6 Ruger SR22 Problems You Should Know Before Buying

The SR22 is a well-known entry-level AR-15-style rifle with some issues. The data I have gathered on Ruger SR22 problems will help you choose such rifles.

Among the complaints, stuck slide, jamming, trigger reset failure, misfire, failure to feed, magazine malfunction, and broken takedown lever are the most common ones and worth mentioning.

The best part is that I have also given the solutions to those problems so that you can enjoy the best of this firearm. Let’s get started with the specs first.  

Features & Specifications of Ruger SR22:

Barrel Length3.50″
Magazine Capacity10 rounds
Overall Length6.40″
Caliber22 LR
Twist Rate1:16″ RH
Rear SightDovetailed, High-visibility, Adjustable Three-dot
Front SightFixed
SafetyThe manual and decocking lever
Dimensions 4.90″ H; 0.97″ W
Weight17.5 oz.
Trigger PullDA: 9lbs, 8oz. SA: 4lbs, 6 oz.
Common Ruger SR22 Problems and Solutions
Ruger SR22 Problems

Common Ruger SR22 Problems and Solutions

Stuck SlideDisassemble, clean, replace faulty parts and do the actions properly.
JammingClean, polish feed ramp, change the ammo brand and replace slide spring.
Trigger Reset FailureApply WD-40, and replace the trigger spring.
MisfireReplace the firing pin, spring ng, and buy good-quality bullets.
Failure to FeedTry different ammo, polish the feed ramp, clean the gun, and replace the guide rod.
Magazine MalfunctionReplace the spring, or contact Ruger.
Broken Takedown LeverContact Ruger or replace the broken takedown lever by yourself.

1. Slide Problem

The slide gets stuck in the open position and does not close in some SR22 units.

Possible Reasons

The Ruger SR22 slide problem often occurs due to not cleaning the gun regularly. Also, debris inside the gun can occasionally cause slide malfunction.

After that, you should inspect the guide rod, recoil spring, and takedown lever for any irregularities.

Sometimes, you may not find the part that is causing the slide to get stuck. In such cases, one has to suspect the whole slide assembly.

And, don’t forget to check the strength of the slide spring.

The Fix

First of all, try disassembling and cleaning the gun after facing the slide problem in your SR22.

If it doesn’t resolve the problem, you will have to replace either the guide rod, recoil spring, or takedown lever; whichever seems to be causing the issue.

In rare cases, I have seen users getting a permanent solution only after replacing the whole slide assembly.

As a weak slide spring can’t put it back to its normal position, you have to replace it with a strong spring if necessary.

Lastly, the wrong action can cause the slide to malfunction. It happens the beginners. Learn how to handle an SR22 under supervision to solve the problem.

2. Jamming Problem

FTF (failure to feed) and FTE (failure to extract) are both results of jamming.

Possible Reasons

One of the most common complaints about this gun is the Ruger SR22 jamming problem.

It can occur due to roughness in the feed ramp. Apart from that, the extractor groove burr can do the jamming too.

Poor-quality ammo and weak slide spring are both common reasons for jamming the feeding process.

The Fix

Cleaning can solve a lot of issues you are facing with your SR22, and this jamming problem is not any different.

Then, you should do a thorough visual inspection to notice any roughness or burrs on the feed ramp or extractor.

Polishing often solves such a problem. And, you may have to remove some material in some cases.

If your gun is still under warranty, I will not recommend polishing or sanding it and it will be better to send the gun to Ruger.

Lastly, change the ammo brand, and replace the weak slide spring to clear jamming.

3. Trigger Reset Problem

Some SR22 units may not reset the trigger preventing you from shooting.

Possible Reasons

You have to suspect oil or lube in the trigger mechanism after experiencing the Ruger SR22 trigger problem.

SR22 tends to operate smoothly only when it is bone dry.

Moreover, the spring in the trigger assembly can become faulty too.

The Fix

To make the gun bone dry, you can try WD-40. Apply lots of the cleaning solution, hose it out, and use compressed air to make it dry.

After you have disassembled the gun for cleaning, you should check the strength of the trigger spring. Replace it if necessary.

4. Misfire Problem

In semi-automatic pistols like SR22, it is common to experience occasional misfire issues.

Possible Reasons

Ruger SR22 misfire problem can occur when there is a faulty firing pin or spring in the firearm as it fails to strike the primer with the necessary force.  

Faulty ammo can cause misfires too. What I mean by faulty is storing bullets in damp conditions for a long time.

The Fix

Solving a misfire problem is a process of inspection and taking action accordingly.

Once you have found out that the firing pin or the spring is causing the primer to hit with not enough force, replacement of the faulty part is the solution.

Lastly, make sure that you are buying bullets from a reputed brand and a trusted dealer.

5. Feed Problem

Even after trying different magazines, the gun may not feed or jam occasionally.

Possible Reasons

When you are experiencing a Ruger SR22 feed problem, you first have to check the ammo brand.

Apart from that, the most common reason for this problem is having a rough surface on the feed ramp.

Sometimes, a feed problem occurs when the user doesn’t clean and lube the gun regularly.

A faulty guide rod often causes the misfeed problem in Ruger SR22 firearms.

The Fix

You can guess the solution from the reasons I have explained above.

After trying bullets from a different brand, you have to polish the feed ramp if necessary.

Furthermore, try cleaning and lubing your SR22, and see whether the situation improves or not.

Lastly, replace the Guide Rod with a new one which may not cost more than 25 bucks.

I have seen users shooting cheap ammunition after doing this replacement without facing this problem anymore.

6. Magazine Problem

The last round in the magazine fails to get picked up.

Possible Reasons

This kind of Ruger SR22 magazine problem indicates a spring problem in the magazine.

Try to understand that the last bullet in the magazine relies on the pushing power of the magazine for getting fed.

So, a weak magazine can’t possibly provide enough force on the last ammo.

The Fix

First of all, replace the weak magazine spring with a stronger one, and your problem would probably be gone.

But I have seen some cases where simply replacing the weak magazine doesn’t solve the issue.

If you are facing a such persistent problem, you will have to contact Ruger for a permanent fix.

User Feedback on Ruger SR22

After going through lots of customer feedback, I can’t simply say that SR22 is a good firearm.

One of the main reasons is that it has a bad-quality trigger.

There are lots of good opinions on guns too. It is fairly accurate and has a solid build quality except for the trigger.

Those who are satisfied with their SR22 say that the gun shoots a couple of thousand rounds without.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Ruger SR22

Doing some research, I have found three worthy alternatives to the Ruger SR22 firearm. Let’s see what those are.

1. ATI Firefly 22LR

You would love Firefly’s 4” threaded barrel that is compatible with most of the aftermarket silencers.

2. Taurus TX22

A 5” threaded Bull Barrel and a whopping 16-round capacity make the TX22 better than Ruger SR22.

3. Walther Colt Government 1911

The classic look of the legendary Colt 1911 is the main reason lots of users like to have a Walther Colt Government 1911.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a Ruger .22 cost?

About $370; check the latest price.

Is Ruger SR22 good for self-defense?

Yes; it is also good for target shooting, and small game hunting.

What does SR stand for in Ruger SR22?

Sturm, Ruger & Company is the manufacturer of this firearm; hence, the initials.

Where is the Ruger SR22 made?

Southport, Connecticut

Is the Ruger SR22 double action?

Yes; it has both double and single-action modes.


You have reached the end of this article on Ruger SR22 problems and solutions.

For either target practicing or familiarizing a newbie to AR-15 style rifles, the SR22 places among the top 3.

What are your thoughts on this gun? Share your experience or any problem with the gun that I have not covered in this piece.

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