Smith and Wesson 648 Problems That Most Users Talk About

The Smith & Wesson 648 is a medium-sized K-frame .22 WMR revolver. The Model 648 is an eight-round stainless-steel revolver with a 6-inch barrel.  This revolver is excellent for small game hunting and target shooting.

However, similar to other Smith and Wesson models, this revolver has its own flaws. Problems like failure to fire or misfire, accuracy concerns, timing issues, ejection problems, muzzle-related issues, and a heavy trigger are all issues that are frequent with the S&W 648.

This article will provide possible solutions for each of these S&W 648 issues in this article. Therefore, continue reading to learn more about the most common Smith & Wesson 648 problems and troubleshooting solutions.

Features & Specifications of Smith & Wesson 648:

  • Grip                                : Synthetic
  • Product weight              : 46.2ounces
  • Product length               : 11.125 inches
  • Capacity                         : 8 rounds
  • Cylinder Material           : Stainless Steel                 
  • Barrel length                  : 6inches                  
  • Barrel Material               : Stainless Steel
Common Smith and Wesson 648 Problems and Solutions
Smith and Wesson 648

Common Smith and Wesson 648 Problems and Solutions

Failure To FireTroubleshoot. Change the ammunitions.
Accuracy IssuesChange the ammunitions.
Ejection IssueReplace recoil spring if needed, clean under the extractor.
Muzzle Don’t RiseLower the barrel-to-contact-point distance, reducing full auto mode.
Timing IssuesClear the chambers and pull the trigger in dual action mode.
Heavy TriggerCall Smith & Wesson.

1. Failure to Fire:

Many users have complained about the failure to fire the Smith & Wesson 648. It is one of the major problems with the 648 revolvers that most of the users have encountered.

The possible reason behind this problem is that the firing pin does not strike the primer hard enough and has problems with misfiring. The use of incompatible ammo is another prime reason for this problem.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, check the firing pin first. If it is not working properly, replace the firing pin so that it can strike the primer hard enough.

Also, verify that the strain screw is completely inserted. This is the screw at the base of the grip frame’s front.

If this all does not work, change the ammunition you are using. It will solve your problem.

2. Accuracy Issue:

For many users, the accuracy of 648 is questionable. You can’t fix the problem by utilizing a variety of ammunition.

During a shoot, ammunition quickly becomes contaminated and must be thoroughly cleaned. The use of improper ammunition could be to blame.

The Fix:

Shoot some CCI and Federal ammunition through your fixed 648 to evaluate its accuracy.

3. Ejection Issue:

Just like other double-action revolvers made by Smith & Wesson, the 648 revolver has an issue with dirt buildup under the extractor.

Even the best short barrel ammunition still has problems with “crud under the extractor” due to incomplete powder burn.

The Fix:

A malfunctioning ejector or extractor could be to blame for feeding and ejection problems, as well as frequent stove piping, in your rifle or pistol.

First, check to see if the recoil spring weight is suitable for the ammo. A softer spring is needed for lighter loads, while a stronger spring is needed for heavier, hotter loads.

If the recoil spring on your revolver is worn out, you should probably replace that, too. Possibly the extractor just needs to be tightened.

Also, Clean any buildups of carbon and dirt under the extractor.

4. Muzzle Don’t Rise:

Sometimes, the S&W 648 muzzle doesn’t rise enough to obscure your view of the target, and even the most recoil-sensitive novice shooter can readily control recoil.

Muzzle rise, also known as muzzle flip, or muzzle climb, refers to the tendency of the muzzle (front end of the barrel) of a handgun to rise after being fired. The S&W 648 muzzle rise is reduced.

The Fix:

There are a few ways you can get your muzzle issue fixed. Adding ergonomic contact points or a “thumb-over-bore” grip increases anti-recoil force.

Lowering barrel-to-contact-point distance. Using weaker cartridges reduces recoil. Lowering the rate of fire of fully automatic weapons or switching from full-auto mode to burst firing lowers the backward recoil.

