that changed its diet. 


The H&K VP40 is the first new model of this sort since the P7 and a striker-fired pistol. Technically speaking, at 1.32, it is not any wider than the VP9.

The additional weight is intended to both reinforce the slide and aid control the recoil of the more potent.40 S&W cartridge.

Polymer frames are common in contemporary striker-fired handguns, and the VP40 is no exception. The polymer has shown to be more than resilient for use in firearms and is easier and less expensive to work with than metal.

H&K vp40 is fairly accurate, manageable, and completely reliable, but that is standard for HK handguns. Heavy trigger pulls and high bores have historically been their weak points. Neither of those traits applies to the VP40. 

The VP40 is unquestionably a reliable performer from a firm with a great track record at a reasonable price.

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