Stoeger STR-9 Problems Buyers Should Be Aware Of

The Stoeger STR-9 is a very dependable pistol. For one that is arguably from a shotgun company, the pistol comes with a feature that is going to be preferable to those found on some stock name-brand pistols.

 There are however a few common problems associated with this model including problems with magazine, jamming issue , trigger issue etc.

This article will discuss the possible causes and remedies to some of these issues. So, let’s get into the detailed information.

Features & Specifications of Stoeger STR-9:

SafetyNo external safety
Product length7.95”
Capacity17+1 rounds
Weight1.625 lbs
Barrel length4.68”, Cold-hammered alloy steel
SightsDovetail-fit, 3-dot, white
Stoeger STR-9 Problems
Stoeger STR-9

Common Stoeger STR-9 Problems and Solutions

Magazine Fails to Drops FreelyPut a thin coat of Kobalt air tool oil on the mag.
Carbon Residue Inside The BarrelThoroughly clean the barrel.
Cheap Trigger, Prone to BreakingSend it back to Stoeger to get it fixed.
Jamming IssueClean or replace the magazine spring.

1. Magazine Fails To Drop Freely

Many users have reported that the palmer inside the gun has a very poor design. There are two rails inside the gun that eat away at the magazine.

Stoeger had the pistol selling with only one magazine for under $300. The stripes rub away at the magazine leaving 2 clear lines on it. That creates the issue where the magazine doesn’t drop free. 

The Fix

Before attempting more complicated procedures, you must first undertake easy repairs. Applying tool oil can get the magazine dropping freely.

Use a thin coat of Kobalt air tool oil on the magazine or frog lube and wipe off every bit. Use the lube inside of the grip and clean that thoroughly as well and it should solve the issue for now.

For more permanent solutions send the unit back to Stoeger for repairs. They will replace the guide rod assembly and the excess casting from the magazine well.

Since the magazine being healthy is an important thing, get the option to have three mags along with the gun which will cost around $350.

2. Carbon Residue Inside The Barrel

Every gun has this issue. This is not a major issue that one needs to be concerned about.

According to my study, The barrel collects carbon residue and if that stays inside for longer periods it can jam the barrel very quickly. A jammed barrel then goes on to cause other problems while shooting with the gun.

The Fix

Disassemble the pistol first. The disassembly resembles that of the Glock. Pull down the Glock takedown tabs. Remove the recoil spring and underneath it, you will find the barrel.

You will find Carbon and Polin residue inside. Take a clean cloth spray some rem oil on it and rub it against the feed ramp.

If it’s still dirty, then spray the rem oil on the feed ramp directly and rub the cloth against it. You can also use a brush to rub the dirt off.

To clean the interior of the barrel, spray a generous amount of rem oil inside it, take a cleaning rod and rotate it inside the barrel to get the residue out.

If you need help, refer to this video here for a better explanation.

3. Cheap Trigger, Prone to Breaking

The overall shape and feel of the Stoeger STR-9 are impeccable except for the trigger.

Gunowners who got to handle this pistol did not like the trigger at all. The trigger is heavy and plain weird. It is cheaply made and very gritty and one of the worst triggers used in a pistol.

The Fix

There is not much you can do for a bad trigger except for sending it back to Stoeger to get it checked. If the trigger is broken then they will replace it and clean the interior of the gun along with it.

To know if the trigger on a Stoeger is going bad or malfunctioning simply release the mag and try pressing it. If it shoots without a magazine then you need to get it fixed.

4. Jamming Problem

If the head is stuck then it might be because the magazine spring is malfunctioning.

A faulty magazine spring can cause the jamming issue in the barrel, the hammer and even the trigger.

If the spring is in a good condition then it may be a major mechanical issue.

Users who don’t have proficiency in reassembling a firearm can cause the problem for themselves and end up sending it for repair and that can sometimes get expensive.

The Fix

The easiest solution is to clean the magazine spring and see if that helps to clear the jam.

If it still gets stuck then replace the spring entirely and that should solve most of the jamming issue inside the gun.

If nothing works then you are in bad luck and have to send it back to the company, Stoeger to get it checked and possibly fixed. If it’s a major issue they will send a replacement unit back.

User Feedback on Stoeger STR-9

Customer Feedback on the Stoeger STR-9 is very positive.

According to my study, the only issue that users had was with the trigger.

Many users have complained about the trigger being cheap and prone to breaking or jamming. The design of the trigger is also very poor and simply weird.

However, you can get it fixed by sending your unit back to Stoeger for an RMA.

Apart from that users are very satisfied with how the pistol handles itself. Accuracy is very good. The Gun is very reliable and the overall build feels very premium.