5. Timing Issues:

In a revolver with timing problems, the cylinder is out of alignment with the barrel and may not be revolving fully into a locking position. It can diminish your accuracy and increase the likelihood of catastrophic problems.

Thin .22 WMR of 648 cartridges have a tendency to expand in revolver cylinders, which can make extraction difficult.

The Fix:

Clear the chambers and slowly squeeze the dual action trigger to test your revolver’s timing.

If you find potential timing concerns with your revolver, you should immediately cease using it and take it to a skilled technician who can examine and resolve the issue.

6. Heavy Trigger

The trigger is somewhat weighty on the Smith & Wesson 648. This trigger has a long, smooth, double-action pull. A draw of less than 12 pounds is considered to be average.

A pull of 13 pounds was typical for a double-action mechanism. Heavy trigger pulls like that are standard for rimfires. The 648’s trigger was heavier than previous models’, but it still wasn’t enough to prevent all ignition failures.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, directly contact with Smith & Wesson. They will fix the problem with the trigger.

User Feedback on Smith and Wesson 648

Many shooters are satisfied with their .22 Magnum Smith & Wesson 628 revolvers, while some have encountered problems.

A user gushed about how much they loved their 6-inch S&W model 648. It’s great and exciting to shoot a 22 mag, and this revolver is fantastic.

Somebody else who has used it agrees that it’s a high-quality firearm. Very narrow margins of error. There are only a few thousandths of wiggle room on the cylinder shaft. He finds it peculiar that, unlike the rest of the rifle, the trigger is not made of stainless steel.

Another person voiced their disappointment, claiming that he had purchased the rifle a few days prior but had been unable to successfully fire it. He tried several times to shoot, but nothing happened.

I think this revolver is pretty expensive and still has issues that people face. No one would want a pricey revolver to have issues rather than the specification and the structure of this revolver being top-notch.

Top 3 Alternative Revolvers of Smith and Wesson 648

S&W 48

The 48 can be had with either a 4- or 6-inch barrel, depending on your preference. The barrel length on the 648 is fixed at 6 inches.

Stainless is more durable, but 648 is heavier. M648s are rare and more expensive than M48s. If you’re looking for an alternative to the S&W 648, this might be it.

Taurus 942

If you’re looking for an alternative to the S&W 648, the Taurus Tracker 942 is an excellent choice.

The Taurus 942 has a shorter 3-inch barrel compared to the longer 6-inch barrel of the 648. The best part is that the Taurus is less expensive than the S&W 648, at about $370.

The S&W 617 has a cylinder capacity of 10, while the S&W 648 has a capacity of 8. The calibers of the 617 and 648 revolvers are 22 LR and .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, respectively.

Despite having 10 rounds, the 617 weighs 39.0 ounces while the 648 weighs 46.2 ounces. Also, the 617 has a 4-inch barrel, making it a viable alternative to the S&W 648.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which frame is the S&W 648 based on?

The S&W 648 is based on the K-Frame.

When was the first time the S&W 648 was available to the public?

In 1989, Big Blue introduced the Model 648, a 22 WMR rifle with a full-lug barrel and stainless-steel construction.

What exactly does WMR stand for, which is used in S&W 648?

The WMR stands for Winchester Magnum Rimfire, which is used in the S&W 648. 

What is the barrel length of the Smith & Wesson 648 revolver?

The barrel length of the Smith & Wesson 648 revolver is 6-inches. 


Even though the 648 is expensive, it still creates problems. The problems are, however, resolvable.

The learning outcome of the article is to find out the causes of the Smith & Wesson 648 problems. Additionally, you will be able to resolve the problem with the 648 revolvers.

This revolver’s specs and build are top-notch, which is exactly what someone who spends this much money on a pistol would want. If you want 10 rounds .22 WMR medium-size revolver, you can definitely look for these 648 revolvers.

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