5 Common Panzer Arms BP-12 Problems for Shotgun Enthusiasts

The Panzer Arms BP-12 is a shotgun produced in Turkey. Although it has many innovative features, users may face some common problems with the BP-12 shotgun.

The most common Panzer Arms BP-12 problems are feeding problem, loose hand guard, rough firing pin chamber, cycle failure, and cracking.

Continue reading the article to learn more about these troubles along with the proper solutions.

Features & Specifications of Panzer Arms BP-12 Gun:

Caliber12 Gauge
Barrel Length20 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)3.53 Kilograms or 7.8 lbs.
Weight (Loaded)3.90 Kilograms or 8.6 lbs.
Length30.70 Inches
Chamber3.0 Inches
Action TypeMagazine Fed Semi-Auto Action
SafetyManual Safety, Ambidextrous HK Type
SightsPicatinny Top Rail, AR-type Aperture Bead Sights
Panzer Arms BP 12 Problems

Common Panzer Arms BP-12 Problems and Solutions

Problems with Panzer Arms BP-12Solutions
Feeding ProblemFeed with hot loads and lock the spring at the back.
Loose Hand GuardDisassemble and tighten the hand guard attachment points.
Rough Firing Pin ChamberPolish the firing pin chamber with a Dremel tool.
Cycle FailureCalibrate the gas system, and inspect the gas port and block.
CrackingAvoid using hot magnum loads and replace the broken parts.

1. Feeding Problem:

The rounds could occasionally not eject from the Panzer Arms BP-12. As a result, the subsequent bullet misses the firing chamber. The double feed also raises this problem.

This issue occurs more frequently if small shells are used. The gun’s back does not keep the bolt in place. As a result, the rounds are not ejected.

The Fix:

You should feed a couple of chambers with hot loads after unbundling your new Panzer Arms BP-12.

Additionally, you should lock the spring at the back and keep it locked for a while. The spring will become more flexible and loosen up by using different rounds with various discharge velocities.

2. Loose Hand Guard:

The Panzer Arms BP-12’s hand guard has a tendency to fall out of place. It will therefore make a collision with the muzzle brake.

If you cycle the gun once again after manually replacing it, you could see that the muzzle brake is pressed up against the hand guard.

The Fix:

To fix this issue, you have to disassemble the Panzer Arms BP-12. Follow the manual to carefully disassemble the shotgun.

Now, inspect the hand guard attachment points. If there are any signs of damage or loose movement, this might be the problem. Tighten the mechanism.

After that, check if the hand guard and muzzle brake are aligned correctly. If they are, you should fix it. If you are unable to do this by yourself, you should send the shotgun back to the dealer or the company or servicing.

3. Rough Firing Pin Chamber:

The Panzer Arms BP-12 may have a rough chamber. As a result, when the round comes up after shooting to get into the chamber, it gets stuck.

This happens when the firing pin comes out. The sharp chamber is present with some of the BP-12 that might cause this issue.

The Fix:

Get a Dremel and take the ball apart first. Now, take the Dremel and apply it to the hole for a while. Sand the area with 800, 1000, and 2000 grit one by one.

Now, polish the hole to make it smooth. This will make sure that the round does not get stuck inside the chamber.

Polishing the Hole

4. Cycle Failure:

Many users have complained about cycling problems with their BP-12. It’s possible that your Panzer Arms BP-12 shotgun has cycling problems.

If this occurs, it indicates that the gun cannot consistently expel expended casings. Additionally, it could not cycle correctly between shots or camber fresh rounds.

Failure to expel ammunition or reset the firing mechanism after a shot may be among the symptoms.

The Fix:

Gas power is used to power the Panzer Arms BP-12. Therefore, check the gas block, gas ports, and gas piston. Check for any obstructions or an excessive accumulation of carbon.

To maintain adequate gas flow, properly clean these parts. If the shotgun still struggles to cycle consistently, the gas system may need to be adjusted.

With the Panzer Arms BP-12, you can control how much gas is used for cycling thanks to an adjustable gas block. To calibrate the gas system correctly, refer to the manual or instructions.

5. Cracking:

Where the fake suppressor screws on, the BP-12 is notorious for cracking.  After the firm services the pistol, it can break again. The locking block might potentially be found to be fractured.

The Panzer Arms BP-12 shotgun has a problem at the location where the fake suppressor connects, which points to a structural vulnerability there.

The locking block may have been subjected to high tension from hot Magnum loads as a result of the recurrent breaking and subsequent cracking.

The Fix:

Using hot magnum loads suggests that the failures could have been caused by too much pressure and rebound.

Avoid utilizing hot magnum loads to reduce the chance of cracking. Keep to typical loads that meet the suggested parameters of the manufacturer.

The locking block and false suppressor connection point must be replaced if they have previously broken. To obtain the proper replacement components, contact the manufacturer.

User Feedback on Panzer Arms BP-12

The Turkish Panzer Arms BP-12 is a reliable gun to some, while it is a waste of money to others. People have praised and bashed the shotgun throughout different forums.

In this post from The Firearms Forums, one user said that his shotgun worked flawlessly. But, it was until he disassembled it. He found that there was a gap between the velocity piston and the carrier tube.

One user from Reddit has said that their bolt refused to release. He also noticed that the bolt release and pull wouldn’t cycle.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Panzer Arms BP-12

Here are some best alternatives for the Panzer Arms BP-12:

  1. Kel-Tec KSG
    – 6+6+1 or 7+7+1 cartridges with 18.50 inches barrel length.
    – Features a Picatinny rail and 5 lbs. trigger pull with 6.9 lbs. unloaded weight.
  2. Remington 870 Fieldmaster Deer
    – Comes with a twin action bar and 12 gauge sabot slugs.
    – Features a 40.50 inches overall length with a fully rifled 20 inches barrel.
  3. Beretta 1301 Tactical
    – 7+1 magazine with 2.75 inches shells and 6+1 magazine with 3 inches shells.
    – Has a ghost ring sight with Picatinny rail.

Panzer Arms BP-12 Problems – (FAQs)

What type of material is used in the sights of Panzer Arms BP-12 shotgun?

PA 6 GFR 30 / PA6 GFR 30.

What is the coating and finishing of the Panzer Arms BP-12?

Chrome coating with eloxal receiver finish.

What is the stock type of the Panzer Arms BP-12?

Synthetic stock.

What type of trigger does the Panzer Arms BP-12 have?

Standard trigger.

What type of grips are used in the Panzer Arms BP-12?

Ergonomic pistol grip.

How many choke tubes are in the Panzer Arms BP-12?

3 choke tubes.

How much is the trigger pull weight on the Panzer Arms BP-12?

The trigger pull weight is 11.0 lbs. or 4.98 KG.

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