5 Common Ruger LCP Max Problems that You Should Know About

A larger magazine capacity makes this version of LCP popular. However, there are some Ruger LCP Max problems that you should know about before making sudden decisions.

Among all, improper chambering, jamming, faulty extraction, and rust problems are the most common complaints about Ruger LCP Max.

In this article, you will get to know about the possible reasons and fixes for these issues. So, let’s get started.

Features & Specifications of Ruger LCP Max:

Barrel Length2.80″
Magazine Capacity10 rounds
Overall Length5.17″
Caliber380 Auto
Twist Rate1:16″ RH
Rear SightDrift Adjustable
Front SightTritium with White Outline
SafetyTrigger Safety and Secure-Action
Dimensions 4.12″ H; 0.81″ W
Weight10.6 oz.
Trigger Pull6 pounds
Common ruger lcp max Problems
ruger lcp max

Common Ruger LCP Max Problems and Solutions

Before jumping right into the discussion, have a look at the table below for a quick overview.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Chambering IssueAvoid limp-wristing, change the recoil spring or polish the feed ramp.
Jamming IssueAvoid limp-wristing, replace faulty springs, solve magazine irregularities, or polish the feed ramp.
Extraction IssueTry different ammo brands, clean grease in the cylinder, or polish roughness.
Rust IssueClean the gun or send it to Ruger.
Magazine IssueTry changing the magazine latch spring, and avoid hitting the mag button accidentally.

1. Chambering Problems

Failing to chamber a round causes the slide to be forced before shooting.

It can happen sometimes even if some rounds are fired without any issues. The round does not sit properly, and one has to manually force it to be placed.

Possible Reasons

Knowing the reasons first will help you solve this Ruger LCP Max chambering problem.

The shape of the ammo is the first thing to check. Round-nosed bullets are recommended. Also, check whether the dimensions match the firearm’s manual.

Secondly, you have to inspect the feed ramp. Roughness often causes the slide to get stuck.

Besides a bad feed ramp, a weak recoil spring can also cause this type of problem.

Lastly, you may not be chambering the round properly. Pulling the slide and letting it go naturally should do the trick.

But I have seen beginners do limp-wristing without realizing it.

The Fix

Before trying out the complex solutions, you first have to implement simpler fixes such as changing the ammo brand and avoiding limp-wristing.

The next stop is disassembling the firearm and inspecting the feed ramp as well as the recoil spring.

If the spring is weak, you will have to replace it with a new one.

And, in the case where the feed ramp is not as smooth as expected, one needs to polish it.

Assuming you already have a Dremel bit set, buying Flitz BU 03515 Polish Paste is all.

2.  Jamming Issue

Failure to feed ammo is what I mean by Ruger LCP Max jamming issue.

It prevents the bullet from chambering or leaving the magazine.

Possible Reasons

Similar to the previous problem, jamming can occur due to limp-wristing and the wrong kind of ammunition.

Furthermore, the bore, side barrel, and feed ramp can be rough causing the bullet to sit properly.

In case, a faulty magazine fails to feed ammo, you may face this feeding or jamming problem.

And, irregularities in the barrel like the image here can cause jamming too. You can see it by disassembling the gun.

Source: https://www.rugerforum.net/threads/lcp-max-issues.402144/post-4706526

The Fix

In the previous point, I have given the solution to limp-wristing and ammo brands.

Also, you can get enough information on polishing the feed ramp in case it has considerable roughness.

In such cases, the magazine spring becomes too tight causing the jamming or ammo feeding issue.

So, the solution here is to replace the faulty spring. But other components inside the magazine can cause this problem.

You should disassemble the magazine, and look for any irregularities.

Due to having lots of similarities in the Ruger LCP Max magazine problem, I am not going to discuss it separately.

The nature of the problem and solutions are very common to complaints regarding jamming.

3. Failure to Extract

Failing to eject the fired case is the definition of a Ruger LCP Max extractor problem.

It can either happen in a new LCP Max unit or a used one. I have seen users facing this issue even after shooting 200 rounds through their guns.

Possible Reasons

Not-recommended ammunition is one of the biggest reasons for extraction failure. The slightly larger shell size prevents it from ejecting.

Also, the grease inside the cylinder can cause the fired shell to bind.

