Kimber Super Jagare Problems You Should Know

This 10mm automatic Kimber super jagare was intended for gunfighting and personal defense rather than for hunting or general leisure shooting. The majority of semi-auto pistol cartridges are used for the same reason.

When it comes to Kimber super jagare problems, you’re probably going to run across quality control issues, Slider heating issues, and a few more.

If I want to talk about, Kimber’s super jagare’s user experience. It received overwhelming positive ratings. Even then there lie some issues with this gun.

In this article, I will discuss the issues with Kimber Super Jagare and their solutions.

Features & Specifications of Kimber super jagare:

Caliber10mm auto
Capacity8 round.
Weight2lb. 11 oz.
Trigger Pull5lb. 3 oz.
Barrel Length6 inch.
TypeRecoil Operated autoloader.
GripsMicarta textured G10
SightLeupold DeltaPoint Pro
FinishMatte black DLC slide, charcoal gray, kim-pro frame, black and green grips.
Common Kimber Super Jagare Problems

Common Kimber Super Jagare Problems and Solutions

Subpar factory magazineHaving an additional magazine will do
Slider heatingThis problem can be resolved by halting or being cautious not to touch the barrel
 Curved GripCoating with an additional beavertail grip will help to handle straight
No iron sight Install adapter plate with iron sight
Strong recoilManageable with good form and follow through

1. Subpar Factory Magazine:

The Kimber factory magazine has been subpar for a long time. And there is no difference with super jagare. Problems like failure to feed, and failure to eject are induced by the low-quality magazine that comes with it.

Kimber super jagare comes with only one set of the magazine. With a price tag of 2800+ US dollars, it is hard to accept. Given the price tag, one would expect all the benefits included.

The Fix:

A significant portion of Kimber Super Jagare’s fluid shooting experience comes from magazines. But, having a subpar magazine could ruin your experience.

You may buy an extra magazine to keep spare. As the stock magazine causes problems, the Wilson Elite Tactical Magazine is a widely suggested choice.

2. Slider Heating:

The main problem with Kimber super jagare is the heating. The long barrel or slider will get quite hot after shooting two magazine rounds. The gun cannot handle continuous shooting very effectively.

Beware not to touch the slide or the tip once you have emptied out a magazine. Doing so could burn your skin. If the slide gets stuck for any reason during continuous shooting, it could be a problem.

The Fix:

The best solution here is to wear shooting gloves when you go out with super jagare. Not only does it fix the hot slider problem but also you will have a better shooting experience.

Another way to avoid temperature problems is if you take a break short break after shooting for a while.

Alternatively, also remember not to touch the slider after shooting two or more magazine rounds. This will prevent you from self-burning.

3. Curved Grip:

For some people, the curved grip of super jagare is a serious problem. The grips on a conventional handgun are not curved. As it is the norm, many people are used to straight grip.

So, the curved grip might feel unnatural at first. It even might mess with your aiming for the first few sessions.

The Fix:

The fingers and hand with the handgun may be adjusted by adding more beavertail grips. Installing a beavertail grip would ensure that you get the traditional grip of conventional guns.

As the beavertail grips have patterns imprinted upon them for placing your finger. You will have firm experience if you install a beavertail grip.

4. No Iron Sight:

Red dots are good for a range gun, but target acquisition requires practice. You won’t be as quick as with iron sights, but iron sights on handguns are easier to miss.

On the other hand, good luck concealing it or finding a suitable holster. It can reside in a safe or a case, so transporting it would be difficult.

On top of that technology can break. And remember, this gun does not come with an iron sight. So, if anything happens to the optics then you are likely to be out of the game.

The Fix:

There are adapter plates that have iron sight built onto them. Installing one of those would help. This way, if anything happens to the optics, then you will have something to rely on.

5. Recoil Issue:

Recoil, also known as a kickback, is the rearward movement felt by a shooter after the bullet is released.

When a gun exerts a force on a bullet as it propels it ahead, the bullet will exert an equivalent force in the opposite direction of the gun, according to physics.

Super Jagare’s recoil spring is measured at 18.5lbs. Controlling the recoil with the Kimber Super Jagare could be challenging. Its 10mm ammo and long barrel recoil can get out of control in the hand of the novice.

The Fix:

Even though the recoil is a bit much on this gun, it is manageable if the shoot has good form. Following the proper shooting principles will help to handle the recoil quite easily.

Recoil has a significant influence on a smooth shooting experience and fewer interruptions. Installing an additional grip will fix the issue. It will also depend on how you hold the gun.

Check this video if you want to know all about how to control the recoil.

User Feedback on Kimber Super Jagare

When it comes to Kimber Super Jagare it seems people have mixed reactions. Some claim it is smooth and flawless whereas others say troubles just won’t stay away.

The comment that sums up people’s reaction to Kimber Super Jagare can be found on thefireamsforum.

When it comes to quality, Kimberly is infamous for being hit or miss. Some are excellent weapons, but others are essentially worthless. Use caution! Prior to purchasing, do some study.

There are people for whom the gun works flawlessly. Some people assert that they have been using Kimber products since the beginning and have never experienced any issues.

All of them have always been of the highest caliber and precision. Excellent fit and finish have always been the norm.

So, basically, this gun offers great service. On top of that, this one is basically made for hunting critters and personal safety. So, the user experience also depends on how the user uses it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Kimber super jagare good for?

The Super Jägare is perfect for a close-range takedown of a variety of game and varmint species thanks to its gorgeous yet practical design.

How much does a Kimber super jagare cost?

It will cost around MSRP 2600$ to 2900$.

How many bullets can be used in one magazine?

Single-stack magazine for eight rounds.

When was the Kimber super jagare released?

It got released on 17th December 2016.

What is used for sight in Kimber super jagare?

Leupold Deltapoint Pro rear( Red Dot).

How big is the Kimber super jagare?

Kimber super jagare comes with a 6-inch ported barrel and weighs only 42 ounces.

Is the Kimber super jagare reliable?

When combined with the reliability of a well-made 1911. The super Jagare is a hunting tool that can stay up with you no matter how difficult the situation gets.


What conclusions have you drawn about the firearm as a result of reading Kimber’s super jagare problems?

I’m certain that those don’t comprise deal-breakers. You should not hesitate if you want one because it is a great gun for close-range shooting.

Without a doubt, it is unique.

Additionally, it contains a lot of lovely and useful features. Excellent recoil control is provided by the ported barrel and slide. For use during major games, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro red-dot sight is ideal.

A Kimber super jagare pistol should be seriously considered by those who enjoy hunting.

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