SIG Ultra Compact 1911 Problems and Solutions

The Sig Sauer Ultra Compact 1911 9mm is a stunning-looking gun. It is a very dependable 9mm as well. It is essentially a carry pistol with a natural stainless steel slide, an anodized beavertail frame, and grips made of Hogue Rosewood.

However, this gun does not go without fault like every gun. The most common problems with the Sig Sauer Ultra Compact 1911 are magazine issues, accuracy issues, recoil spring plug breaks and feed ramp issues.

After reading this article, you will know the solution to all these problems. You will also know how the users feel about this product. So stay tuned!

Features & Specifications of SIG Ultra Compact 1911:

Cartridge45 ACP; 9mm Luger
Capacity7+1/8+1 rounds.
Barrel Length3.3 inches
Weight28 oz
Length6.8 inches                   
Width1.4 inches
Height5 inches
SafetyThumb, Grip.
SightsRS: Low Profile Night 2-Dot, FS: Low Profile Night 1-Dot.
Common SIG ULTRA COMPACT 1911 Problems

Common SIG Ultra Compact 1911 Problems and Solutions

The owners deal with many common SIG Ultra Compact 1911 problems. Here are some of the issues and how to solve them.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Magazine IssuesChange Magazine.
Accuracy IssuesUse lighter ammo, and troubleshoot.
Recoil Spring Plug BreaksReplace spring.
Feed Ramp IssuesSend to SIG.

1. Magazine Issues:

A very alarming situation concerns FTE issues with this gun. Especially if you want this to be your my daily carry. Consider the chances of this happening increased when using store bought self defense ammo.

90% of the time, the FTE occurs on the final or next-to-final round of the magazine. The spent casing would be hanging half inside and half outside of the rifle, standing upright.

The Fix:

If this consistently happens on the final round of the magazine, you might have a magazine issue. The ultra in .45 ACP is prone to such FTF and FTE issues. A magazine change to the Wilson Combat magazines will be nice.

Additionally, because the shorter space calls for a firmer spring, the shorter barrel guns may require a longer break-in period for the recoil spring.

Magazine Issues
Magazine Issues

However, make sure you cleaned and lubes the factory gun properly before dry firing. That rules out dry firing issues.

2. Accuracy Issues:

Ammunition such as FMJ 230 grain factory (Winchester, Federal, and Blazer) may not produce accuracy with the firearm. You will fail to acquire target just around at a distance of 50 feet.

The Ultra Compact may not even group, let alone hit the target. The target may slide to the left or right as all shots clusters.

The Fix:

Try some lighter ammo. To acquire lighter weights, some 200 or 185s from JHP might work. These problems are particularly prevalent with the 3″ barrel.

Work your way backwards from the goal as you approach closer. Use a rest to keep the gun while shooting. The compact 45 ACP produces these problems the most.

3. Recoil Spring Plug Breaks:

This is quite a common problem. Especially in the Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact Nitron .45ACP. No one would be pleased to have spring plug cracks just by test firing!

 Recoil Spring Plug Breaks
 Recoil Spring Plug Breaks

The recoil spring plug develops stress fractures just about at 300 rounds. It eventually breaks.

The Fix:

The radius on the plug is probably what’s causing the cracks. The bull barrel is funneling tightly into the front of the slide as it comes back to battery.

The cracks are being caused by the barrel pounding the reverse plug towards the bottom of the slide if its radius is somewhat tighter or taller.

Dykem the top of the plug’s radius when you get the new plug, then put the gun together. Check for clearance after racking the slide a few times. Using a round file, the area should be eased if you are not using dykem.

4. Feed Ramp Issues:

You’ll see in the attached images that it seems the round is depositing material before jamming in the chamber on both the ramp and the frame. The FTF will not have a predictable pattern.

Several types of ammo may increase the issues like the JHP or FMJ. Expect a failure rate of 25 to 30 percent.

Different magazines will have similar problems. The round travels past the ramp, occasionally almost chambering (and a slight push on the slide will chamber the round), but other times not.

The Fix:

The factory SIG magazines are terrible, and the Ultra is fussy about particular hollow points. It seems to hang only with Hornady Critical Defense ammunition.

Additionally, it may be the feed ramp issue along with a recoil spring problem. The best solution is to send the gun to SIG.

User Feedback on SIG Ultra Compact 1911

Both the 9mm and 45 are pretty well-liked by the users. Most of them have reported zero failures with this pistol. In fact, while I was writing this article, I had to really dig deep and search for a long time to find any sort of problem.

Many users have gladly repurchased this gun. And many have it on their wishlist. The only problems are the lint accumulation and minor sweat stains on the stainless barrel.

However, keep in mind that these little 45s frequently need their sights or recoil springs adjusted. Although, sights and recoil springs are simple to repair. It’s a fantastic weapon.

Considering its size, it handles the 45 ACP darn well. It’s as close to a custom pistol as possible without actually being one! Users enjoy utilizing Dave’s grips with this gun. These work wonderfully well.

At 30 feet, the accuracy from a 3-inch barrel is just amazing. Some folks find that the factory night sights don’t really perform well in direct sunlight. However, the sight image is unquestionably adequate for quickly acquiring a target.

Most users deem it as a soft shooter and 100% reliable. It likes almost every ammo, even the really cheap stuff. Eats them up with no problem. All in all a great gun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some best Magazines for the SIG Ultra Compact 1911?

SIG mags, JHP’s, Cobra mags etc.

Between SIG Ultra Compact 1911 and Glock 19, which one is better for EDC?

Glock 19 will be 100% reliable for EDC. Do not carry an Ultra Compact 1911 for EDC.

Is the 3” slide worse than the 5” in a SIG Ultra Compact 1911?

Not necessarily. A 3-inch slide has to do everything that a 5-inch slide has to do but in less length. That means that the recoil spring in a 3-inch gun needs to handle the recoil of the slide.
Like moving the full distance needed to eject the spent casing, then strip and feed a new round, and do it in similar timing to the 5-inch recoil system. That is not as simple as just putting in a shorter but stiffer spring. 3-inch guns can and do this all the time.


The SIG Ultra Compact 1911 is a great gun that carries great and has a mild recoil. Yes, there are some shortcomings. But nothing you can’t find in other guns.

The 45 ACP can be a tad heavy having an all-steel frame. The Ultra performs like a winner. It shoots well right out of the box.

Whether you shoot slow & deliberate shots or fire rapid bursts of 2 & 3 shots, this one hits the target every time. Especially if it’s an 8-inch one.

So my suggestion would be to go for this one if you have the chance!

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