You can read this detailed review here to get more information about the Stoeger STR-9.

Top 3 Alternative Guns of Stoeger STR-9

By analyzing specifications, features, practicality, and performance, I have determined the three best alternatives to the Stoeger STR-9.

Canik TP9 Elite

The Canik TP9 is about 1 ounce heavier but the diameter of this gun is the same as the Stoeger STR-9. The Canik has some advantages over the Stoeger STR-9. The optic-ready element is available on the Canik TP9.

Sarsilmaz Sar 9

The Sarsilamz Sar 9 has a way better trigger than the Stoeger STR-9 failed to provide. The trigger on the Sar 9 is smoother and the overall feel of both the pistols are identical.

PSA Dagger

The PSA Dagger on a rating scale of 10 scores 8.4 and the Stoeger STR-9 scores 8.48 so in terms of performance they are very similar to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Stoeger Str-9 cost?

The one magazine variant costs $280. The option with three magazines costs around $350.

Who manufactures Stoeger Str-9?

A Turkish manufacturer named Stoeger is mostly known for shotguns. The design for their shotguns comes from ‘Benelli’, its parent company.

Will a Stoeger Str-9 fit a Glock or Kydex holster?

It does fit in the Glock holsters but is tight in most Kydex holsters.

What magazines will fit in a Stoeger Str-9?

STR-9 Magazine. 9mm 15 round.


Whether you just bought a Stoeger STR-9 or have had it for a while you may encounter some of these problems.

That is why I have gone over the possible reasons and solutions to the Stoeger STR-9 problems as clearly as possible.

Before you go to the practice, make sure you understand how to safely diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve any of the issues listed above.

  1. I bought my STR-9 almost 3 years ago. Printed clearly on mine on the left side of the frame just in front of the trigger guard is “Fires Without Magazine.” So I believe that the assessment that the trigger is faulty or broken because you can pull the trigger allowing the striker to spring forward and fire the pistol is inaccurate. It seems to me that because this was included on the frame, it was designed to intentionally be fired without a magazine seated in the magazine well.

  2. You know what they say about assumptions, so I want to be careful not to make any about your experience, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share mine. I have noted a certain bias based on the price of this pistol. The thought is that it couldn’t possibly be a good quality firearm and a good value. I say it is both. I purchased one and have to say in MY experience (Glock, Smith, Springfield owner) that I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment. I don’t work for them, and I am no kind of “blogger”. Just sharing my experience. This is a feature-rich pistol has a trigger pull very much like the Glock. It has very little take up, and breaks cleanly. I sense no “grit” at all. Another thing I wonder, and is a common thread among reviews: what care, upkeep, prep, break-in was performed? My review is based on “out-of–the-box”. Fit and finish is excellent, action is positive and clean, ergonomics are fantastic with great attention to detail. This is a good weapon. Period. It is ALSO a good value. I think the higher priced pistols have a serious competitor on the Stoeger, but for bias.

  3. Stoeger STR-9, paid $299.00 for it. Came with one magazine. Can hit the bullseye all day from 10 yards, no problem. For the price point, thus far, haven’t had an issue with this handgun. It’s my night stand handgun. Spare magazines are comparable in price to many other handguns. Coming from s company best know for shotguns, the Stoeger STR-9 is an exceptional value. It has proven itself to be reliable, firing all brands and types of .9mm ammunition whether FMJ, SD or even aluminum or steel case. As a range “plinker” or economical SD handgun, the Stoeger STR-9 is a suitable choice.

  4. I have the str9 compact and sub compact and have found them both to be very reliable firearms. As far as criticism toward any str9 series I believe you sir should stop being a gun critic! If you are going to criticize it because it’s a budge gun (compared to a Glock) you should find another line of work!
    The trigger on these are meant to be fired without a magazine! It states it in the manual and on the gun!
    I like this trigger over the doyble the money glock and have not had issues with mag drops or anything else on your list! I’ve never been a trigger snob on any firearm.
    The break is crisp and the reset is clean!
    The only complaint I have had is the availability of spare magazines! They become available and if you don’t get them immediately they tend to go fast! That tells me I’m not the only one out here that loves these guns!

  5. Bought STR-9F two weeks ago and field stripped to clean before first firing. Slide would not go back on frame! According to Benelli/Stoeger the newer flat faced “hybrid” trigger must be reset forward in order to put the slide on. Only way I know is to manually push the trigger bar forward. They said the manual has not been updated, Gun shoots well, grip and balance are great, trigger better than Glock. With sale price, military discount, and rebate you can’t go wrong at $235.00. Tried to post assembly issue on Bass Pro but they took it down. Hope this helps others.

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