The Problems and Fixes of S&W Shield 9mm

The Smith & Wesson Shield 9 mm is an easily concealed weapon with professional-grade features that is simple to use and reliable in performance. This matte black-framed and striker-fired handgun has two magazines, one with an expanded capacity and the other with flush

The Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm has several recurring faults, the most prevalent of which are the magazine, the feeding system, the slide lock, the thumb safety, and the extraction of the cartridge.

This article contains the answers to these issues. Additionally, the current user experiences with this gun have been provided. Completely read the article to learn about the S&W Shield 9mm problems and their solutions.

Features & Specifications of S&W Shield 9mm:

  • Grip                                : Synthetic
  • Product weight              : 20.8 ounces
  • Safety                             : Thumb Safety
  • Product length               : 6.1 inches
  • Magazine capacity         : 7+1, 8+1
  • Barrel length                  : 3.1inches                  
  • Barrel Material               : Stainless Steel
  • Slide Material                 : Stainless Steel                 
Common S&W Shield 9mm Problems and Solutions
S&W Shield 9mm

Common S&W Shield 9mm Problems and Solutions

Magazine’s Spring ProblemCall Smith & Wesson. Replace the spring of the magazine.
Magazine ProblemReloading magazines with bullets repeatedly.
Feeding ProblemClean the gun. Use appropriate ammo. Replace the spring of the magazine.
Failure to ExtractClean the extractor. Replace the extractor if needed.
Slide Lock ProblemThe square piece of controller must be rounded.
Thumb Safety IssueCall Smith & Wesson. Shift to safety-less version of the gun.

1. Magazine’s Spring Problem:

The Shield 9mm magazine’s spring has been the subject of numerous user complaints.

The poor coil binding of the magazine’s spring causes numerous more difficulties. Pushing the bullet into the magazine coils the spring under pressure.

The Fix:

To resolve this issue, please contact Smith & Wesson. They will provide a new spring for your magazine because you may resolve the issue by just replacing the magazine’s spring.

2. Magazine Problem:

A few people had trouble with its magazines. The first problem is that the magazines can be hard to load, and after the first two rounds, you need a special tool to load them.

People typically do not fully load their new magazines until the springs have relaxed. When a magazine is fully loaded, it is hard to put it all the way into a gun. Because the spring in the new gun is rigid, it may not be easy to bend.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, you could repeatedly load and unload the bullets into the magazines. Also, you might fill them and let them sit for a week.

3. Feeding Problem:

When you fully load your magazine, the last three to four rounds tip down or get stuck in the chamber at a 40° or 45° angle when the slide tries to pick the bullet up from the magazine into the chamber.

The feeding problem is caused because your gun is dirty or the ammunition is incompatible with it. Sometimes the magazine is responsible for the feeding issue.

The Fix:

The problem can be fixed if you clean your gun and use the right bullets for it.

If it is not fixed, you have to replace the magazine’s spring, which is responsible for the bullets sliding downward instead of loading into the chamber.

4. Failure to Extract:

Some users who have complained about the feeding problem have also complained about the failure to extract, though it is not necessarily the result of an existing feeding problem.

After being fired, the case doesn’t always get out of the chamber. Most of the time, a worn extractor, the little arm that grabs the case, or a worn case on the cartridge itself is responsible for this.

The Fix:

To resolve the issue, examine the extractor thoroughly. If dirt has accumulated underneath the extractor, clean it well.

If you have a broken extractor, it is also preferable to contact Smith & Wesson directly.

5. Slide Lock Problem:

Many users have complained that the slide lock of Shield 9mm is very difficult to release. This hard slide lock has caused much dissatisfaction among the users.

They said that the slide continues to lock back while there are still bullets in the magazine, which might be the result of a feeding issue.

There is a significant amount of resistance when the slide is locked, making it impossible to unlock with a single thumb. This is because the controller of the slide lock is constructed in an unusual shape.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, the square edge of a little piece of controller beneath the slide lock must be modified into a round edge. The edge can be rounded with 600-grit sandpaper.

6. Thumb Safety Issue:

The Shield 9mm was first launched with a thumb safety button. Some individuals appreciated the safety, but the majority did not.

Some users have reason to worry that the safety could be accidentally engaged when carrying the gun. If the user pulls the gun’s safety to defend against an attack, that will slow down the reaction time of the user.

The Fix:

To fix the problem, in 2014, Smith & Wesson released a “safety-less” version of the gun in response to public demand. Please contact Smith & Wesson to shift on the safety-less version.

User Feedback on S&W Shield 9mm

The Smith & Wesson Shield is almost perfect among single-stack 9mm pistols. The user reviews for the S&W Shield 9mm are quite positive. Some users have complaints, but the issues can all be resolved.

The S&W Shield 9mm gun has a few limitations, but its benefits are significant. In addition to its compact size and adequate magazine capacity, this gun possesses additional attributes that other guns in this category and similar price range lack.

The gun was incredibly accurate for self-defense. This little gun can easily hit a target from fifty yards away. At closer range, the gun was also remarkably accurate. The moderate recoil allowed for rapid follow-up rounds.

The Smith & Wesson Shield price is also affordable to the users. These guns are routinely on sale at major retailers and have a low MSRP.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of S&W Shield 9mm

GLOCK 19 Gen3

The GLOCK 19 is a semi-automatic gun that fires 9 mm rounds. The regular G19 magazine holds 15 rounds and has a length of 4.02 inches, a length overall of 6.85 inches, and a weight of 29.98 ounces. 

Both the S&W Shield 9mm and the GLOCK 19 Gen3 are compact 9mm guns. In addition, they share many similar features that make them an ideal alternative to one another.

Smith & Wesson CSX

The Smith & Wesson CSX is a new, hammer-fired single action system handgun with a capacity of 12+1 and 10+1 rounds. It is an aluminum-framed micro 9mm handgun with the highest magazine capacity in its class.

Both the Shield 9mm and the CSX are compact guns. Also, the 9mm bullet and stainless-steel barrel and slide make the Smith & Wesson CSX an appropriate alternative to the Smith & Wesson Shield 9 mm.


The P365 XL offers 12+1 or 15+1 rounds in a micro-compact, exceptionally concealable frame while retaining full-size comfort and shooting performance.

SIG P365 XL has many features like compact size, barrel, and slide material and also the same applications that are comparable to S&W Shield 9mm. Therefore, the SIG P365 XL is a great alternative to the S&W Shield 9mm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the letters M&P stand for in M&P Shield?

The M and P letters stand for M&P Shield, which is Military and Police.

What distinguishes an M&P Shield from an M&P Shield Plus?

The Shield Plus has increased the magazine capacity from 7 and 8 rounds to 10 and 13 rounds.

When was the S&W Shield 9mm introduced to the market? 

In 2012, the S&W Shield 9mm was introduced into the market.

Is the S&W Shield a reliable carry weapon?

Yes, The Shield is exceptionally lightweight, compact, easily disguised, and, most importantly, manufactured by a reputable gun manufacturer


After reading this article you will be able to find out the causes of the S&W Shield 9mm problems. Also, you will be able to fix the problem for CSX.

To sum it up, Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm is a great daily-carry pistol. Small, easy-to-use, and reliable. It can handle substandard ammo and diverse firing conditions without malfunctioning.

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