5 Taurus GX4 Problems You Should Know

There are presently 6 Taurus GX4 versions on the market. These compact handguns have a tough exterior. The precision and ergonomics are also excellent.

But the weapon has a few drawbacks. Some of the Taurus GX4’s most frequent problems include dead trigger issues, rear, and front sight problems, delayed firing, locking slide, and faulty firing pin.

I’ll go into great depth regarding the Taurus GX4 issues in this article. I’ll also let you know about several solutions to these typical issues.

Features & Specifications of Taurus GX4 Gun:

Taurus GX4 Specs
Cartridge9mm Luger
Capacity10/11/13 Rounds
Barrel Length3.06 Inches
Weight (Unloaded)18.5/18.7 Ounces or 524/530 Grams
Length6.05 Inches
Width1.08 Inches
Height4.25 Inches
SafetyStriker Block, Trigger Safety, Visual Loaded Chamber Indicator
SightsFront – Fixed
Rear – Drift Adjustable

Common Taurus GX4 Problems and Solutions

Common Taurus GX4 Problems

Now that we are aware of the causes and the simple fixes, let’s look in more detail at the GX4 troubleshooting techniques.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions:

Problems with Taurus GX4Solutions
Dead Trigger IssueApply lubrication, change the magazine, clean the breech face, and replace the rear support
Rear and Front Sight IssueInstall better quality sights as recommended.
Delayed FiringSend the gun to the company for warranty coverage.
Locking SlideReinstall the pin and replace the sliding lock system.
Faulty Firing PinReplace the broken firing pin.

1. Dead Trigger Issue:

You could occasionally have trigger reset issues with the Taurus GX4. Every 10 to 20 shots, a dead trigger could be encountered.

The gun is known to jam occasionally. This problem typically occurs when the gun is not properly cleaned or lubricated. Also, the magazine might affect the gun to have a dead trigger.

The Fix:

You should check to see that the pistol is clean before anything else. For a smooth operation, properly apply the lubrication.

Additionally, you ought to check your cartridges. Choose different types of magazines if your gun jams when firing round-nose target cartridges.

If the issue persists even after switching out the magazines, you should clean the breech face and the feed ramp.

You can also replace the rear support and the trigger assembly as a possible solution. You might likewise return the gun to Taurus for an expert solution.

2. Rear and Front Sight Issue:

The front sight might sometimes come off of the gun. Also, the rear sight has a reputation for drifting away from position. The rear sight can also come out.

Most of the time, the rear sight moves to the right of the center. Even after you drift the rear sight over to the centre during shooting, it will drift away again.

The Fix:

You have to temporarily fix the issue every time you notice that the rear sight has drifted away.

The only way you can permanently solve this issue is to install sight upgrades. You can go for TSA night sights. These aluminum front and rear sight sets will make sure that they don’t move away from the center or fall off.

3. Delayed Firing:

This problem has been noted by a few Taurus GX4 owners. After you pull the trigger, the gun could take a while to shoot the bullet. You will thereby miss your target.

This problem makes it possible to harm the shooter or any other targets. A significant risk is a recoil from the delayed shot.

The delay might be only a fraction of a second or much longer.

The Fix:

In the shooting range, carefully hold your pistol still while aiming at the target if you notice that it is delayed. Remove the round 30 seconds or after the last shot has been fired.

You must quit using a firearm with a delayed fire mechanism. Do not alter the target until you have fired if this is your first encounter with the problem.

Sending the Taurus GX4 in for warranty coverage is the best course of action.

4. Locking Slide:

With the magazine removed, certain Taurus GX4 firearms fail to lock the slide black. With the sliding catch and lever in place, you may lock it back in place. But occasionally, it could say locked on its own.

As soon as you let off the pressure, the slide can shut. The slide can also be unable to lock back. If you let go of the magazine, the slide can advance.

The catch pressure keeps the step locked back when the magazine is removed.

The Fix:

The angle of the catch to the notch might alter if the space between the slide and the frame is a little larger than usual.

If the spring keeping the lever in the down position is the cause of the issue, you can try removing the spring. Reinstall it on the spot and examine the pistol once again.

Additionally, the sliding lock system is replaceable. You should send the pistol to the company because this is a challenging procedure. 

5. Faulty Firing Pin:

It is well known for the Taurus GX4 firing pin to break. The pin channel elongates as it approaches the bottom half. As a result, the explosion can exert higher back pressure.

The metal is pushed outside of the primer pocket by the elongated form. It is visibly bigger and flatter than usual.

The Fix:

If you utilize custom-made firearm cartridges by combining the components, this problem can come up more frequently.

The damaged firing pin has to be replaced to resolve the problem.

User Feedback on Taurus GX4

The Taurus GX4 is known to be a reliable gun to most people. From this post on Taurus Armed, you can see that 83.3 percent of people rated this gun as very reliable.

While some had experienced minor issues, very few people vote against buying the Taurus GX4.

In another post on the Taurus Armed forum, a user stated about having slide locking issues. After contacting the company, he noticed that there was a missing rear pin in both of his Taurus GX4s.

On this post on Reddit, a user had issues with a broken striker. Although it is easily fixable, many people on the thread suggested buying a better gun.

On the Rok Slide forum, a user has expressed his satisfaction with his newly bought Taurus GX4. Most people consider this gun to be a good value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the materials used in the Taurus GX4?

Matte stainless-steel finish for frame, gas nitride alloy steel finish for slide, and satin black DLC coating stainless steel finish for the barrel.

What is the twist rate of the Taurus GX4?

The twist rate is 1:10 inches RH twist.

How much does the Taurus GX4 cost?

The price range is between $392 to $468.

What is the action type of the Taurus GX4?

SAO action type.

What is the magazine release type of the Taurus GX4?

Reversible magazine release.


I have enlisted 5 common issues that most Taurus GX4 users face. Although the gun is known to be reliable, you may never know when it may malfunction.

On blogs and forums, the handgun has garnered both favorable and unfavorable reviews where most of them were positive reviews.

If you face any of the issues, follow my detailed instructions for a proper solution.

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