Remington Versa Max Problems You Should Know

Remington released the semiautomatic, gas-powered Remington Versa Max shotgun. The autoloading mechanism is revolutionary, redefining what is possible in terms of reliability and efficiency. When first released in 2010, the first Versa Max shotguns caused quite a stir in the weapons world.

However, this shotgun has its own share of problems.

Barrel issues, failure to feed, heavy trigger, shells don’t release, misfires, loading port issues are some of the common problems.

Continue reading because I am going to mention these Versamax problems and their solution in the following paragraphs.

Features & Specifications of Remington Versa Max:

  • Action: Semi-automatic shotgun
  • Cartridge: 12 gauge
  • Chamber: 3.5 inches
  • Capacity: 3+1 (2+1 with 3½” shells); Tactical version 8+1 (10+1 with extension)
  • Product weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Product length: 26 inches
  • Barrel length: 26 or 28 inches
  • Length of pull: 14.25 inches (adjustable)           
  • Receiver material: Hard-anodized         

Remington Versa Max Problems
Remington Versa Max

Common Remington Versa Max Problems and Solutions

Barrel IssuesSend your firearm to Remington
Failure To Feed/MisfeedsReplace spring, check spring tension
Heavy TriggerSmooth, sharpen and clean the trigger
Shells Don’t ReleaseClean any dirt, file the shell release
MisfiresFix the hammer and faulty firing pin
Bolt Locking IssueClean metal parts, call Remington for bolt assembly replacement.

1. Barrel Issue

The Versa Max Sportsman barrel is drilled wrong. Further, the Choke’s shape is oval rather than circular. Heavy scuffing/scratching/machine markings and “rings” can be seen in the barrel. Many holes in the barrel and where wet shells enter the rifle can be seen.

A closer inspection of the barrel reveals that, under certain lighting conditions, it almost appears as though the front of the barrel is curved downwards and to the right.

The Fix:

Send your firearm to Remington, and they will replace the barrel. They may require four to eight weeks for repairs. You can take your firearm to a local gunsmith for quick repair.

2. Failure To Feed/ Misfeeds

The Versamax suffers from misfeeding. The bolt locks the rear, and instead of sitting on the lifter, the shells crash against it. This is due to the fact that the spring that was originally used to hold the lifter down has become less effective.

Another Versamax malfunction which is shells getting caught on the right side of the chamber, or failures to feed. This is almost always caused by using a welded/extended lifter and not modifying other parts of the shotgun to accommodate it.

The Fix:

Try changing the spring and see if that helps. Extra-powerful RC IX springs are highly recommended. The spring tension should be checked regularly.

For failure to feed issue, make sure you use correct using techniques. Smoothing off the cutout for the extractor is a good idea that should help.

3. Heavy Trigger

The excellent Remington Versa Max has a somewhat heavy trigger for a shotgun, breaking at 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Many traditional trigger jobs on the Versa Max fail because of the poor design of its trigger; the shape of the trigger requires the user to compress the hammer spring as they pull the trigger. the hammer keeps dropping when you pull the trigger, might have a broken firing pin

The Fix:

By having a gunsmith smooth out the trigger and sharpen the trigger’s feel, you can reduce the break weight from 5 pounds to 4 3/4 pounds.

You should try thoroughly cleaning the trigger. Sometimes the oil in it will gum up really badly around the base of the hammer plunger, slowing it down just enough so that the hammer doesn’t hit the primer hard enough. Reduce the amount of oil in the trigger’s trigger mechanism.

4. Shells Don’t Release

A common problem with the Versamax is that it won’t cycle consistently and has trouble ejecting shells. You may need to rack the slide in order to eject it and allow it to another chamber.

Possible causes include peeling or a buildup of carbon. The weld around the piston housing could have failed. The design of the shell release may be a problem itself.

The Fix:

Check that the gun’s gas system is unclogged and well-oiled. Clean the internal components of the gas piston by disassembling it.

Take your shell release out and file it out at 30-degree angle to solve the shell ejecting issues.

30-degree angle
30-degree angle

Lastly, call Remington Customer Service and send it back to them under warranty if nothing works.

5. Misfires

Versamax suffers from a random misfiring problem. The primer will be dented by the firing pin, but it will not actually go off. It is possible to reload the same shell and have it function properly. This occurs with a wide range of shell types and manufacturers.

It’s possible that the hammer is broken or that the firing pin is too short.

The Fix:

Fix the hammer and faulty firing pin. In terms of loading, you can experiment and see if that makes a difference. You should take that part to a gunsmith to see if they can fix it. Talk to Remington and find out if the exchange is possible or not.

6. Bolt Locking Issue

While shooting, the Versamax bolt locks back. Sometimes the bolt isn’t entirely engaged, and the second shell won’t feed after the first. The slightest touch on the handle closes the bolt when manually cycling the rifle.

The Fix:

Disassemble the gun and clean all metal parts with kerosene or mineral spirits. Lightly lubricate metal parts with Breakfree CLP. Twirl a drill bit in the gas ports to open them. Heavy loads should be used.

You can contact Remington and received replacement bolt assembly from Remington.

User Feedback on Remington Versa Max

One of the most popular shotguns now is the Versa Max. Some users have trouble with it while others adore it.

One user even claimed that it is trustworthy while using inexpensive target loads. The gas action and the substantial weight make for very gentle shooting.

Another reviewer mentioned that while the Versa Max’s design is excellent, they had issues with the product’s quality due to issues with Remington’s quality control and inspection processes.

A number of Versamax users have reported experiencing problems. failure to feed, problems with the barrel, bolts locking, failure to fire etc.

A dissatisfied user explained that his Remington Versa Max has constantly broken down on him. It has a number of problems, including a bent barrel and the inability to properly cycle.

It’s maybe heavier than some shotguns, but it’s cheap and reliable. Check out the Remington Versa Max if you want a dependable semi-auto shotgun.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Remington Versa Max

Remington V3

The V3’s trigger pull is substantially better, and it’s flexible and dependable. The V3 is lighter, more responsive, magazine cut-off, and has no buttstock mainspring.

Beretta A400

The A400 just seems more substantial and well-balanced. Quite a bit bigger than the VersaMax.

Benelli M4

The Benelli has a bigger felt recoil than the Versa. With its gas system, the Versamax is more like a copy of the M4. Versamax seems to have the same trigger group and bolt carrier as M4.

Because of this, these three guns are the best alternatives for the Versamax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Remington Versa Max made?

The USA.

Is Remington Versa Max gas or inertia?

Gas Operated.

When did Remington Versa Max come out?


What choke does a Remington Versa Max use?

The Versa Max uses Remington Pro Bore Choke Tube system.

Difference between Remington Versa Max and Versa Max sportsman?

Versa MaxSportsman offers the same performance as the original at a lower MSRP. 


I’ve tried to explain the problems with the Remington Versamax and their possible solutions as clearly as possible.

In spite of this, it’s possible that the issues you’ve experienced are more complex than the answers I’ve provided. A gunsmith’s advice or sending the revolver to Remington would be your best bets in such a predicament.

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