3 Common Ruger American Ranch 223 Problems

The Ranch 223 is a reliable and popular gun but it is not perfect. So, it would be better for you to know the common Ruger American Ranch 223 problems before buying.

Among the complaints, the issues regarding feeding, accuracy, and magazine are worth mentioning.

Hearing about the problems only is not a good thing. So, I have included the solutions too so that you can enjoy shooting this amazing rifle.

Features & Specifications of Ruger American Ranch 223:

Barrel Length16.38″
Magazine Capacity5 rounds
Overall Length36″
Caliber350 LEGEND
Twist Rate1:16″ RH
Rear SightNone
Front SightNone
SafetyTang safety
Weight6.1 lb.
Length of Pull13.75″
Trigger Pull3-5 lbs.
Common Ruger American Ranch 223 Problems and Solutions
Ruger American Ranch 223

Common Ruger American Ranch 223 Problems and Solutions

Feeding FailureChange the ammo, let someone else shoot it, widen the magazine lip, and trim the follower.
Large Target GroupsClean the gun, change the ammo brand, fix the barrel free float, change the sights, and shoot under supervision.
Magazine MalfunctionIncrease the magazine lip gap, or send it to Ruger.

1. Feeding Problem

Your Ranch 223 may jam cartridges resulting in a feeding failure.

Possible Reasons

In a Ruger American Ranch 223 feeding problem, the first thing you have to suspect is the ammo.

The magazine in such cases can be faulty too. Also, give the gun to another user and see whether the problem persists or not.

Furthermore, inspect the feeding lips of the magazine and notice the gap. Not enough opening can lead to a feeding issue.

Lastly, check whether the follower is rubbing against the inner wall of the magazine.

The Fix

The first and obvious part of trying to solve the issue is to change the ammo brand and let someone else shoot with the gun.

In most cases, certain types of bullets don’t match the dimensions of the gun even if the caliber matches.

Also, this kind of feeding problem can be a user issue too. As a beginner, lots of people can’t perform the actions properly with the required force.

Then, I mentioned checking the gap of the feeding lips. For this fix, you should take the firearm to a gunsmith and widen the gap if necessary.

Lastly, trimming the follower can fix this problem. You can do this by yourself using a Dremel bit and tool.

Shave off some material until it operates without touching the inner magazine wall. This should do the trick.

2. Accuracy Problem

Some units tend to give 4” groups all of a sudden even though the scopes and ammunition are the same.

Possible Reasons

Check whether the gun is clean and the amount of free float of the barrel. At the same time, you should doubt the brand of ammo you are using.

If the barrel touches some part of the stock, you will notice serious accuracy problems.

In some cases, the sights become faulty for some reason causing the user to miss the target.

The Fix

Even if cleaning and changing the ammo doesn’t solve this problem, you will have to take it to a gunsmith to measure the free float of the barrel.

Due to the complexity of this issue, only an expert can ensure a uniform gap across the length of the barrel.

Those who have found out that the sights are problematic should replace the faulty ones.

Ruger doesn’t provide the sights with the gun. So, the aftermarket sights you have bought are to blame here.

Lastly, it can be a user-occurred problem too. As a beginner, you should shoot in front of an experienced person so that he/she can correct your actions.

3. Magazine Malfunction

In this problem, you may notice that the last round in the magazine is not getting fed properly.

Possible Reasons

The right reason for this problem is hard to find. One possible cause can be an inadequate gap in the lips of the magazine.

If you can’t understand where the problem is, it will be better to send the gun to Ruger for the fix.

The Fix

After a careful visual inspection, you have to understand whether the magazine lip has enough gap to feed the ammo properly.

In case of insufficient opening, use a small file to remove some material; don’t overdo it.

Or, you can send the gun to Ruger because altering any part of the gun will void the warranty.

User Feedback on Ruger American Ranch 223

From the comment section of this blog post, you will see that most users are happy with Ranch 223.

Some requests Ruger to put iron sights on this model for better performance. Also, left-hand shooters miss rifles compatible with their action.

And, I have seen positive feedback regarding the accuracy of the rifle.

Using the recommended ammo and not modifying the gun, you will be happy with its performance.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger American Ranch 223

If the problems of Ranch 223 are not acceptable to you, these 3 alternatives below will be worth considering.

Mossberg Super Bantam

The package includes a scope and other useful components along with low-recoil construction making it right for beginners.

Henry H015

Here is another entry-level firearm with lots of useful features and a reasonable price tag. You can use an H015 for hunting too.

Mossberg Patriot Walnut

The excellent trigger mechanism, reliable safety features, and soft buttpad are the reasons you will like this rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Ruger American Ranch .223 Take AR mags?


Is the Ruger Ranch rifle any good?

Considering the price, yes.

What magazine does a Ruger Ranch Rifle use?

5-round magazine

What is the difference between the Ruger American and Predator?

The Predator has a cold hammer-forged threaded barrel.

How accurate is the Ruger American Rifle?

0.9, 1.25, and 1.1 inches target groups from a 100-yard distance


That is all I had to clarify the Ruger American Ranch 223 problems that users should know about.

I think that the issues are not major or unsolvable ones. And, not all units show such problems.

Those who are experiencing other issues than the ones described in this article are welcome to share their experiences.

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