Learn These Problems Before You Purchase Rock Island VRPA40

The VR line from Rock Island Armory revolutionized semiauto shotgun design, and this year the firm is expanding the family with a pump-action model. Rock Island’s slide-action scattergun, dubbed the “VRPA40,” creates new ground by providing shooters with a magazine-fed pump shotgun at a very competitive price.

You will experience various difficulties in addition to appreciating its innovative design. The following are misfiring, stiff loading, double feed, failure to eject, and a few more.

So, I’ll be talking about why and how you might be having these issues in this post. But let’s begin with the specification first.

Features & Specifications of Rock Island VRPA40:

TypePump Action
Caliber12 gauge
Stock Black Synthetic
Weight7 lbs
Capacity5+1 Rounds (9 and 19-round magazines are optional)  
Barrel length             20 inches 
SightAdjustable aperture (rear) Fiber optic (front);
Rock Island VRPA40 Problems
Rock Island VRPA40

Common Rock Island VRPA40 Problems and Solutions

Failure to ejectTry replacing the spring
Double feedTry changing ammo/magazine
The issue with low brassSmoothen out the chamber/ switch to high brass
JammingLoad with firm force
Flimsy barrelHandle it carefully

1. Failure to Eject:

Springs become ineffective after prolonged usage. It implies continuously loading and unloading, much as when you’re actually shooting it and practicing, not just keeping it compressed. Also, if the spring becomes weak, you will observe a similar outcome.

The weak spring occasionally fails to expel the shell because it cannot push it out with adequate power.

The Fix:

Changing to a spring with optimal power will solve the problem. Once it is installed, it should be able to push out the shell in one go.

But be careful not to install too strong spring as it can cause other problems as we will see in the next section.

2. Double Feed:

This often happens when the gun tries to feed a live round from the magazine after failing to remove a spent cartridge from the chamber.

The shell stops are not protruding enough or are being operated upon by the carrier too frequently when the gun is suffering multiple feeds, which causes them to become stuck.

The Fix:

You’ll often need to use a finger to physically remove or handle at least one shell. You should first try switching the ammo. They are typically the culprit behind this issue.

If the issue is still present, the issue is with the publication. Changing to a different magazine should fix the issue. You should send the pistol to RIA for repair if it doesn’t.

3. Issue with Low-Brass:

They often cost less and have less powder. Low brass can make some semi-automatic shotguns difficult to cycle since there isn’t enough recoil. It truly depends on the shotgun because certain semi-auto shotguns can cycle either low or high brass without any issues.

The Fix:

To correct this, apply a straightforward chamber polish to remove the roughness. The factory just advises against using inexpensive steel case ammunition since VRPA chambers may result in issues.

This is certainly not a given, as many individuals shoot inexpensive shells with no issues. The long-term solution would be to upgrade to high brass ammunition.

4. Jamming:

The shooter’s lack of a solid hold on the weapon when firing is another common cause of this jamming problem, which prevents the following round from feeding into the jam. Without a strong grip, the entire weapon recoils as opposed to when it is correctly grasped, when just the slide recycles.

The Fix:

Since the pump action shotgun has a fairly simple system, jamming is typically the shooter’s fault. A loose grip might result in jamming during recoil.

In order to load the round smoothly, the shooter must also draw the fore-end with enough force. Otherwise, the round can get stuck.

5. Flimsy Barrel:

Considering the price of this shotgun, don’t expect it to handle much abuse. The barrel seems to break down most easily. There has been a report even a moderate fall damaged the barrel. In a few models, the barrel required re-fitting, and in others.

The Fix:

Never compromise on gun maintenance, and stay away from multipurpose cleaning ropes and rods. These quickly become dirty and filled with caustic acids. Use a reputed gun oil; for tips on which are the finest, read our list.

Even chrome barrels require a thorough cleaning since dangerous deposits can still amass on the barrel walls. Most essential, handle it carefully.

User Feedback on Rock Island VRPA40

A pump shotgun is comparable to your trusted hunting vehicle. It might not be extravagant or have many frills. However, it always works after you turn the key. Also, the VRPA40 will function as required for a fraction of the price of the premium category, exactly like the truck. It would also be smart to remember that you will receive what you paid for.

The majority of VRPA40 users appear to be active on Reddit. This shotgun occasionally has technological issues. On this forum, one user described a similar incident as a firing pin failure.

If you dive deep you will also find many happy customers like most in this Reddit thread. Many VRPA40 users said for the price, it is a very good pump action tactical shotgun. And, if taken proper care of, this shotgun does not disappoint.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Rock Island VRPA40


If that floats your boat, you could even add a bayonet to it. It is a feature that VRPA40 does not provide. It can fire anything, including strong magnum loads, the lightest reduced recoil ammunition, and even less-lethal bullet types because it is a pump-action shotgun.

Remington 870

The Remington 870 has an 18.5-inch barrel and a 6+1 capacity for close-quarters agility. This implies that you receive an additional round above the VRPA40’s 5+1 limit.


It is a shotgun with a devoted fan base and a respectable aftermarket. It’s boringly dependable and soft to shoot. Be prepared to pay more if you want the finest, though. The price of this rifle and its extras is rather high.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Rock Island Armory shotguns any good?

It is a pleasant shooting gun with an easy-to-aim design. It will arrive at your target within shotgun range if you point it in that direction.

Can the VRPA40 shoot slugs?

Although smoothbore slug guns aren’t recognized for their accuracy, the VRPA40 performed admirably off the bench at 50 yards.

Where are Rock Island Armory shotguns made?

They are created by Armscor in Marikina, Philippines, and produced there. Armscor USA distributes them in the US.

What comes with the Rock Island VR60?

The Rock Island Armory VR60 shotgun is magazine fed and comes with two 5-round magazines.

Is 12 or 20 gauge better?

The Rock Island Armory VR60 shotgun is magazine fed and comes with two 5-round magazines.


Consider Rock Island’s shotguns if you value the ease of use and low cost of ownership of a pump gun. There isn’t a magazine-fed shotgun on the market that can match the VRPA40’s cost.

It is enjoyable to shoot and suitable for competition, hunting, and defense. The VRPA40 shotgun from Rock Island Armory is anticipated to be a game-changer in the magazine-fed shotgun market.

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