Kimber Raptor 2 Problems You Should Know

The term “Raptor” refers to the firearms’ harsh slide and frame serrations, logo-feather grips, and unique scaled texturing accents. With performance-enhancing features for fast target acquisition, super precision, and ultra-reliability, the Kimber Raptor 2 is made for personal defense.

In most of the cases, Kimber raptor 2 runs flawlessly. Even then, certain problems were found, including the inability to feed, hammer follow, and many more.

In this article, I will discuss the Kimber raptor 2 problems. So that you will have an idea about how to solve each issue more effectively.

Features & Specifications of Kimber raptor 2

Caliber0.45 ACP
Capacity8 round.
Weight38 ounces with an empty magazine.
Trigger PullFactory setting(approximate pounds): 4.0 – 5.0
Barrel Length5 inch. With a 16 twist rate.
TypeSemi-automatic pistol.
GripsZebrawood grips with scale pattern and Kimber logo
SightTactical Wedge 3-dot tritium night sights
FinishSatin silver brushes polished flats with stainless steel.
Common Kimber Raptor 2 Problems
Kimber Raptor 2

Common Kimber Raptor 2 Problems and Solutions

In this section, we will be looking at some of the common problems of Kimber’s raptor 2 problems and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Slider jammingUsing the same ammo including the same bullet shape in both mags will help to fix this issue.
Hammer FollowBy increasing the tension on the sear spring to stop the hammer follow.
Feeding issues with both magazinesInstall different spring/change magazine/send it to Kimber
Issues with Sear springCheck if there is some sort of metal jamming the slider. If nothing works, replace the recoil spring. Wilson recoil spring will be recommended.
Gold dot ammunition issueUsing 230gr FMJ will be recommended. As there are several problems with gold dot ammo.

1. Slide Jamming:

The slide begins to partially jam after 4 or 5 rounds have been fired. It could be caused by a bullet contacting the slide stop. It is the most prominent reason for a raptor to get jammed.

The issue could lie with magazines or ammunition too. So, you will have to check for all the probable causes before the solution appears.

The Fix:

There are numerous solutions to this problem. Slide out and then back in. With an empty and a filled magazine, check the clearance.

Push completes each round with a standard magazine and a pro magazine. Doing so should fix your problem.

2. Hammer Follow:

The problem follows when releasing the slide with the chamber empty. It is against Kimber’s advice. This problem also occasionally occurs while chambering a round following a quick reload.

It’s not only an issue with old weapons; it may happen to any rifle, even one in fine shape. It is more frequent in newer weapons that have not been fired.

The Fix:

The fix for this problem is quite easy. To solve this problem, pull the trigger on an empty firearm and hold it back until the slide is in the battery. In order to prevent battering, this frees up the hammer hook and sear spring.

3. Feeding Issues with Magazines:

Failure to feed, or FTF, is a regular issue with this gun. Many angry customers are ranting about this issue on the internet. If online platforms are included, more than half of the participants had the same problem.

There is also a consistent trend in which most FTFs occur during the break-in time. Despite the fact that this is a common issue during the break-in period. If it persists, you must take action.

The Fix:

Replace the magazine first, since standard Kimber magazines are known to cause this issue. The Wilson Elite Tactical Magazine is typically suggested as a replacement for the stock Kimber magazine.

If that fails, replace the recoil spring. It is a simple procedure to replace the recoil spring. Check this video on YouTube for a full tutorial on how to replace the recoil spring.

4. Issues with Sear Spring:

Slider often malfunctions when you shot 50 rounds continuously. It makes shooting smoother and recoil handling harder. Since one of the potential issues is that bullets might hit the slide stop as they ascend the magazine and approach the feed ramp.

Resulting in an early Lockback, sear spring and a Wilson bulletproof slide stop are on the way. The other problem is that when releasing the slide on an empty chamber, hammer follow occurs virtually often.

The Fix:

You need to bring the gun to a gunsmith or back to Kimber if the hammer is following. You either have improperly installed sear and hammer hooks or inadequate tension on your sear spring legs.

Simply take care not to fling the mainspring cap into your eye or across the room when replacing the mainspring.

To ensure that the sear stays completely in contact with the hammer hooks, the sear spring legs need to be tweaked a little to improve their tension on the sear.

5. Gold dot Ammunition Issue:

The raptor 2 does not perform well with gold dot ammunition. When gold dot ammo is combined with stock Kimber magazine, what you will have is a disaster.

Avoiding gold dot ammunition is recommended as could stop your slider or break your magazine. It won’t be easier to shoot. The bullet’s nose might rest on the barrel’s bottom.

The Fix:

The slide will enter the battery if you tap it on the back. Although it is an uncommon issue, it is also easily fixable. Wilson magazines may be used without any problems in this situation.

When 230gr FMJ rounds were shot with Wilson magazine, the gunshot every round without hiccups.

User Feedback on Kimber raptor 2

When it comes to Kimber raptor 2 it seems people have mixed reactions. Some claim it is smooth and flawless whereas others say troubles just won’t stay away. The comment that sums up people’s reaction to Kimber raptor 2 can be found in a thread on perfectunion.

Some say they had to face problems after problems with Raptor 2. On the other hand, there are people for whom the gun works flawlessly.

It is considered to be one of their catalog’s better-looking 1911s, and Kimber pistols operate flawlessly.

Additionally, this one is primarily designed for personal safety and quick target acquisition. Hence, the user’s experience is likewise influenced by their usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Kimber raptor 2 good for?

The Kimber raptor 2 is perfect for a close-range takedown, personal defense, and quick target acquisition with ultra-reliability.

How much does a Kimber raptor 2 cost?

It will cost around MSRP 1500$ to 1600$.

How many bullets can be used in one magazine?

Single-stack magazine for eight rounds.

When was the Kimber raptor 2 released?

Kimber’s raptor 2 began production in 2004 and is particularly distinguished by its unique scale serrations and its zebra wood grip panels.

What is used for sight in Kimber raptor 2?

Fixed slant night sight.

How big is the Kimber raptor 2?

Kimber raptor 2 comes with a 5-inch ported barrel.

Is the Kimber raptor 2 reliable?

Accuracy, dependability, and meaningful features say how much reliable a Kimber raptor 2 is.


Kimber raptor 2 is definitely distinctive. Those concerns won’t be a deal-breaker, I’m confident. It is a fantastic rifle for close-range shooting; therefore, you shouldn’t wait to get one if you want one. And Kimber is unmatched in terms of personal safety.

It also has a ton of attractive and practical features. The ported barrel and slide give excellent recoil control. The Fixed Slant Night Sight is perfect for usage during the shooting competition.

If you go through the Kimber raptor 2 problems and their solutions in this article above, using or managing this gun is not that bad.

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  1. I had one kimber junk Wilson slide stop does not fit they had this problem for a lot of years not worth risking your life with a kimber carry ruger 1911 goes bang every time

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