Lastly, irregularities in the chamber can also work behind ejection failure. However, the possibility of this reason is very low.

The Fix

First of all, try different ammo. I am saying this because the shell of some bullets can be slightly larger causing it to stick in the extractor.

Furthermore, new units come with packaging grease to prevent rust.

By cleaning the grease and ensuring the cylinder is bone dry, you will be able to solve the ejection problem.

Lastly, disassemble the gun, and inspect the internal parts carefully to detect any kind of burr or roughness.

Polishing is what one should do in this case.

4. Rust Problem

If you have noticed rust in any part of the LCP Max, you will be surprised to know that you are not alone in this Ruger LCP Max rust problem.

Regardless of new or old units, rust occurs for various reasons. In most cases, rust occurs in slide rails.

Possible Reasons

First of all, poor material quality is the main reason for this kind of problem.

Also, a bad finish and a cheap paint job may be the culprits for this problem.

I have to admit that the users are also to be blamed. In case you leave the gun in rain, and do not clean properly afterward can introduce rust.  

The Fix

If your LCP Max is still under warranty, sending the gun back to Ruger will be the best thing to do.

Otherwise, you can follow the steps below to remove the rust by yourself.

  • Disassemble the gun.
  • Inspect every single piece carefully, and keep the affected ones aside.
  • Using a toothbrush and a good-quality gun solvent, clean the rust.
  • Finally, use gun oil or grease lightly on the cleaned area avoiding any spot where lubricants are problematic.

5. Magazine Falling Out

This problem causes the magazine to fall automatically while shooting.

Possible Reasons

To know the exact reason, you have to test the magazine in another LCP Max pistol.

Also, try different magazines with your gun. It will ensure which piece is to blame here.

The positioning of the magazine latch spring, and the bad-shaped spring, are what make the magazine faulty.

The Fix

Assuming you have found out where the problem is, you need to disassemble the gun and inspect the latch spring for any kind of irregularities.

If the spring is faulty, you will have to replace it with a new one. Clicking here, you can find one and buy it without spending more than 4 bucks.

In this YouTube video, you can see how easily one can change the latch spring.

In case the problem persists, replacing the magazine with a new one is the only solution here.

To rule out any dumb mistakes, rule out any possibility of hitting the mag button accidentally.

User Feedback on Ruger LCP Max

After some target practicing, you will have to admit that the LCP Max doesn’t have a stronghold in the aesthetics and accuracy departments.

But for close-range shooting, it is a top one in its category.

In terms of reliable shooting and large magazine capacity, no other competitor models can beat it. Also, it is an affordable  pistol.

Lastly, I want to mention the Ruger LCP Max reassembly problem that I have not discussed in the above section.

It is because there are plenty of YouTube videos showing how to disassemble and reassemble this firearm.

This handgun is not perfect at all but serves alright for what it is supposed to be.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger LCP Max

Based on comparing the specs, features, practicality, and performance, I have found the 3 best alternatives to Ruger LCP Max .380 semi-automatic pistol. 

Remington RM380

Due to the bigger frame size, the RM380 is suitable for users with bigger hands. Carrying may not be as comfortable as LCP Max.

Glock 42

It is a small, reliable, and very popular handgun. I like it because of its less-felt recoil.

Sig Sauer P238

For smoother trigger pull and better accuracy, lots of people consider an alternative to LCP Max. It also costs almost half of what RM380 costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Ruger LCP max cost?

About $470; check the latest price here.

Is the Ruger LCP Max accurate?

Yes, but not impressive enough

Can you pocket carry Ruger LCP Max?


When did the Ruger LCP Max come out?

June 2021

Is the Ruger LCP Max hammer fired?

Yes; an internal hammer-fired model, and not a striker

Can you dry-fire the Ruger LCP Max?



I have described Ruger LCP Max problems, possible reasons, and solutions as clearly as possible.

Still, the proposed fixes may not be enough for the issues you are facing.

In such cases, consulting with a gunsmith or sending the  pistol to Ruger is the best thing to do. 

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  1. My LCP Max would not chamber a round fully requiring a push on the slide to fully chamber. THE CAUSE. Is the extractor moves in and out a small amount. When it is in the cartridge lip will not fit under the extractor. When the extractor is out the pistol works without a problem. THE FIX probably send it back to the factory.

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